StarCraft 2 Odds

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Looking for StarCraft 2 odds? You’re in the right place.

We’ve created this awesome guide that quickly explains what StarCraft 2 betting odds are in simple terms. From here, we’ll reveal the many different kinds of StarCraft 2 odds you’ll encounter, and even reveal the best online bookmakers for betting on this legendary esport. So take a look below and take your StarCraft 2 betting to the next level!

How StarCraft 2 odds work

StarCraft 2 betting odds work in a similar way to any other esports odds. They merely represent the chances of something happening in a game or tournament of StarCraft 2. So you could see odds for something like whether a player wins a single match, or whether someone wins an entire tournament at the Intel Extreme Masters. The odds will be represented either as decimal, fractional or American formats.

Decimal odds are the easiest odds format to understand. Simply put, the higher the number, the less likely something is of happening, but the more that you’d profit should you win your bet. So, betting on a StarCraft player to win at odds of 3.00 will be harder, but get you a bigger payout  than odds of 1.50.

Different kinds of StarCraft 2 betting odds

Match winner: Most people will simply bet on odds for a particular player to win a StarCraft 2 match. This follows the same approach as if you were betting on a game of soccer or basketball.

Tournament winner: Here you bet on a player to win an overall StarCraft 2 tournament such as one at DreamHack or ESL. It’s kind of like betting on who’ll win the Super Bowl.

Correct score: This is where you get to bet on the correct score of a best-of-three or best-of-five StarCraft 2 series.

Handicap bets: Here is where you try and balance an uneven playing field by putting a particular player at a points advantage or disadvantage.

Finding the best bookmakers for StarCraft 2 odds

There are plenty of excellent esports betting sites out there and most of these should give you relatively competitive StarCraft 2 odds. It’s always important to hunt around for the best odds possible when you bet on this sci-fi game. After all, even the slightest of edges in the odds can pay off significantly depending on what kind of stake you put down.

It can be a good idea to head to the larger betting sites to get the best value odds. After all, top bookmakers like Betway have a track record of putting on consistently competitive odds for anything from regular sport to esports like StarCraft 2.

However, you might find that specialist esports betting sites like GGBet or might offer the best odds for StarCraft 2 tournaments that you might not get elsewhere. It’s worth noting that these dedicated esports betting sites often throw in cool things like free live streaming too.

Conclusion – It’s easy to find top StarCraft 2 odds

By now you’ll know what StarCraft 2 odds are and where you can get some amazing odds for betting on this iconic esport. Now all you need to do is to focus on making your predictions on this notoriously unpredictable Blizzard Entertainment game.

The good news is that we have prepared this handy guide to StarCraft 2 betting. This guide will walk you through what it means to bet on the sci-fi game and we’ll even give you some handy tips for making your predictions. When combined with this guide to odds, you’ll find that it’s never been easier to get a decent return from your StarCraft 2 bets!