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Deposit bonuses and other casino promotions are all great for high stakes and low stakes players alike, but nothing can make a high roller get excited about an online casino as much as a good VIP program. VIP programs of the online casino operators are made with high stakes gamblers in mind specifically. With redeemable cash points, dedicated account managers and extra reload bonuses, the high stakes players always appreciate the casinos that offer them a chance to feel like true VIPs.

Many casino out there offer some sort of a VIP Club, but not all equal. While some operators only keep up the VIP Club as sort of a pretence which is not really worth too much, others choose to truly reward their loyal players in a big way. We are on the lookout for the absolute best casino VIP program this year, and we want you to help us find it! Let us search and reward the Best VIP Program of 2024.

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Here’s what you need to ask yourself

  • The Benefits – What benefits does the program offer?
  • The Value – What is the value of comp points?
  • Progression – How easy is it to progress through the VIP levels?
  • Exclusive Promos – What kind of promos are available?
  • Events – Are there exclusive VIP events?
  • Banking – Does it become faster and better?

Why Take Part?

The VIP Clubs are an awesome tool for high rollers and mid-stakes players alike. While deposit bonuses only go so far in rewarding players, there is no end to the benefits of VIP Clubs, as long as one keeps playing. This is why we think it is important we award the casino with the best VIP Club out there!

We don’t want to make this choice for you, so we invite all players who have had any experience with online casino VIP Clubs to give us their honest votes. Which casino do you believe treats their VIPs the best? Where can you get the most value for the dollar invested?

Give your votes to your favourite VIP Club casino and become a crucial part of our search for the best online casino on the internet. Your vote will go a long way and certainly help shape up this Best Online Casino VIP Club voting process.

Before you jump in looking for the best VIP club, make sure to also check out our casino bonus comparison and find out if there are some bonuses on offer that may also suit your needs.

Since we want to award the casinos, it is only fair that we award you for participating as well. Every player who casts their vote in any one of our voting categories will receive 5 Points in our community, helping them become a more important and integral part of it.

How To Cast Your Votes

To help you with your voting, we want to help you figure out what makes for a good and complete VIP Club. The following are the most important aspects of online casino VIP Programs, without which no VIP Club is complete. Follow these guidelines and surely you cannot go too wrong.

The Benefits: First thing to look at with a VIP Club is the scope of benefits that are available. Are there exclusive promos on offer? Bonuses? Do the most loyal customers receive dedicated support and banking? If these are all available, we are likely looking at quite a complete VIP Program.

The Value: Ok, so the casino offers comp points, but what is their value? While some casinos offer quite a reasonable redemption rate, especially for the highest VIP levels, others will keep it quite low. The higher the redemption rate, the better the overall value for players.

Progression: How hard is it to get to the VIP levels where it actually matters? Is the VIP Club only of value for the high rollers who bet thousands of pounds a night, or can an average Joe take advantage as well? Another significant question!


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Exclusive Promos: Most casinos that offer a VIP Program will also award their VIPs with some exclusive promotions, bonuses and slots free spins. Depending on how common these are and how big their value is, the overall value of the VIP Program rises and falls.

Events: The best online casinos throw special VIP events for their loyal players and these are the real deal. Can you win an all-expenses-paid trip to a fancy location that truly makes you feel like a very important player to the casino? Highrollers will know what we mean.

Banking: Finally, online casino banking can be quite a hassle, but with VIP status you expect that all to change. Does the casino treat their VIPs right by processing their payments quickly and without issues? If so, we are probably looking at a VIP Program worth being a part of.

It won’t be easy to make a decision, as there are so many good VIP Programs out there, but we trust that taking all these various elements into consideration, our community will come up with the right answers and select the absolute best Highroller offer of the year.

The Voting Process

We want you to always feel rewarded and appreciated by Esports-Betting, so we will award you five Points every time you cast a vote! You can always change your vote at a later point, so feel free to vote and get your free Points. The more you vote, the bigger part of our community you become and we are very thankful for it.

Best VIP Program

There are quite a few VIP clubs out there, but we can’t just award a casino for having one available. Instead, we need to find an online casino operator whose VIP Club truly awards the players in the best possible way and gives the most back to their loyal customers.

This is no easy feat, but we trust that we can do it with help from our community. If you have had experience with various online casinos and their VIP Clubs, please share the experience with us and vote for your favourite VIP Club out there.


Bet VIP program review

Casino VIP Programs Summary

For those that may not be aware yet, many casinos on the internet offer VIP programs to their players. Motivated by the Las Vegas comps system designed to award the high stakes Blackjack and Roulette players, the VIP programs award the most loyal of players with redeemable comp points, cash, bonuses and all sorts of other valuable awards.

What’s even more, the players who reach the top tiers of VIP Clubs are often rewarded further by being treated like true VIPs, with dedicated account managers taking care of their every need and casino banking expedited in a significant way. All this surely appeals the most to the high rollers, who are the most likely to get the full benefits from such a program.

If you want to help us out, why not register with some casinos and take a look at their VIP programs? You can compare the various online casinos on our Online Casino Comparison and find the ones whose VIP Clubs seem the most appealing.


Things To Keep In Mind When Voting

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Once the year has ended, one lucky casino operator will receive our seal for the Best VIP Program of 2024. The prestigious award will help the operator further extend their brand while you as the players who voted will be handsomely rewarded with free Points and other perks in our community. Thank you for helping us pick the Best VIP Program for 2024!