Call of Duty Betting Guide

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Call of Duty is one of the world’s most iconic video games and it has become hugely popular as an esports game in recent years. Many thousands of fans enjoy watching the top CoD teams battle it out. As you might expect, Call of Duty betting has also become hugely popular and many online bookmakers now offer punters the chance to place bets on CoD matches and tournaments.

If you want to find out all about Call of Duty betting then you’re in the right place. We’ll tell you all about the game itself, as well as some of the types of wager you can place when you’re doing some CoD betting. We’ll also give you some tips on how you can put together a strategy for success when you’re playing at Call of Duty betting sites. Read on to find out more!

What is Call of Duty?

Call of Duty is a First Person Shooter game that is one of the most famous and iconic games of all time. In reality, it is a series of games rather than just one game. Black Ops, Advanced Warfare and other variants of the game exist. When it comes to esports, teams compete within the same game mode, which can vary between ‘search and destroy’, ‘team domination’ or ‘deathmatch’.

How do you Bet on CoD?

Betting on Call of Duty is pretty simple, as long as you make sure that you understand bet types and odds before you dive into wagering. If you want to do some CoD betting online then you need to open an account at an online bookmaker. Once you have done that and deposited some funds in your account then you can start esports betting.

Placing a bet online is very easy. Once you have opened your account and have deposited funds in it then you can click on the market on which you want to bet. The wager will then be added to your bet slip. You can then confirm the bet and wait for the results of the match or tournament on which you have placed your wager. We’ll give you tips on what types of CoD bets you can place next.

Types of CoD Betting

So if you want to do some Call of Duty betting what types of bet can you place? Many of the types of bet that you can place on Call of Duty events are similar to those that you can place if you are betting on sports like football or tennis. We’ll look at a few types of bet here to help you get started if you want to place some CoD bets.


This is a very simple type of bet where you attempt to predict which team will be the overall winner of a tournament or a league. This is like betting on who will win the Premier League in soccer, or the Stanley Cup in ice hockey. You need good knowledge of players and teams to be successful.

Match winner

This is another very straightforward form of Call of Duty betting. Just like you can bet on which team will win a soccer match, you can also place bets on individual CoD matches. Once again, your knowledge of teams and players needs to be very sharp if you want to be successful. You can combine several of these bets into an accumulator.

Map Bets

CoD matches are played out on a series of maps. You can place bets on things like how many maps a team will win or which team will win the next map. There is a range of markets that you can explore based on how teams will perform in individual maps.


This is a slightly more complex form of betting but you are probably already familiar with it if you have done some betting on other sports. This involves betting on things like the total number of kills a player has made across a match, or the number of rounds that it will take a team to win.

Live betting

This type of betting requires very sharp CoD betting knowledge and a fast mind. For this reason, it is something that you should try when you have picked up a bit of Call of Duty betting experience. Live betting is where you place bets on a match while it is taking place. There is a range of live bets that you can place, but you do need to be watching a stream of the match in order to be successful.

CoD Teams and Players

When you’re looking at the Call of Duty odds and seeking out the best possible value, you need to have a good knowledge of CoD teams, players and tournaments. If you are already familiar with esports, you may have heard of OpTic Gaming. This team has graced the CoD scene with success for a number of years. An American outfit, their roster includes players like Vengeance and Enable.

FaZe Clan is another team that you might want to investigate if you want to do some Call of Duty betting. This is another American team that has enjoyed great success over the years, with their roster having included names like GRVTY, Attach and Asim. A more recent addition to the ranks of CoD teams is eUnited, whose roster includes names like Burns, Savage and Ice.

How to be Successful at CoD Betting

If you’re looking to be successful at Call of Duty betting then there are a number of straightforward things that you can do to boost your chances of winning. Anyone reading this article who has already done some sports betting online should already be familiar with at least some of these principles.

Research the teams and players

Any successful sports bettor will tell you that knowledge is power when it comes to successful wagering, and the same principles apply when you’re betting on Call of Duty. In order to place winning bets, you need to follow all the latest CoD news about players and teams. Results are important, of course, so that you gain a good idea about the form that they are showing, but other news items can be important too. You never know which nugget of knowledge might just give you the edge when it comes to placing a winning bet!

Learn the game – play it yourself

Just as it helps with betting on soccer or cricket if you have actually played the sports yourself, the same is true for CoD betting. If you play CoD then you will gain insights that will be very useful when it comes to placing winning bets. Any kind of knowledge that can help you predict outcomes more accurately is useful. If you have a good idea about the best reactions to certain game situations then you are sure to place more winning bets.

Make sure your betting knowledge is sharp

Of course, it is not just esports knowledge that can help you place winning wagers. You also need to make sure that you have a sound idea about how various different bet types work. Your knowledge of odds also needs to be as wide as possible. This is important because you need to know how to extract the most value from situations where you think you might be successful. Knowing how to use accumulators, for example, can be a great way of boosting odds and the sizes of your prizes.

Manage your bankroll carefully

Keeping a close eye on your bankroll is a vital skill in any form of gambling, as you will already know if you are partial to a spot of online poker. The same applies if you are betting at any CoD gambling sites. If you watch your stake size closely and never bet more than you can afford then you are less likely to end up in a situation where you are chasing losses and taking risks that you can’t afford to take.

Always keep calm

It is really important to always remember that CoD betting, or any other kind of betting, is supposed to be fun and entertaining. If you start to feel stressed or pressurised when betting then you should stop and go and do something else. You should never rely on betting as a way of solving financial problems or paying the bills. If you place smaller bets on a wider range of markets rather than just one bet with a large stake then you will find the process of betting much more enjoyable. That will mean that you will stay relaxed and bet sensibly.


As you can see, Call of Duty betting is something that is pretty straightforward once you have a good knowledge of the game and esports in general. To be really successful at CoD betting you need to know plenty about the top teams and tournaments, and to have also played the game yourself. If you can back up that game knowledge with specialist knowledge about bet types and odds then are putting yourself in an even better position. Always remember that Call of Duty betting, like any other kind of betting, is supposed to be about fun and entertainment!

CoD Betting FAQs

Yes, it is possible to place bets on Call of Duty matches and tournaments. Many mainstream bookies, such as Betway and Bet365, offer markets on CoD. You can also bet on the game at esports specialist bookies like and Unikrn.

Call of Duty wagers are where you place bets on CoD matches and tournaments. In many ways, CoD betting is very similar to conventional types of sports betting. If you are already familiar with sports betting then you should not have too many problems adapting to CoD betting.

Many mainstream online bookmakers now offer markets for CoD betting as well as the chance to bet on other esports games. Bet365 and Betway are two top bookmakers that provide punters with plenty of opportunities to bet on esports like Call of Duty. You can also find a good selection of betting options at bookies like and Unikrn.

There is a great variety of CoD events, and you can bet on the vast majority of them. There are different events for each version of CoD. Modern Warfare has its own Call of Duty League, for example, as does Black Ops: Cold War. There are various regional and national leagues across the world too.