Bingo Strategies

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If you’ve mentioned online bingo strategies to one of your more skeptic friends, they would give you that look which subtly says: “are you feeling fine today; it must be the heat.” Because everybody knows that bingo is the game of luck. It is the game where winners are decided by a randomly drawn balls with numbers, so what kind of a strategy could one possibly employ?

On the surface, this logic does make sense. What kind of bingo strategies could be utilized to help someone win more often if everything that happens in a bingo hall, virtual or real one, is completely random and ruled by chance? It may be true that a person cannot do anything about how the balls come out and there is no way to pick that winning card ahead of time, there are still tips & tricks that can be used to help players win more often and increase their take.

  • Bingo strategies are the real thing, despite the fact that the game heavily relies on luck
  • Understanding how bingo works is the key to figuring out how to properly apply different strategies
  • Play as many cards strategy will give you an advantage over the competition, provided you have a decent idea about other players’ gaming habits
  • Taking full advantage of various bingo bonuses will give you more room to play
  • Bingo money management is very important strategy, despite the fact online bingo is among the cheapest available casino games on average

Bingo Strategies

Understanding the Game is the Key

Before one can even start to consider employing one of a few working online bingo strategies, it is crucial to understand how the game really operates. Bingo is not played against the casino. The casino, or the house, takes in its cut regardless of what players do, so it is all the same to them who wins and who losses.

You real opponents are other players. You are competing against them to make that winning bingo pattern or fill up your card before they do. Thus, most bingo strategies focus on the ways to get across that finish line before the others and properly manage your bingo money by playing only in games you can afford and taking advantage of different bonus offers.

Play as Many Bingo Cards

Boosting Your Odds

One of the bingo strategies we’ve covered in detail is the strategy we call “play as many cards.” The basic principle of this system revolves around this idea of getting to the finish line before others more often, thus winning more prizes than them. Of course, it is not as simple as buying a load of cards every time and hope to win. In fact, if you would just do that, you would be going against the essence on the game and would surely end up a loser.

The play as many cards strategy involves some fine tuning and calculations to figure out just how many cards you can buy and still have a positive expectation. The calculation involves figuring out how often you stand to win by buying an X amount of cards in a certain game as well as how big is the prize in relation to the price of one card.

Generally speaking, this strategy will only work in games with added prize funds. It is not at all uncommon for online casinos and bingo rooms to create promotional games in which they add some money on top of the regular prizes. When you take part in these games, this is the time to use this strategy and figure out how many cards you can afford to buy while still expecting to win a certain amount of money on average.
The only caveat with this strategy is that not many rooms will let you see how many cards are in play. They will probably notify you about a number of players in any particular game, but not how many cards were bought per player. Without this information, this strategy bases itself on instinct and previous experience, neither of which are an exact science.

Lacking this info, the play as many cards strategy should be used in moderation and only in games where the added prize amount warrants the risk. If you figure that not many players will buy more than two cards and there is a nice added bonus by the house, you can do some math and buy a few extra cards to boost your chances.
To find some of the best operators offering bingo games with extra prizes, check out our online casino comparison and see if you can find your new favourite bingo online room.

Bingo Bonus Hunting

Free Money Is Always Good

In the world of online gambling, free money offers are nearly always welcome: having some free money awarded by the casino feels great and lets you play with far less stress and, obviously, much more cash. That’s why bingo bonus hunting is probably the best bingo strategy that anyone can come up with.

The fact of the matter is, online casinos these days are very generous with bonuses for their bingo players. Whether the reason for this is that they want to attract some fresh blood or something else is quite irrelevant for this strategy. The important part is: the free money is there and it is ripe for the taking.

Talking about bingo bonuses, there are usually two types:

  • No deposit bonuses, i.e. free money, and
  • Deposit bonuses, are awarded after a player deposit their own money.

Both of these bonus types can be used successfully by players employing a bingo bonus hunting strategy. The important part is finding good bonus offers which are not too hard to play through and still boost your bankroll by a decent margin. Like with any casino bonuses, this can be a bit of a process, but if you take some time and do some thinking, you will find the bonus that is just right for you.

For some useful tips & tricks on this matter, check out our casino bonus comparison and see how different bonuses stack up against each other. Seeing them all in one place should give you a better idea about what things to look for what things to avoid at all costs.

Bingo Money Management

Playing Responsibly is Important

You may have noticed that money (or bankroll) management is a part of all casino strategies in one way or another. That’s because even with a relatively cheap game like online bingo, people can get carried away and spend way more money than they initially planned.

All bingo strategies will not help a player if they don’t have a good bingo money management strategy. Of course, this does not apply if you have plenty of funds available and play online bingo for fun. However, for most of us, it is important to stay in control of our playing habits and never play with money that we can’t afford to lose.

The amount that can potentially be lost playing bingo may seem trivial to some, but for some others, these are not negligible numbers at all. That’s why it is a good idea to always take the maximum advantage of various casino promotions and limit your liability. If you are being offered some free money, why would you turn it down? Bingo playthrough requirements are usually not that big of a deal and, even if they were, most players play primarily to have fun.

You can have the same amount of fun playing with your own or with the casino’s money, so whenever possible, you should pick the latter option. Not only that you will feel more relaxed playing but you will also be investing someone else’s money, which always feels great, especially when it is the casino’s money on the line!


You Can Really Improve Your Bingo Odds

Online bingo strategies are not a myth: they are real, they exist, and you are free to use them as you like. Perhaps they are somewhat different than strategies suggested for other casino games, but that’s because bingo is significantly different than those other games.

By playing with more cards than other players in the game, taking full advantage of casino bonuses, and always sticking to well thought-out bankroll management, you will significantly increase your odds of winning and make sure your bingo money lasts longer, providing you with more fun and excitement.

On top of all this, proper application of bingo strategies will help reduce frustrations and help you feel better every time you play, which is an added bonus to the whole story. Not only that you will win more often but you will also enjoy the games much more profoundly.