Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual Sports betting involves placing bets on simulated games or events.

Unlike regular sports wagering where results are determined by a combination of factors like players, the outcomes of virtual games are determined by a random number generator (RNG).

There are many virtual sports to wager on, including motorsports, soccer, American football, cycling, dog racing, tennis, volleyball, and basketball, among others.

Virtual Sports Betting is similar in several ways to regular betting. It utilizes high-quality animations and graphics to appear just like real sporting activities.

Want to know more about virtual sports betting? Read on.

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How Do You Bet on Virtual Sports?

Virtual sports betting is pretty much the same as regular betting. The significant difference is that it is a computerized event or game. So, the RNG algorithm randomly selects a winner.

Virtual sports may adopt the names of real players and teams. However, the names do not translate to their actual strength since the RNG selects the winner. Any team or player can lose or win a game, even the team that seems to have favorable odds.

Virtual Sports Betting allows you to bet at any time of the day; matches are available, whether daytime or nighttime. This feature offers customers the opportunity to bet at their pleasure.

Customers who wish to bet on virtual sports can see the schedules for matches and their outcomes. Virtual matches are typically shorter than regular matches. Virtual sports may indicate only the game’s highlights; the match won’t take the regular time e.g., 90 minutes for a football match.

Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual Sports Betting Tips

Are you wondering how you can improve your winning prospects?

Well, it is impossible to influence the outcome of virtual sports however, the following tips will help you bet on virtual sports.

Understand the Odds

Although betting on short odds has minimal returns, it is safer than long odds; and this is the trick in gambling. Be patient and build a portfolio gradually. The chances of winning on long odds are low, and you will likely lose all your capital.

Be Ready for All Outcomes

Betting on virtual sports is unpredictable, and like all betting, anything can happen. Be prepared to lose even on short odds. Virtual betting depends on the RNG algorithm, so you cannot analyze the potential of a player or team based on factors like injuries, the venue of the match, or management. It is the law of probability that works here. So, what is the trick? Bet with small stakes and bet frequently.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

It will help if you bet on virtual sports betting sites that offer bonuses. Betting sites offer bonuses in several ways; the common ones include;

  • Bonus on deposit– you receive a bonus when you deposit a certain amount of money.
  • Free bet bonus- You get to recover losses if you lose a certain bet
  • Bonus on odds– You receive a percentage bonus based on the number of odds you accumulate.

Take note that there are always conditions you need to meet to receive a bonus, so understand them before you stake. Also, bonus deals vary from one bookmaker to another. But typically, bonuses can be a valuable way to make the best of virtual sports bets.

Select Your Virtual Sport Wisely

Although you cannot influence outcomes in virtual betting, you can improve your prospects by choosing the best virtual sports betting sites wisely.

For instance, betting on a tennis match with only two easily predictable markets, i.e., win or lose, over or under, e.g., is a more viable choice of a virtual sport to give you positive returns. In comparison, betting for a horse race with ten racers provides you with a lower chance of winning.

Set a Budget for Yourself

Financial management is essential in gambling. As a bookie, there are days you will win and others when you will lose. You must prepare yourself for the two eventualities because you cannot influence the outcomes of virtual games.

With this knowledge, have a strict budget for yourself and stick to it.  Also, avoid chasing after you have lost because you may even lose more.

Select Reputable Virtual Sports Betting Sites

Reputable betting sites are unlikely to rip off customers. So, how do you tell an unreliable site?

Check out for these signs:

  • Complicated bonus terms and conditions
  • Non-payments
  • Slow payouts
  • Reliable sites have good customer care and are serious about preserving their good reputation.

Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual Sports vs Esports

With the advancement of more sophisticated technology, terms like esports and virtual sports have become more prevalent. Are the two things synonymous? Is one term a variant of another?

Newcomers to the industry who have focused on regular sports may believe that virtual and computer game betting are identical. This is a misconception, as virtual esports and esports betting are two different things In fact, the main difference is that the result of virtual sports is generated by a computer algorithm, while for esports it is based on games played by real players.

With virtual sports, it is impossible to predict the result, since the outcome is generated randomly by the computer. With betting on esports, the result can be predicted following research on the performance of players and teams, and with the knowledge of the game, as would happen with traditional betting on sports matches.

Obviously, there is a combination between virtual sports and esports, which we could call virtual esports, in which the results of video games are generated by the computer.

Which Are the Best Virtual Sports Betting Sites?

There are many virtual sports betting sites that have a good reputation in the industry. Top virtual betting sites have these qualities:

  • Good customer care
  • Timely pay-outs
  • Display lots of betting markets
  • Provide detailed match information like previous games results
  • Impressive live stream features
  • Have a variety of virtual sports

Some virtual sports betting sites include Betway, Bet365, Rabona,, and Powbet, among many others.


Virtual Sports Betting is not precisely like regular betting since virtual betting results are generated randomly by computer algorithms. Also, unlike regular betting, you only have odds and sometimes statistics to depend on when placing a bet.

Nevertheless, in virtual sports betting, you enjoy timeless betting and fairness. You can bet any time of the day on many sporting activities, even when you do not understand the rules of the game.

So, why not increase your prospects of winning by following the virtual sports betting tips presented above?