VALORANT Champions 2022 – Best Teams to Watch

VALORANT Champions 2022 will feature many exciting teams for VALORANT betting. The level of competition will be at its highest as 16 teams from around the world try to win the most important tournament of the season. While every team deserves to be watched, some teams stand out because of their story and journey. 

Edward Gaming

Every team in the tournament has its own story. And these stories are one of the factors that make them stand out even more. Edward Gaming, on the other hand, has a completely different journey. Due to the way China is governed, Riot Games was unable to organize an official tournament for teams from the region for a long time. Still, local organizers kept the teams ready with many events and tried to keep the competition at a high level.

Years later, Riot Games decided to open the way for Chinese teams to participate in VALORANT Champions 2022. Teams that accumulated the required points qualified for the East Asia Last Chance Qualifier, where they faced off against opponents from other regions. Edward Gaming absolutely smashed this tournament. Their dominance over their opponents and their fast and smart play style caught esports betting fans’ attention. 

They are among the most remarkable teams of VALORANT Champions 2022.

Paper Rex

Paper Rex is one of those teams that shows that it takes time to become a team. After 1 year of playing together for a long time, the roster has gotten better every day. The chaotic but at the same time rational game they play has been appreciated by all the fans. In addition to that, the level of individual talent they have is incredibly high.

vVALORANT Champions 2022 - Best Teams to Watch

They narrowly missed the title at Masters Copenhagen, losing 3-2. It remains to be seen whether they will have the same success, but there is no doubt that they will give us some enjoyable matches.


Leviatán will participate in its second international tournament this season, and this time it aims to go even further. Founded in early 2022, the team managed to end KRÜ Esports’ long-standing dominance in Latin America. In doing so, they received help from KRÜ’s former team coach Onur, which took their story to another dimension.

Although Leviatán had performed well at Masters Copenhagen, they had narrowly lost every series they played. With more experience on the international stage and more time to prepare, it’s safe to say that VALORANT Champions 2022 could bring some unexpected wins. They might even pull off a miracle like KRU did last season.


It’s time for the European giant to win a title in a global tournament. The team, which has somehow managed to stay at the top level since day one, has never had much luck in big tournaments. Sometimes they’ve had performance problems and other times they’ve been affected by factors outside the game. But this time, they have no factors to be influenced by and it’s time for them to succeed.

After the Stage 1 Masters, they made changes to their lineup, bringing in Alfajer and Enzo. After this decision, there was a noticeable increase in the team’s performance. Immediately afterwards, they won the EMEA Stage 2 in a stunning way. However, they didn’t get the result they wanted again at Masters Copenhagen. 

They had a new squad then, but now this squad has been playing together for some time. With both colorful personalities and talented players, they are one of the teams to watch.

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