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Learn how to bet on Twitch Streamers


Esports betting has become one of the gambling phenomena of the 21st century, with many millions of people now betting on professional teams as they compete in games like CSGO, Valorant and NBA 2K. There is another kind of esports betting out there, though, known as streamers betting. In this article, we’re going to tell you all about this form of esports wagering, so read on to discover all you need to know!

What is streamers betting?

So let’s begin by telling you exactly what we mean by streamers betting. The world of esports betting now includes fantasy sports and skins gambling as well as conventional sportsbook betting. As you will know already, if you have done some esports wagering in the past, sportsbook betting on esports is pretty much the same as conventional sports betting. Streamers online betting is where you can place bets of this type on amateur players who stream their own games.

They stream games on platforms such as Twitch, and bookmakers will provide odds on many of these streams. So how does Twitch betting work? The bookies use AI to check on gamers’ form and past performances, and this allows them to set accurate odds. We’ll tell you about the actual process of playing bets on streamers next.

How do you bet on streamers?

The process of betting on streamers is very similar to conventional betting. Bookmakers, like Unikrn and, that offer markets for streamers wagering offer odds on the gamers in just the same way as they do for professional sports. They are able to do this thanks to AI tools that allow them to check the form and previous performances of live streamers. This means that they can make accurate calculations as to what the odds should be.

You can then place a bet in the same way as you would if you were wagering on a professional esports contest. You bet on the outcomes of individual matches, as well as on the other markets that are more specific to each esports game, such as which team will win the first map, or which player will make the most kills.

So Twitch betting and other kinds of betting on streamers is actually really simple. As with all kinds of betting, keeping a close eye on your bankroll and doing your preparation properly are the key planks of any successful strategy for betting on streamers.

Streaming Betting

What games can you bet on?

So what choice of games do you have when it comes to wagering on streamers? If you have already been enjoying some esports wagering over the last few years, you’ll be delighted to discover that you can bet on many of the same games as you do when you wager on the professionals.

This means that you can bet on streamers who are playing top titles like CSGO, Dota2 and League of Legends, as well as some of the newer entrants on the esports scene, such as Fortnite. Staples like Hearthstone,  Overwatch and Rocket League are available for streamer betting at many esports bookies nowadays too.

Advantages of streamers betting

One major advantage to betting on streamers is that you can bet on their contests when the professional players are not playing. While esports fans love to bet on the big events like Fortnite’s World Cup or Dota2’s The International, this type of big event is not always taking place. Smaller tournaments do not run constantly either. This means that betting on streamers can fill the void left when no professional events are going on. You do not have to rely on official schedules but can instead pick and choose which streamers are worth some of your time and money.

Some streamers are also becoming incredibly popular in their own right, attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers to the live streams of their matches. Many of these viewers actually prefer to bet on the amateur players with whom they are familiar rather than waiting for the professional events to roll around.

Betting on streamers can also be more convenient for punters. Many punters appreciate the fact that streamers are providing matches at times of day that make it simpler for them to place bets. Not everyone who bets on esports wants to wait around for the professional events to start. Betting on streamers can therefore be much more convenient for punters.

Some platforms are also allowing gamers to challenge their favourite streamers to games, which can be an added thrill. In the future, betting on these player-versus-player contests might become the next big thing in esports betting. Given the speed at which events tend to move in the world of esports, it would not be too surprising to see this type of betting becoming more common very soon indeed.

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Bet on pro esports too

While streamers betting is great fun, you should not ignore betting on the professionals too. After all, it is much easier to check on the form of pro teams and players than it is on that of enthusiastic amateurs. You should see betting on the best Twitch streamers as a way of adding extra entertainment to your esports wagering.

Abandoning the pro ranks entirely would be something of a mistake. After all, if streamers were really that good they would have been signed up by a professional team. Betting on streamers is fun, but it has its risks, not least because streamers are likely to be much less consistent in their performances than professionals. This can make it much harder to predict how they will perform.


Esports wagering continues to grow and expand in sometimes surprising ways, and streamers betting is just one more way in which it is doing this. Streamers online betting is a great way of adding some extra entertainment and fun to your wagering. You can rest assured that the esports odds on offer will be accurate thanks to the AI tools that sportsbooks deploy. While you should not abandon betting on pro esports entirely in favour of betting on streamers,