LCK Crowned Its Champion – Gen.G Esports

LCK Summer 2022 came to an end after a massive final series for LoL betting. The Grand Final between Gen.G and T1 had some epic moments, but Gen.G dominated their opponent. After the regular season, T1’s performance in the semifinals was a downer, but no one expected the final to be so one-sided.

Gen.G finished the regular season with 17 wins and 1 loss, while T1 finished with 15 wins and 3 losses. Both teams proved to everyone that they were a few levels above the other teams in the league. And they reaped the fruits of this success by starting the playoffs in the semifinals. Gen.G’s first opponent was Liiv SANDBOX, who managed to beat DRX in the quarterfinals. Although they suffered 1 loss against their opponents, they didn’t struggle much throughout the series and made it to the grand finals with 3-1.

On the other hand, it was not the same for T1. Facing Damwon, one of the most important teams in the league, Faker and his friends had a tough time in the semifinals. They won the semi-final battle that went all the way to the fifth game, which was great for esports betting, and became Gen.G’s opponent in the final.

Grand Final

The first match of the Grand Final was dominated by superstar Ruler. Making good use of T1’s mistake on the pick screen, leaving Zeri open, Gen.G picked a Lulu support next to their ad-carry and secured their dominance in the late game. After that, they picked Azir on Mid and waited for the game to progress. T1, on the other hand, failed to exploit their opponent’s weakness in the early game. They could neither take the gold advantage nor get the objectives they wanted. As such, Ruler started to put on a show and Gen.G won the match with a score of 19-8.

On the T1 side, it was expected that the mistakes made on the first map would not be repeated. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. The second match was even more one-sided. With the confidence of the first game and the quality game plan they had, Gen.G destroyed their opponent. T1 only managed to get 2 kills throughout the match. Despite making the unexpected choice of singed support, Gen.G dominated the bot lane. In addition to that, Chovy also had a great game. The rest of the team didn’t need to do anything extra to win the match with a 17-2 kill difference.

LCK Crowned Its Champion - Gen.G Esports

The third game was T1’s only hope. If they wanted to win this championship, they were at the end of the road and there was no margin for error. Even though the team had a very bad performance in the first two games of the series, there were still those who trusted the team. However, Faker and his friends couldn’t perform the miracle that was expected of them. In fact, they didn’t even come close. 

Flawless Victory by Gen.G in LCK Final

Gen.G studied their opponents so well, the players knew their tasks and what to do so well, that they just collapsed on their opponents like a robot. Ruler once again showed everyone how good a player he is throughout the whole series. In the last match, they played an excellent game with their support Lehends and destroyed T1’s hopes. Winning the match 11-3, Gen.G became the champion of LCK Summer 2022 with an overall score of 3-0.

With this score, Gen.G qualified for Worlds 2022 as South Korea’s first seed. T1 will be the region’s second team thanks to the Championship Points they collected. The third team from the league to Worlds 2022 will be determined after the Regional Qualifiers.

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