Most Unfair Casino Conditions 2024

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There are literally hundreds of online casinos out there and each of them gets to set its own terms and conditions for all aspects of its business, from the basic account creation to the bonuses and banking. We know that there are quite a few fantastic casinos out there, but there are some whose conditions are just not as fair as others.

We want to find the casino that currently offers the worst player conditions and we want to brand them and let the community know they should stay away from this operator. To help us with this, we want you to cast your vote for the most unfair casino out there, whose conditions just don’t seem fair enough from your player’s perspective.

Casting your vote will bag you 5 points!

Here’s what you need to consider

  • Bonus Playthrough – Bonus PlaythroughHow much must I wager?
  • Bonus Games – Bonus GamesAre too many games excluded?
  • Cashouts – CashoutsWhen can I request my cashouts?
  • Payment Methods – Payment MethodsAre there special restrictions?
  • Other Promotions – Other PromotionsHow are the promo terms?
  • Banking Fees – Banking FeesAre there unnecessary fees in place?

Why Take Part?

Since we award so many awards for the best online casinos and their various aspects, it is only right to also punish the worst online casinos as well. This is why we elect the casinos with worst terms and conditions and overall worst casinos as well, to show them the opinion of the community.

While the most unfavourable conditions seal would be quite effective coming from us alone, we want you, the players, to take a big part in our decision. Coming from the community, the seal will bear that much more weight and will clearly tell the casino that they need to improve their conditions significantly.

Just as you cast your vote for the best online casino, we also need you to vote for the casino with the Most Unfair Conditions, as this will help warn other players they should stay away from the particular operator until their conditions are improved.

We are very grateful for your participation in the voting process, so every time you cast your vote in a new category, Esports-Betting will award you five Points, improving your status in the community and making you that much more important among the other players. Make a name for yourself and earn the respect of your peers by being around and reviewing the various online casinos and casting votes for the many categories in which we rate them.

How To Cast Your Votes

Before you can really vote, you need to be ready and know what to look for. Here is a list of the most common things about casino terms that can make all the difference between fair and unfair casino conditions:

Bonus Playthrough:

This is where they usually get you! Some casinos offer huge bonuses on the first deposit, but the wagering requirements are so ridiculously high that it is nearly impossible to actually come out a winner as they make you play for ages. If you have to win a jackpot in order to win anything, the casino conditions are probably not very favourable.

Bonus Games:

What’s even more, recently more and more casinos are complete excluding games such as Blackjack and Roulette from contributing to this wagering requirement, which can mean table games players have 0% chance of clearing their bonus or ever really taking advantage of it.


Some casinos restrict cashouts in many ways. From daily and weekly cashouts being very low, to cashout pending periods and other nonsenses, casino cashout conditions can also be quite unfavourable for the players at some sites.

Payment Methods:

From not allowing players from UK or other countries to use specific payment methods, to restricting bonuses for popular deposit methods, some casinos restrict the choice of payment methods quite a bit. Another condition that may influence your decision.

Most Unfair Casino Conditions Review
Beware of the fine print!

Other Promotions:

Casinos often throw free spins and reload bonuses at players, but at times these can come with horrible terms, restricting the cashouts of your entire bankroll. Make sure you don’t fall for cheap tricks and if a casino does happen to get the better of you, consider voting them for the Worst Conditions award.

Banking Fees:

Another quite unfavourable term can be the charging of deposit and withdrawal fees that are clearly not necessary as other casinos don’t have them. If a casino charged you a 2.5% withdrawal fee when you tried to withdraw to your e-wallet, they are probably just ripping you off!

It is not any one of these things alone that makes for the most unfair casino conditions, but a mix of things. Once you have examined all these elements of the terms and conditions of an operator, you will have a more clear picture of how fair or unfair they are and will be able to cast your final vote.

The Voting Process

To show our appreciation for your participation in the voting process, we at Esports-Betting will award you five Points every time you cast a vote in the new category. Vote for every category and earn many points. And don’t worry, if you need to change your vote, you can do it at any time, without receiving additional Points. Your vote will go a long way to determining the Most Unfair Casino Conditions of 2022 award winner.

Most Unfair Casino Conditions

Since we want to find the casino that offers the most unfair conditions overall, we want you to take all of these things under advisement before you cast your vote. Once you have an idea which casino offers the most unfair conditions and most unfair casino bonus, cast your vote, and we will award you with 5 Points and our deepest gratitude.

Casino Terms And Conditions Summary

When you just sign up with a casino, they will always ask you if you agree to their Terms and Conditions, but they don’t really make you read them. You can simply tick a box and move on. However, the Casino Terms and Conditions contain all the little details about your future account and a meticulous player will at least take a look and search for the most important rules.
Most unfair casino conditions.


Most Unfair Casino Conditions Review

Very important to read the casino terms and conditions


Some of the conditions you will find in these terms and conditions include the rules about how much money you can cash out, what you have to do before your welcome bonus can be cashed out, what kind of payment methods you can use and what particular games you can or cannot play for the purposes of various promotions. Of course, we don’t mind casinos having terms and conditions, we only mind when these conditions are utterly unfair.

The biggest concern here is usually the bonuses as some casinos simply offer very unfair bonus conditions. To help you find the most unfair casino bonus, check out our Casino Bonus Comparison page, where you can list many bonuses and get a general idea of what they might offer.


Things To Keep In Mind When Voting

  • Cast your votes for the Most Unfair Casino Conditions of 2024
  • Receive your 5 community Points
  • Check who is in the lead throughout the year
  • Change your votes when needed
  • Find out who will take the unpleasant award

At the end of the year, when the best of casinos are awarded their seals, one casino operator will be dubbed the Most Unfair out there and will claim the Most Unfair Casino Conditions of 2024 award. Make sure you help us determine which casino that is and receive your five Points but also remember to help us find the best casino of 2024.