Overwatch Betting Guide

A beginner guide for betting on Overwatch and Live Betting


If you’re new to the world of esports then you may not be familiar with Overwatch betting. You may have heard of Overwatch as a high-quality first person shooter game that has become pretty popular since its release just over four years ago. You’re in the right place to find out more!

Here, you can find out all about betting on Overwatch. You’ll discover that Overwatch is a very popular and relatively new first person shooter game. It is easy to bet on it, and you can find plenty of good bookies that offer markets. If you want to put together a successful Overwatch betting strategy then you need to make sure that you keep a close eye on the doings of all the top teams.

What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a first person shooter video game that was developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on the Xbox One, Play Station 4 and Windows, it is one of the newer games on the esports scene, having been released in 2016. It also incorporates elements of multi-player online battle arena (MOBA) games, and so possesses a cross-genre appeal. Blizzard Entertainment also created Starcraft and Heroes of the Storm – two other games that are popular with fans of esports betting.

The game is action-packed and very fast-moving. If you are new to Overwatch then a game can be confusing and difficult to follow at first, though it will soon all make sense. Each player needs to choose from the range of characters in the game. These characters are a weirdly, wonderfully diverse group that includes a cannon-toting ape from the Moon, a time-travelling freedom fighter, and a battlefield DJ who drops beats during the action. Each character has different attributes – some are more defensive in terms of their abilities while others specialise in doing damage to the opposition.

In competitive Overwatch matches, two teams of six heroes compete against each other. Players need to defend their own bases as well as try to kill the opposition and take over their base.

How can I Bet on Overwatch?

If you want to do some Overwatch betting then you need to find a bookmaker that pays proper attention to esports. There is a good selection of these bookies nowadays, with many mainstream bookies offering a good selection of markets for esports like Overwatch. Bet365 and Betway are two good bookies for esports markets, but you can also find esports specialist bookies like Unikrn and GG.bet, while Pinnacle can also be trusted.

When it comes to actually betting on Overwatch matches and tournaments, there are a number of types of bet you can place. Here are a few of them.

Tournament winner

This type of bet, known as an ‘outright’, is where you bet on the overall winner of a tournament. It requires good judgement and knowledge about the relative strengths and weaknesses of teams in the event. Having said that, it is a very simple bet to place.

Match winner

This is another very simple type of bet. You just have to select which team will win an individual match. Again, although this is a very simple type of bet it does require good knowledge about the abilities and recent form of each team playing. You can combine several of these bets onto one coupon. This is called an ‘accumulator’ or a ‘parlay’ and is a good way to bet on favourites in the ealy rounds of tournaments.

Map winner

Overwatch matches can be split up into maps. This is where you bet on which team you think will win a specific map. You can also bet on the number of maps that you think a team will win in a match. Betting on the map handicap markets is another way of betting on the number of maps that will be won in a match.

Total maps

This is where you bet on the total number of maps that a team will win during a match. It is similar to betting on the number of goals that you think might be scored in a soccer or ice hockey match.

In-play betting

Overwatch live betting, sometimes called in-play betting, is a fast-moving form of betting where you wager on events that could happen during a match while it is taking place. It requires not only sharp knowledge of Overwatch but also a mind that can react quickly to a changing situation. This is something to try when you have gained a little more experience of Overwatch betting. Obviously, to be really successful at Overwatch live betting you need to have a live stream to watch.

Where can I bet on Overwatch?

An increasing number of online bookmakers are seeing the massive potential of esports betting and are offering a wide selection of markets. If you want to keep things mainstream, then Bet365 and Betway are two bookies that offer a good choice of esports markets and you should be able to do some Overwatch betting there.

An alternative to mainstream online sportsbooks for esports fans is to opt for one of the many esports oriented bookmakers that have sprung up over the last few years. There is a good and ever growing selection of this type of bookie now. GG.bet is one option, while Unikrn is another. While Pinnacle is not really an esports oriented bookie, it is one of the new breed of online bookies that pays close attention to esports and is therefore well worth a look too.

Overwatch Betting Strategy Tips

When it comes to putting together a strategy for successful Overwatch betting, you can apply the same principles as you do to mainstream sports betting. In many ways, betting on Overwatch is like betting on any other team sport. Here are a few simple tips that you can use to build an Overwatch esports betting strategy that will bring you success.

Research the teams and players thoroughly

As with any other kind of sports betting, knowledge is key to being successful and placing winning bets. You need to stay as up-to-date as possible with all the latest happenings in the world of Overwatch if you want to be able to make proper judgments about Overwatch betting. Even seemingly insignificant pieces of gossip can sometimes be useful. You can also use sources like an Overwatch betting reddit thread to help you with your research.

Understand bet types and odds

As well as being up-to-date with all the latest Overwatch news, you should also be familiar with the types of bet that you can place. Knowing about types of bet means that you are better able to understand where good value can be found. You also need to understand how odds work, of course, and how they reflect the probability of an event occurring.

Play Overwatch yourself

Just as playing soccer yourself can help you gain a better understanding of how to bet successfully, playing Overwatch can bring you valuable insights into the game. This is how you learn about the attributes of the different characters in the game. It can also teach you how top players might react in certain situations.

Keep a close eye on your bankroll

Managing your funds is a vital skill whatever type of gambling you favour. If you’re keeping a close eye on your spending then you’re bound to make better and wiser decisions about where, when and how much to bet. This means that betting will remain fun rather then turning into something stressful where you are worrying about money.

Top Overwatch Teams and Tournaments

If you want to be successful at Overwatch betting then you need to be familiar with the top teams and players, as well as the tournaments that they play in. One of the top teams currently operating on the Overwatch scene is San Francisco Shock. Their roster includes stars like smurf, Striker and nero.

Another team that you might see competing for the top prizes in Overwatch tournaments is Shanghai Dragons. This Chinese outfit includes players such as Fleta, Fate and Void. Philadelphia Fusion is an American team like the Shock, and if you watch a stream of any of their matches then you’ll see players like Carpe, EQO and Poko.

When it comes to the top Overwatch tournaments, The Gauntlet is one to keep a close eye on. This event runs versions for Europe, Asia and both North and South America. There is also an Overwatch World Cup, as well as competitions like the Displate League. The Overwatch League is one of the world’s biggest esports tournaments for this game.


As you can see, Overwatch betting is something that can offer you plenty of entertainment and enjoyment. There are plenty of opportunities to take home some winnings if you plan and prepare some astutely chosen bets too! As with any other kind of betting, it is important to you know a great deal about Overwatch and how to play it before you try any betting. You should also make sure you know all about the various types of bets that can be placed on an Overwatch match or tournament. Keep up to date with all the latest Overwatch news, and make sure you have a plan in place to keep an eye on your bankroll. If you do all of these things then you should enjoy some success while Overwatch betting.

Overwatch Betting FAQs

A good place to start your Overwatch betting journey is here at Esports-Betting.com. As well as teaching you how to bet on Overwatch, we can also provide you with brilliant guides about how to bet on other esports like Dota 2, CSGO and League of Legends. This is just the start of your esports betting journey!

Betting on Overwatch is legal in most other places where online sports betting is legal. Bettors should always make sure that they know about local laws before they open an account with a bookie to do some Overwatch betting. This is particularly important in the USA, where laws around esports gambling differ from state to state.

The best way to learn about how Overwatch works and how you can win Overwatch matches is to play the game itself. This can also help you with Overwatch betting, as it will provide insights that will be useful when it comes to see where the best betting value can be found in esports contests.

There are many online bookies that offer you the chance to do some Overwatch betting and to bet on other esports. Mainstream bookies like Betway and Bet365 have plenty of markets for esports like Overwatch. You can also find less mainstream bookies who are much more focused on esports, such as Unikrn and GG.bet.