Rainbow Six Betting

Learn how to bet on Rainbow 6 Siege


Anyone who follows the esports scene closely is sure to know something about Rainbow Six. This game has become very popular among esports fans in recent times, with audiences and interest growing over the last few years. Unsurprisingly, this growth in popularity has also seen an explosion in the popularity of Rainbow Six betting.

In this article, we’re going to give you a good basic guide to Rainbow Six betting. You’ll find out some details about the game itself, as well as the types of bet that you can place on the game. We’ll also point you in the direction of some Rainbow Six betting sites, so read on to discover more!

What is Rainbow Six?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six is a video game franchise from Ubisoft, with Rainbow Six being the first game in the series. The majority of esports contests take place using the Rainbow Six Siege game, which was released in 2015.  Rainbow Six siege betting is very popular. Teams of five play against each other, split into Attackers and Defenders, and tactical team play is vital for success. Play is caried out across maps, and players can destroy parts of the environment on each map to open up more tactical possibilities. It is usually classified as a tactical first-person shooter game.

What is Rainbow Six Betting?

Rainbow Six betting is very much like other forms of esports betting, which is similar to conventional sports betting. As an esports bettor, you are attempting to make an accurate prediction about how a contest will turn out. Rainbow Six betting is therefore very similar to betting on other first-person shooter games like CSGO, and we’ll look at the types of bet that you can place next.

rainbow six betting

What Types of Bet Can You Place on Rainbow Six?

So what types of wager are on offer to fans of Rainbow Six betting? In truth, the types of bets you will come across will seem very familiar to you if you have ever done any esports betting, or normal sports betting, previously. Here are some of the types of bet that you can place on Rainbow Six.


Outright markets are where you attempt to accurately predict the overall winner of a tournament. In Rainbow Six, you can bet on the winners of tournaments like the Six Invitationals. You can also place wagers on the overall winners of leagues like the Six Pro League.

Match Betting

Another type of Rainbow Six betting that will look familiar to anyone with any prior wagering experience is match betting. This is where you attempt to predict the winner of individual matches in a tournament. Although simple, this form of betting still requires good knowledge of form and ability for you to be successful. You can combine several bets of this type onto one coupon in the form of an accumulator. This can be a good way to bet on favourites with low odds in the early rounds of tournaments.

Rainbow Six specific bets

As with any form of esports betting, there are also a number of markets that apply specifically to Rainbow Six betting. Here are some Rainbow Six markets on which you can bet.

  • Total rounds over/under
  • Player vs. player kills/assists
  • Player with most first kills
  • Operator vs. operator totals
  • Correct match score

Live Betting

Live betting is where you place bets on events that take place while a Rainbow Six match is in progress. You need to be able to watch a stream of the game to be properly successful. Live betting, also known as in-play betting, is very fast-moving and requires good game knowledge and a quick mind for you to be successful.

Where Can you Bet on Rainbow Six?

There is a growing range of options for Rainbow Six betting and other esports gambling as increasing numbers of mainstream bookmakers offer esports markets now. Two of the best mainstream bookies for esports betting are Betway and Bet365. There is a good selection of specialist esports betting sites out there too nowadays, though, and it is a good idea to see what sites like GG.bet and Unikrn have available too.  If you want to bet on Rainbow Six Siege then you might also want to see what Pinnacle can offer.

Top Rainbow Six Teams

There are many teams out there now taking Rainbow Six very seriously. One of them is Ninjas in Pyjamas, a team that also participate in many other esports games. They are even sponsored by Betway! They won the Six August 2020 Major – LATAM in Brazil, taking home the top prize of $50,000 and have also earned second place in Season 11 of the Pro League.

Another team that is consistently able to deliver success to their fans is Spacestation Gaming. They won the Pro League Season 11 North American competition, and also took home a $1 million proize from the 2020 Six Invitational.

G2 Esports are arguably the best Rainbow Six team in the world. They won the 2019 Six Invitational, taking home a top prize of $800,000. They also emerged as victors in the DreamHack 2018 Winter finals, capturing $75,000 of prize money.


As you can see, Rainbow Six betting is pretty simple to understand. Before you dive into the world of Rainbow 6 betting, however, you need to properly understand how to bet on an esport. You need to understand the different types of bet that you can place on this game and where to find the best esports odds. You also need to make sure that you follow all the latest Rainbow Six news and results so that you can improve your chances of placing successful bets. You can start by researching some of the teams and players that we have mentioned here. So stay calm, use your knowledge to pick the right bets, and we wish you good luck!

Rainbow Six Betting FAQs

It is safe to bet on Rainbow Six Siege if you are using a properly licensed operator. If you want to ensure that you are betting at bookmakers licensed by the UKGC then Bet365 and Betway are good options to take.

There is a growing choice of operators for esports betting nowadays and the range on offer is growing all the time. While some mainstream bookies like Bet365 and Betway are good for esports, you can also look at esports specialists like Unikrn and GG.bet, while Pinnacle also has some markets.

Betting on esports games like Rainbow Six is legal wherever online esports betting is legal. In some countries, such as the United States, the laws around gambling are highly regionalised and can vary considerably from place to place. We would recommend that you always check the local regulations where you live before doing any esports betting.