2021 LCK Spring Playoff Semi-finals predictions

Korea recently returned to being the most dominant region with Damwon Gaming taking out the 2020 World Championship. As the semi-finals of the 2021 LCK Spring Playoffs approaches, it is clear the region is prepared for another strong year. T1 has regained some of their past dominance, and DWG KIA are now looking better than ever.

DWG KIA vs. Hanwha Life Esports

DWG KIA, formerly Damwon Gaming, are the reigning world champions. This led to sky high expectations upon the team to perform since the start of the 2021 Spring Split. Living up to expectations, Damwon displayed an extremely strong performance by finishing the regular season with a stellar 16-2 record. While DWG KIA had stumbled against Fredit BRION, the team maintained a dominant hold against the others.

Hanwha Life Esports managed to place in the top 3 of the regular season, finishing 12-6. Hanwha’s recent performance show they can easily take down low to mid-tier teams, but seriously struggle in competing against top legacy teams. While Hanwha may have completely turned around their fortunes from a 9th place team in 2020, to a top 3 force in the LCK, they pale in comparison to DWG KIA. This match will likely be one sided, with a strong 3-0 or 3-1 likely in the favour for DWG KIA, a proven team that has defeated Hanwha Life Esports on multiple occasions before.

Prediction: DWG KIA 83% l Hanwha Life Esports 17%
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Gen G. vs T1

The battle between two long rivals, Gen.G and T1, is set to be a close one. Having constantly been one of the LCK’s top teams, it is no surprise Gen.G stand a good chance no matter their opponent. Ending the 2021 Spring regular season 13-5, Gen.G placed second on the leader boards only behind DWG KIA. While Gen.G may not be in their top form due to their failure in securing favoured match ups, their position as the second ranked team remains. T1 has had its own fair share of ups and downs, with coins flips each season. Coming off a 5 win streak in the regular season, T1 are poised to give fans a glimpse at their former glory in playoffs. The team appear to be steadily improving as new members continue to build synergy. T1 without a doubt has the potential to be the top team with their combination of established and developing talent. If they can take another step forward as they have done with their strong 3-1 win against DRX, they may very well reclaim the top spot in the LCK.

Prediction: Gen.G 53% l T1 47%

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