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How reddit can help you to bet on esports?
esports betting reddit


Esports betting has become hugely popular in recent years, with many thousands of bettors using their enthusiasm for esports to help them place winning bets. In this article, we’re going to look at how Reddit can help you when it comes to esports betting. First, we’ll tell you a bit about esports and the various esports games that you can play, before we outline how esports betting Reddit threads can put you in a really strong position when it comes to shaping a strategy that can bring you esports betting success. Read on to discover how to use Reddit to your advantage when it comes to esports betting!

What is esports?

Before we go any further, it’s a good idea to tell you exactly what we mean by esports. Esports is competitive video gaming, where teams and players compete against each other. Popular esports games that have leagues and tournaments include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2), and League of Legends (LoL). While those games have been around for years, there are new games being added to the esports ranks all the time. Esports betting Reddit threads can tell you more about these games, of course.

Other games that have esports tournaments include Valorant, which was released very recently, as well as games like Call of Duty and World of Tanks. Sports simulations like FIFA, NBA 2K, and Madden NFL also have competitions dedicated to them. If you’ve played any of these games then you are in a good position to be able to put together a strategy that can bring you success. Before we tell you how betting on esports Reddit threads can help you become a more successful bettor, we’ll take a few moments to tell you exactly what Reddit actually is.

What is Reddit?

We’re going to tell you how you can use esports betting Reddit threads to improve your betting strategy in a little while, but first, it’s probably a good idea to make sure that you know exactly what Reddit is before we go any further. Reddit is defined as a web content rating, news aggregation, and discussion website. When they have registered at the site, users can post text, links, and images, much in the same way as they would on other social media platforms.

Other members can then vote these posts up or down. The posts are organised into user-created boards or ‘sub-reddits’ which are grouped according to the subject matter. There is a huge range of topics covered at the site. Posts that have garnered more ‘up’ votes will appear at the top of these sub-reddits. If they receive sufficient votes, popular posts can also appear on the site’s homepage.

By October 2020, Reddit was rated as the seventh-most visited site in the USA, and the 17th in the world. Around 40% of its users come from the USA, another 10% from the United Kingdom, and 5.2% from Canada. The site has proved popular with esports fans, although you can find a huge range of other topics there. For esports betting enthusiasts, it can be a treasure trove of information. You can find Reddit CSGO betting threads, League of Legends betting Reddit threads, and a whole lot more, so if you’re serious about esports betting, Reddit is the place to be.

How can esports betting Reddit threads help you form a successful strategy?

If you’re looking to put together a betting strategy for esports that will bring you success, then Reddit can really help you. There are a number of reasons for this and we’ll outline them here for you.

  • Knowledge is power in esports betting.

Esports betting, like any other kind of betting, becomes much simpler when you know as much as possible about the sport on which you are betting. Esports betting Reddit threads can help you pick up the latest news and results, all of which are very useful when it comes to planning and preparing your bets. The more you know about esports, the more likely you are to place successful bets.

  • You can pick up tips and insight from experienced punters.

Discussions on esports betting Reddit threads can help you glean useful knowledge from more experienced punters. If you are only just beginning your adventure in esports betting then talking to more experienced bettors can help you learn more about which bets on which players and teams are more likely to be successful.

  • You can learn more about esports games.

If you’re betting on esports games then you need to have a good knowledge of the specific games on which you’re betting. Esports betting Reddit threads can help you valuable insight into games with which you might not be that familiar.

  • It helps to discover which bookies are offering the best odds.

If you’re looking for the best esport betting site, Reddit can help. Other bettors can be a great source of information about the kinds of odds and markets on offer from esports bookies. They can also help you find the right bookie for betting on your favourite esports games. Reddit discussions like this can give you the kind of tips that lead to big betting wins.

  • Fellow bettors can point you in the direction of good bookie bonuses.

Bettors always like to pick up a nice bonus or two when they sign up for accounts at online bookmakers. Consulting esports betting Reddit threads can help you identify where the best betting bonuses can be found. You can also learn how to make better use of bonuses from more experienced bettors.

Where can I bet on esports?

As esports betting grows in popularity, there is an increasing range of bookmakers that are offering markets for esports. The number of games on which bookies will offer odds is also growing all the time, with new titles like Valorant joining the likes of CSGO, Dota2, LoL, and other staples of the esports scene. Good mainstream bookies that offer markets on esports include Betway and Bet365. Betway takes esports so seriously that they actually have a number of commercial partnerships with esports teams. They are the main sponsor of the Ninjas in Pyjamas esports team.

In addition to the mainstream bookies that offer esports markets, you can find some good options at online bookies that specialise in esports. Sites like Unikrn and are good when it comes to finding plentiful markets for esports. Pinnacle is also worth checking out as they are taking esports very seriously these days. Of course, checking out esports betting Reddit threads can make you aware of more possibilities too.

Is esports betting legal?

Depending on where you live in the world you may well be wondering whether or not esports betting is legal. We can reassure you that if you live in a country where online sports betting is legal, such as the United Kingdom, then it is perfectly legal to bet on esports at licensed online bookmakers. Elsewhere in the English-speaking world, such as in the USA or Canada, the situation can be a little more complex. We would always recommend checking the situation around local laws before you do any esports betting. Of course, esports betting Reddit threads can be a great source of information about this topic too.


Esports betting Reddit threads are a great source of information for anyone who is serious about improving their chances of success when they are wagering. You can pick up useful nuggets of esports news and other information that make just make the difference between winning and losing bets. You can also find out about other aspects of esports betting like which bookies offer the best odds, or which cover the widest range of esports games. Reddit is a great source of information for anyone who wants to enjoy some successful esports betting, so make sure you use it!

Esports betting reddit FAQS

The place to find esports betting tips is on threads that deal with esports. There is a massive selection of these nowadays, and a simple search on reddit will bring up plenty of options for you. Many of the threads are grouped according to the type of esports games being discussed, so if you are a CSGO fan, for example, it is a good idea to focus on threads with that game as their main focus.

Reddit is a useful source of all kinds off esports betting insights. You can find interesting news articles, tactical discussions and whole lot more. Esports betting fans can pick significant insights that will allow them to place more successful bets.

A search of reddit’s esports pages and posts will allow you to find communities to suit you. It is a good idea to search based on the games that you follow or on which you want to bet. That way you will find exactly what you need.