StarCraft 2 Betting Guide

All About Betting on StarCraft 2


Welcome to our guide to StarCraft 2 betting. This is the place where you’ll learn the truth about betting on this legendary sci-fi game. From the basics of what it means about how to bet on StarCraft 2, to some tips for exploring different betting markets, you’ll find it all here.

After all, if you wanted to know about StarCraft 2 betting Reddit could be one place to go, but the information there might not be too reliable. So stick with us to make sure that you always know the best way to bet on StarCraft 2!

What is StarCraft 2?

If you are into betting on esports, then you’ll want to thank the StarCraft franchise for getting the whole esports bandwagon going. The original StarCraft game was released by Blizzard Entertainment way back in 1998, and since then it has expanded with the BroodWar expansion pack and been followed up by the StarCraft 2 update in 2010.

It’s a sci-fi strategy game that sees single-players, multiplayers and AI opponents playing as one of three cosmic forces: the Terrans, the Zerg and the Protoss. Each of these groups have their own strengths, and they all share the similar aim of taking over the galaxy.

What is StarCraft 2 betting?

StarCraft 2 betting is just the same as betting on any regular esports or traditional sport. The only difference is that there will be StarCraft 2 odds for things like who will win the match or even the entire tournament. So rather than betting on a basketball team to beat their opponents in an NBA game, you’d be betting on a StarCraft 2 player to beat the other player in the sci-fi game.

Don’t fall into the trap of playing at skin betting sites when you want to bet on StarCraft 2, as those sites are largely unlicensed and may not pay you your winnings. Instead, you should pick one of our approved operators who lets you put down your StarCraft 2 bets with real money in a safe and completely regulated environment.

Different ways to enjoy betting on StarCraft 2

Most people will bet on StarCraft like they would any other sport or esport. This means that you’ll probably just put down a bet on who will win a particular StarCraft 2 game. However, more people are starting to enjoy live StarCraft 2 betting. This is where you bet after the game has actually begun. It can be a tricky tactic to get right, but it can help you enjoy much better odds.

Outright or futures betting on StarCraft 2 is also hugely popular. This is where you will bet on the overall winner of an entire StarCraft 2 tournament like the Intel Extreme Masters well in advance of the competition.

All About Betting on StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 betting tips and strategies

South Korea has dominated StarCraft 2 competitive gaming over the past few years, but the good news is that a few other countries are starting to get a look in. We’ve recently seen a player from Finland win a major SC2 tournament, and it’s becoming increasingly tricky to predict the outright winner.

Our tip is to always do your research and explore the betting markets to make sure that you’re getting more from your winning bets. Plus don’t underestimate how a good bonus can work wonders with your SC2 betting!

Finding the perfect site for StarCraft 2 betting

The good news is that there are lots of great esports bookmakers who give you safe and easy ways to bet on StarCraft 2. We’ve compiled a shortlist of all of those esports betting sites who make sure that you get the StarCraft betting experience you deserve.

Each of the StarCraft 2 betting sites has been checked to make sure that they are fully licensed and regulated. This is important as it means that you’ll get fair odds and that you’ll be paid back whatever winnings you make. So that whether you’re betting on the DreamHack Masters at Betway or are betting on the ESL Pro Tour at a dedicated esports betting site, you’ll always have a safe and legal way to play.

Conclusion – Check back here for StarCraft 2 betting tips

By now you’ll recognise that betting on StarCraft 2 is something that can be fun, safe and 100% legal. As long as you stick with one of our approved bookmakers, you’ll be able to enjoy lots of fair and honest odds for the world’s biggest StarCraft 2 tournaments.

It’s important that you check back to our site where we’ll keep you updated with facts about anything from the latest StarCraft 2 betting sites to the best tips for betting on this iconic strategy game. So be sure to bookmark this page to make sure that you always get the most from your StarCraft 2 bets!