Worlds 2022 – Date, Location, Format, Teams

The 2022 edition of the biggest tournament in League of Legends is just around the corner. Worlds 2022 will once again host the best teams from different parts of the world and will determine the best team of the season. In this article, you will find all the information for LoL betting about the best version of the League of Legends competition.

What is Worlds 2022?

Worlds is Riot Games’ annual tournament for League of Legends. It is considered the most important event of the season for esports betting and has a bigger prize pool than any other league during the season. For both prestige and prizes, teams compete for the title of World Champion. Different teams from all professional leagues take part in this event.

Which teams will take place in Worlds 2022?

The teams that will take part in Worlds 2022 are determined by the results of the leagues. Unlike some esports organizations, League of Legeds does not have any partner teams in the world championship. Therefore, each team has to earn its own place. Currently, the playoffs of the leagues are being played. With the conclusion of the playoffs, the full list of teams that will take part in Worlds will be announced. That being said, the number of slots allocated to regions is clear:

  • 4 Teams from China
  • 4 teams from Korea
  • 4 teams from Europe
  • 3 teams from North America
  • 2 teams from PCS(Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia)
  • 2 teams from Vietnam
  • 1 team from Brazil
  • 1 team from Japan
  • 1 team from Latin America
  • 1 team from Oceania
  • 1 team from Turkey

Worlds 2022 - Date, Location, Format, Teams

Normally, a representative from the CIS, the Russian league, was also coming. However, due to factors outside the game, the league was canceled and their slot was given to Europe.

Worlds 2022 Format

The most important tournament of the year will start with the Play-In Stage. In this stage, where low seeded teams will take part, 12 teams will be divided into 4 groups where the Double Round-Robin format will be active. All matches to be played here will be best-of-one. In addition, the top 2 teams from each group will advance to Play-In Round 2, while the last two teams from each group will bid farewell to the tournament.

The eight teams from Round 1 will be paired against each other and the winners of their matches will advance to the Group Stage of the Main Event.

The 4 teams from the Play-In will join the 12 teams already here, making a total of 16 teams divided into groups of 4. The stage will be a Double-Round Robin format, with all matches being played best-of-one. The top 2 teams from each group will advance to the next round, while the bottom 2 teams will be eliminated.

The last 8 teams will face off in the Singe Elimination Bracket in the playoffs. Each match will be played best-of-five. The pairings here will be determined by the order in which the teams finished their groups.

Worlds 2022 Date, Location

Worlds 2022 will kick off on September 29th with the Play-In Stage. The tournament will be played in 4 different locations. The tournament will take place at Mexico City’s Arena Esports Stadium from September 29 to October 4, New York’s Madison Square Garden from October 7 to October 23, Atlanta’s State Farm Arena from October 29 to 30, and finally San Francisco’s Chase Center on November 5.

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