LCS Summer 2022 Playoffs 1st – 2nd Rounds Recap

LCS Summer 2022 Playoffs kicked off with surprising results for LoL betting. Teams that were seen as the favorites of the league faced defeat, while TSM sent their opponents home unexpectedly. Here’s a recap of the first week of the exciting playoffs:

Team Liquid vs FlyQuest

Team Liquid and FlyQuest kicked off the LCS Summer 2022 Playoffs. Liquid was the victorious team in Round 1. Despite starting the series with a win, FlyQuest couldn’t maintain their lead. After the first game, Liquid activated their best mode and dominated their opponent in 3 consecutive games. They did whatever they wanted both on the pick screen and in-game and eventually won the series 3-1.

CLG vs Cloud9

The North American teams were very close this year in terms of the balance of power. Each team had the advantage and could make mistakes at any moment, which led to some unexpected matches. The series between CLG and Cloud9 was no exception. In the regular season, both teams had great games from time to time, but they struggled to spread these performances throughout the league. With two such teams battling it out, the series went to a fifth game, which Cloud9 eventually managed to win.

TSM vs FlyQuest

After two seasons of terrible play, TSM still managed to make it to the playoffs this season. However, no one expected them to go further than this. FlyQuest, on the other hand, was in a better position than TSM, although not very good. But the expected result didn’t happen which was great for esports betting. TSM managed to surprise everyone and won an incredible 5-game series. They had a great start to the match and then they were on the brink of elimination again. But they won the last game with a gold difference of around 15K.

LCS Summer 2022 Playoffs 1st - 2nd Rounds Recap

Golden Guardians vs CLG

In the second series of the lower-bracket Round 1, CLG had a very difficult time. CLG, which is getting better day by day with its young roster, almost lost to Golden Guardians, one of the worst teams in the league, after losing to Cloud9. Not letting the series be one-sided, GG managed to answer all of their opponent’s wins. However, the last game of the series, which lasted 45 minutes, ended with CLG’s heavy dominance.

100 Thieves vs Team Liquid

Upper-Bracket Round 2 opened with a perfect series between 100 Thieves and Team Liquid. Both teams are among the championship contenders for LCS Summer 2022. As such, it was a series where the competition was at the highest level. 100 Thieves started the match perfectly. The team managed to do everything they wanted in the first two matches and took the series 2-0 with quick wins. With the score at this point, Team Liquid managed to get back into the series. They dominated the third and fourth games, bringing the score to 2-2. However, they couldn’t crown this effort by winning the fifth game. 100 Thieves won the last game of the series and qualified for Worlds.

Evil Geniuses vs Cloud9

Regular season leader Evil Geniuses started the playoffs with a shock result. With their last championship last time out and their performances so far in LCS Summer 2022, they were the favorites for the title. However, Cloud9 turned on the playoff mode and won the series. The 4-game series started with an almost flawless win for C9. Only in the third game did EG manage to counter what their opponent was doing, but they couldn’t get into the game. In the end, C9 won the series 3-1 and qualified for Worlds and became the opponent of 100 Thieves.


The LCS Summer 2022 Playoffs will continue next week.

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