LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs First Week Results

The LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs got off to an action-packed start, just as LoL betting fans expected. Rogue, G2 Esports and Fnatic were victorious in the first week of the reverse sweep. Here is a recap of the week:

Rogue vs MAD Lions

The opening of the LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs was as competitive as the entire regular season. In the group stage, the teams that would participate in the playoffs were not decided until the last day. From the very first game of the playoffs, fans got their fill of League of Legends. With back-to-back and back-to-back wins, the series was extended to a fifth game.

MAD Lions started the first series of the Playoffs with a win. The regular season runner-up took a 1-0 lead with 26 kills and great support from their carries. The response from Rogue was immediate. The 37-minute second game was won by Rogue with a kill difference similar to the first game and a 10K gold difference.

The third match was slower than the others. Despite exceeding 30 total kills in both of the first 2 matches, the teams settled for 18 kills in the third match. The winner was MAD Lions, thanks to Armut’s Kennen performance. MAD only needed one win to advance to the next round, but Rogue didn’t let them. With every member of the team stepping up to the next level, they won the match and extended the series to a fifth game, the favorite of esports betting fans. 

The closest match of the series was the last game. The Gold graph was always on Rogue’s side, but it was only by the slimmest of margins. In the end, Rogue managed to win and advance to the next round. MAD Lions, on the other hand, dropped to the lower-bracket.

LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs First Week Results

G2 Esports vs Misfits Gaming

G2 Esports entered the last weeks of the regular season in very good form. They managed to carry this good performance to the first match of the playoffs. The team did not let their opponent breathe and managed to get a win with a total of 25 kill difference. After this game, everyone expected a one-sided series, but Misfits managed to come back and equalized the series in the second game with Neon’s great play.

That was the end of the number of games that G2 would give to their opponent. After 1-1, the players stepped up their focus and cut down on easy mistakes. Immediately afterwards, they picked up their second win. The last game of the series was very similar to the first one. G2 Esports established pure dominance over their opponent, giving up only 1 kill. In addition, they won the match and the series with 11 towers and 15 kills.

Fnatic vs Excel

When the LEC and the playoffs go hand in hand, it’s almost impossible not to have a reverse sweep. This year, it happened pretty quickly. The last playoff match of the week, Fnatic vs Excel, was a great battle. In the first game of the series, it was clear that these were two evenly matched teams, and after a close battle, the first point went to Excel.

With the confidence of the first win, Excel won the second game much more easily. Especially the team’s bottom lane duo played a great game and contributed a lot to their team. Excel was just one win away from the next round when Fnatic woke up. First, they took a 30-killer win. Then, they played well in the final moments of the head-to-head match to tie the series. 

After such a shock, Excel’s resistance was broken. Fnatic seized the opportunity and came back from 2-0 to make it 3-2 and eliminate Excel.

The LEC Summer 2022 Playoffs will continue next week.

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