VALORANT Champions 2022 Group Stage Revealed

The excitement of competition in the esports industry never ends which is great for esports betting. After back-to-back CS:GO tournaments, the biggest VALORANT tournament of the year is just days away. Teams that have struggled throughout the season will take part in VALORANT Champions 2022 and try to become World Champions. 16 teams will take to the stage, and the group stage and other details have been announced.


VALORANT Champions 2022 will start with the group stage, where 16 teams will be divided into groups of four. Here, all matches will be played as best-of-three and the Double Elimination format , the favorite of VALORANT betting fans, will be active. The top 2 teams in their groups will qualify for the next stage.

When it comes to the Playoffs, 8 teams will be paired against each other in the order they finished their group. As in previous international tournaments, the Double-Elimination format will be active here. This means that each team will have a chance to lose 1 series. All matches will be played best-of-three, while the Lower-Bracket Final and Grand Final will be played best-of-five. 

VALORANT Champions 2022 Group Stage RevealedA

Groups and Schedule

Riot Games announced the groups of VALORANT Champions 2022 and the dates of the matches to be played in the first stage on social media and its website. The groups are as follows

Group A

  • Paper Rex – APAC
  • Edward Gaming – East Asia
  • Leviatán – LATAM
  • Team Liquid – EMEA

Group B

  • OpTic Gaming – North America
  • BOOM Esports – APAC
  • LOUD – Brazil

Group C

  • FunPlus Phoenix – EMEA
  • KRÜ Esports – LATAM
  • XSET – North America

Group D

  • DRX – Korea
  • FURIA Esports – Brazil
  • 100 Thieves – North America

The groups became clear according to the draw bags in which the teams were placed. These draw bags were organized based on the performance of the teams and their regions in previous tournaments.

  • Draw Bag 1 – North America 1st, EMEA 1st, Korea 1st and Asia-Pacific 1st
  • 2nd Drawing Bag – 2nd in North America, 2nd in EMEA, 1st in Latin America and 1st in Japan
  • 3rd Drawing Bag – North America SBE Winner, EMEA SBE Winner, Brazil 1st place and Asia-Pacific 2nd place
  • 4th Drawing Bag – South America SESE 1st place, South America SESE 2nd place, Asia-Pacific SESE Winner, East Asia SESE Winner


The match schedule for the Group Stage has also been announced along with the groups. The first days will be busy as always:

  • August 31 – Paper Rex vs Edward Gaming, Leviatán vs Team Liquid
  • September 1 – ZETA DIVISION vs LOUD, OpTic vs BOOM, Group A winner’s match
  • September 2 – DRX vs FURIA, FNATIC vs 100 Thieves, Group B winner’s match
  • September 3 – XSET vs XERXIA, FPX vs KRÜ, Group D winner’s match
  • September 4 – Group C winner’s match, Group A elimination match, Group B elimination match
  • September 5 – Group D elimination match, Group C elimination match
  • September 7 – Decider match 1, Decider match 2
  • September 8 – Decider match 3, Decider match 4
  • September 9 to 13 – Two matches each day, playoff bracket matches
  • September 16 – Upper Final and Lower semifinal
  • September 17 – Lower Final
  • September 18 – Grand Final
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