Top 5 Twitch Streamers

Who are the 5 best streamers active on Twitch?

Picking the best Twitch streamers is pretty impossible – there is an incredible number of talented people streaming all around the world, in all languages and all games one could imagine. Even so, there are definitely some top Twitch streamers that stick out from the crowd. Here are 5 of the biggest streamers active on Twitch.

1. Ninja

Richard Blevins aka Ninja is, without a doubt, the most popular Twitch streamer on the platform. He has more than 16.6 millions of followers, several millions more than the next-most-popular streamer. Known primarily for his Fortnite streams, Ninja also streams Valorant, League of Legends, and a few other games. He started out as a professional Halo 3 player before switching to streaming, and then branching out beyond that, into charitable work, amid a few controversies, of course – to the point where in 2019, there were esports betting odds available for whether or not he would take legal action against Twitch or Amazon – not exactly the usual kind of streamer betting!

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2. Tfue

Turner Tenney and his 10.3+ million Twitch subscribers is also most well-known for his Fortnite streams, but has filmed himself doing just about everything from H1Z1 to real-life extreme sports adventures. He used to be part of FaZe clan before finding himself in a drawn-out legal battle with them – and that’s after a few additional controversies regarding his outbursts and use of racist slurs. Nevertheless, he is still one of the top Twitch streamers on the platform even without being part of a big organization. The American is well-known for his game skills – he set the world record for most squad eliminations in Fortnite, with 53 in one match.

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3. Shroud

Michael Grezesiek is a former CS:GO pro turned Twitch streamer. He mostly shows himself playing FPS games and Battle Royale titles – and his incredible aim abilities are why he became so popular in the first place. He was part responsible for some of Cloud9’s greatest CS:GO achievements, and has since maintained his popularity. He briefly moved from Twitch to Mixer, another streaming platform that was shut down not too long after. Shroud returned to Twitch – and to reclaim his spot as one of the top streamers on the platform, with more than 9.1 million followers.

Top 5 Twitch Streamers

4. Rubius

Rubén Doblas Gundersen has more than 9 million followers on Twitch, and is best known for his vlogs alongside his gameplay videos. He posts all sorts of content on his YouTube channel – his Twitch presence is more focused on games. He has actually managed to beat Ninjas record for most concurrent views on a Fortnite stream, as well as the record for most concurrent views on any YouTube gaming livestream. Unrelated to being a top Twitch streamer, he has also had some appearances in two Spanish movies.

Top 5 Twitch Streamers

5. Auronplay

Raúl Álvarez Genes is, like Rubius, another Spanish-speaking Twitch streamer. He publishes vlogs, satire sketches, and of course gameplay videos. He mainly streams games like Minecraft, GTA V, and Among us. During the Covid pandemic, he took part in several charity activities benefitting the Spanish and Catalan healthcare systems. On Twitch, he has a cool 8.5 million subscribers – and you can also find him on Spotify, as he has released some meme songs.

Top 5 Twitch Streamers

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