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Looking for the best casino bonus of the year? Look no further! While we as casino site reviewers could be wrong, our community surely can’t! With dozens of individual reviews by actual casino players, we are certain that this award will go into the hands of casino operator who provides the absolute best casino bonus out there!

With so many casinos out there, which you can compare in our online casino comparison page, we want to find the ones that offer the actual best casino bonus to the players. To do this, we need help from you, our dedicated community members, so we ask that you all take part.

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Here are the questions you need to ask

  • Bonus Size – How big is the maximum bonus?
  • Match Percentage – What % of the deposit do I get?
  • Playthrough Requirements – How much must I wager?
  • Available Games – Which games can I use the bonus for?
  • Deposit Methods – What deposit methods are eligible?
  • Timeframe – How quickly must I meet the requirement?

Best Online Casino Bonuses

Why Take Part?

We at Esports-Betting are all about justice and fair treatment for all the players. This is why it is crucial to us that casinos treat the players right and these awards are our way of enticing the casino operators to do more and better every day.

Coming from us alone, the awards may carry some significance, but being voted for by our community of casino players makes them that much more valuable. This is why it is crucial that you all vote in each category to show the casinos that we care and that you want to be treated with the respect you deserve.

Casting your votes will only take a little of your time and you will be helping punish the worst and award the best online casino operators in the industry. This, in turn, will make casino operators change the way they operate as no business needs bad publicity and everyone wants to win awards and be well respected by the community.

As a way of saying thank you, Esports-Betting will award you 5 points each time you cast your vote, giving you yourself standing in the Esports-Betting Community. Spend enough time reviewing, commenting and voting on the quality of the casino operators and become an important member of our online gamblers community.

How To Cast Your Votes

Choosing the best Online Casino Bonus will require you to look at the various available bonuses from multiple aspects. Casino bonuses vary in size, percentage and playthrough requirements, as well as other terms and conditions and it, will be up to you to choose which of these is the most important.

Bonus Size: Possibly the most important factor in a casino bonus is the maximum size of the bonus you can receive with the operator. A big bonus is always better than a small one, but remember that other terms and conditions may make a huge bonus actually not as good as it seems. Take bonus size into consideration but be careful!

Bonus Percentage: Some casinos give players as much as 300% on their first deposit while others may only award you 50% of the deposited amount. Check out the bonus percentage to learn how much you will need to deposit in order to receive your maximum bonus.

Wagering Requirement: Another very important segment of a casino bonus is no doubt the wagering requirement. Bonuses with lower wagering requirements can be cleared with relatively little play, while some bonuses have very high wagering requirements and are difficult to clear. Take the wagering requirement into consideration when you are casting your vote.

Available Games: Some bonuses only allow you to clear them on slots and most will not count wagers from other games in full or at all. Table games players, such as Blackjack or Roulette players may be at a serious disadvantage because of this, so this is surely another important aspect to keep in mind when rating an online casino bonus.

Deposit Methods: Not every bonus is available for deposits made using every deposit method out there. Some bonuses will not allow players to make qualifying deposits using the likes of NETeller and Skrill, which makes them less appealing to some players who prefer using these e-wallets. Qualifying deposit methods are another important factor in the overall bonus rating.

Timeframe: There are bonuses out there that will require you to fulfil the entire wagering requirement in just one short week, while others will give you a full month or come with no limitation at all. Take the playthrough timeframe into consideration before you cast your vote for the “Best Online Casino Bonus” award.

The Voting Process

To thank you for your participation in our voting process, we will award you 5 Points in our community. If you so choose, you may change your vote within the calendar year, but you will not be awarded any further points. With all this in mind, check out which Online Casino Bonus is currently in the lead.

Best Online Casino Bonuses

Best Online Casino Bonus

This award can only go to one online casino and we want to make sure the absolute best online casino bonus is chosen to win it. This is why we want help from you, our loyal users and experienced casino players. Cast your votes and receive your 5 points to help you progress in our community. Keep reading to find out how exactly the voting process works and who is currently winning the Esports-Betting Best Online Casino Bonus Award!

Online Casino Bonuses Summary

Online Casino Bonuses are one of the main advantages that online bonuses assert over live brick and mortar casinos. Where you would only be able to use your own money in a live casino and potentially earn a few comp points while playing slow and tedious casino games, online casinos allow you to claim double or even triple cash through bonuses and play fun, exciting and fact online casino games.

Every casino we are partnered with offers at least come welcome bonus, ranging from as little as £20 to as much as £5.000. Depending on the stakes you play, the amount you plan to deposit and the amount of play you mean to put in, you should choose one of the many bonuses on offer.

To find and compare the best Online Casino Bonuses visit our Casino Bonus Comparison page, where you can find all the best welcome bonuses offered by the many casinos we put under inspection.

Things To Keep In Mind When Voting

  • Cast your votes for the Best Online Casino Bonus of 2024
  • Receive your 5 community Points
  • Check the current results of the voting
  • Change your votes if needed and select a different operator
  • Sit back and find out which Operator won the award

At the end of the calendar year, the Operator with the highest number of votes by you, our users, will receive the “Best Online Casino Bonus” award. The Operator will be awarded one of our seals and you as our loyal customer will receive 5 Points for your help and dedicated participation in the Esports-Betting community.