5 League of Legends Games You Need to Watch

League of Legends is an 11-year-old game which has provided high-level competition every single one of these years. On this journey, countless unforgettable moments have occurred, though some of them simply have to be seen by all League of Legends fans. If you’re one of the old esports betting fans of the game, feel free to cry while watching all these games. I have tissues to share.

Kings Can Bleed, SKT vs EDG, MSI 2015, Game 5

5 League of Legends Games You Need to Watch

Since 2013, countless incidents occurred which gave rise to Faker’s nickname of “The Unkillable Demon.” His brilliant mechanics have dominated Korea and the international stage with T1, and since the other mid laners couldn’t keep up with Faker’s level, his legend is completely unique. However, MSI 2015’s grand final played in May had a different storyline. Demon King, who never lost a game with LeBlanc in the competitive scene, not only tasted his first loss with the champion but also fell short against China’s representative EDG in the fifth game of the grand final.

“Need to Backdoor? Ask Me How.” Fnatic vs SK Gaming, IEM Katowice

The term “Backdoor” has been used widely in League of Legends, and it means secretly destroying enemies’ Nexus by hiding from the opponent. 8 years ago, there was an occasion at IEM Katowice which was talked about for years and became the subject of memes. In the match between SK Gaming and Fnatic of group B, the team’s legendary mid laner xPeke won the game for his team by making a tremendous backdoor with Kassadin while everything was about to end for Fnatic. Even though its usage has changed recently, the backdoor term became synonymous with xPeke’s name for ages. Oh, are you asking me who was playing against Fnatic? Founder of G2 himself, Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez.

The Happiness Which Was One-Click Away, Fnatic – OMG, Worlds 2014

It doesn’t matter how close you are to achieving something in life, there is always a chance to miss it all in a moment and never be able to get it again. In 2014, Fnatic found this out the hard way at Worlds. European powerhouse Fnatic and one of the tournament’s favorites, OMG, faced each other in group C once more to qualify for the quarter-finals. Fnatic was only one click away from winning the 70-minute-long game, but everything went downhill in a second. OMG survived and got through the quarter-finals by defeating Fnatic.

“If You Don’t Prepare for Us, You’re Gonna Lose.” Albux NoX Luna – ROX Tigers, Worlds 2016

5 League of Legends Games You Need to Watch

Even though China teams came to the forefront in recent years, defeating Korea teams has been hard since 2013. In those times, Korean squads were favorites of every tournament they attended, and they managed to win nearly every one of them. Minor league – Wildcard – participants, on the other hand, have been seen as easy feasts which fill spots in global tournaments. Russia representative Albux Nox destroyed this point of view and made lol betting followers win in 2016. In Worlds 2016, Albux NoX Luna became the first wildcard team to surpass a Korean roster and get out of group A.

“Faker WHAT WAS THAT?” KT Rolster – SK Telecom T1, OGN HOT6 LOL Champions Summer 2013 Finals

You want to feel old and watch some Zed versus Zed in the summer final of LCK? I’m taking you to eight years ago, to OGN HOT6 LOL Champions Summer 2013 Finals’ fifth game. If you organize an all-star event in Korea back in 2013, teams would look the way they were in the final game. SKT T1 was down 2-0 in the final, but they succeeded in drawing the series. In the game 5, young Faker stepped on the rift as Zed, performed the most iconic 1v1 play of League of Legends history and helped his team win the season.

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