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Our casino bonus comparison is probably one of the most important parts of This is not because other site sections are not valuable as well, but more because casino bonuses are heart and soul of online gambling. Although online bingo is significantly different than most casino games out there, players are still on the lookout for free money wherever they can get it. The bingo bonus hunting strategy, not unlike slots bonus hunting system is one of the best and most reliable ways to turn the tables and significantly increase your odds of winning.

Bingo bonuses are a bit different than bonuses awarded for other games, so new players might be a bit confused by rules and stipulations. For that reason, this article will also touch upon how these bonuses work, what are their playthrough requirements like, and more.

Bingo Bonus Hunting Strategy in a Nutshell

  • Casinos often offer very generous bonuses to attract new players.
  • Bonuses are divided into two large groups: no deposit & deposit offers
  • This strategy relies on finding the best bonus offers and taking full advantage of them
  • To recognize a good bonus, look beyond the sheer amount: focus on a playthrough, whether the bonus can be withdrawn, etc.
  • Use this system in conjunction with other bingo strategies to give yourself the best odds of winning.

Additional Strategies


Strategy Basics of the Bingo Bonus Hunting Strategy

Bingo Bonus Hunting Strategy: Adding Free Money

When it comes to bingo bonus hunting system, the important thing to understand is that there are two main types of bonuses:

  • Free (no deposit) offers
  • Deposit bonuses

While no deposit bonuses are also available in other online casino branches, the offers have become increasingly smaller and less available over time. With online bingo, however, free money offers are much more common because casinos are keen on attracting new players. The reason for this is quite simple and transparent: bingo does not enjoy the same popularity like some other available games, like online blackjack for example. Hence, operators need to incentivize players to give the game a chance and, hopefully, stick around. Deposit bonuses are pretty much the same, either awarding players immediately after they’ve deposited or after they played a certain number of bingo games. Either way, these are designed to get players to invest some money and start playing.

Bingo Bonus Hunting Strategy Basics: Finding the Value

The most important thing about casino bonuses is finding good value. In this day and age, there are so many operators out there that you should not be strapped for all sorts of offers. This is both a blessing and a curse, as players are often not certain what to choose. That’s why we are offering you some tips & tricks to help you in the proper application of the bingo bonus hunting strategy.

First and foremost, find a bonus that will give a nice, meaningful boost to your bankroll. When it comes to online bingo, it is not unheard of for players to receive a 500%+ match bonuses on their deposits. That means that a single deposit of £10 could give you £50+ to play with. Hence, this system can be used nicely together with play as many cards strategy, as your bankroll will experience a significant boost. Most online casino players are familiar with a term playthrough requirements.

This term is closely connected to bonuses and represents a number of times the bonus amount needs to be wagered before the casino will allow a withdrawal. With online bingo, these requirements are usually much lower than for online casino bonuses, ranging between 2x and 5x. It goes without saying that lower is better. Another thing to note is that bingo bonuses are usually for playing purposes only. This means that most bonuses will be deducted once you make a withdrawal and you will be left with just your winnings. Hence, if you find a casino that offers a cashable bonus, you struck gold and should almost definitely take them for a spin.


Bingo Bonus Hunting Strategy

Explained by Example

To further elaborate on tips from the paragraphs above, let us consider an actual example and see how it all works. We will use William Hill Bingo welcome offer as the model. The casino offers all new bingo players £50 after they deposit and play through £10 (win or lose). So, this is effectively a 500% bonus, but it is not awarded immediately after the deposit but rather after a player has placed at least some bets. This is a cashable bonus, which means you will be able to cash out the full amount as soon as playthrough requirements are met. The playthrough is divided as follows:

    £40 bingo bonus – the amount needs to use two times for buying bingo cards (£80 worth of bingo cards). The bonus can’t be used for any other games.
    £10 all games bonus – this amount can be used on nearly all William Hill Casino games and needs to be played through twenty times.

This is a great offer for bingo players as it will give them a lot of free cash to use and buy bingo tickets – paired with our buy as many cards as you can strategy, it could be a winning strategy. It also illustrates the application of bingo bonus hunting strategy perfectly. Find the casino that offers great value and takes advantage of the offer – it will be well worth it.


  • Find a great online bingo bonus to take advantage of.
  • Deposit the maximum needed to claim the full bonus
  • Figure out the requirements and try to meet them to release your funds
  • Whenever possible, look for a cashable bonus that doesn’t expire upon withdrawal
  • Manage your bankroll and bonuses well

Pros & Cons of the Bingo Bonus Hunting System

Advantages of bingo bonus hunting system are pretty much self-explanatory. A casino will give you free money to play with — maybe to use alongside our jackpot strategy — be it a deposit or no deposit bonus, and your only job is to play the game you already love before they will let you cash out the money. This free money will not only give you more room to play but it will also enable you better execution of other bingo strategies and help you practice better bankroll management.

Thus, you will kill several proverbial birds with one stone. When it comes to disadvantages, they are pretty much the same regardless of what game is concerned. Accepting a bonus will restrict you from withdrawing your money and will sometimes dictate what you may and may not due while the bonus is active. Some players don’t like to be restricted with their playing choices, so this can seem rather unfavorable to them. Depending on specific rules, bonuses can sometimes restrict a number of cards you are allowed to buy — which can be mitigated by using this strategy —  for a single bingo round, which diminishes their usability in a strategic sense. All these factors come into play when making your decision.


  • More money to play with.
  • Ability to execute other bingo strategies better
  • Better & easier bankroll management


  • Players are often not allowed to withdraw while a bonus is active
  • Your game choices can be restricted by a bonus
  • Sometimes you will only be allowed to buy a certain number of cards for a single round

Chances and Risks

How Effective is Bingo Bonus Hunting?

For whom is that strategy suitable?

The bingo bonus hunting strategy is among the most effective strategies that exist for this game. Since it heavily relies on luck and there is really not much a player can do during the gameplay, finding good bonuses is a useful strategy for all players, regardless of how experienced they are. Novices will enjoy the fact they get to play much more for the same amount, while bingo experts will know how to take full advantage of these promotions and turn them into actual cash.


How high is the risk?

There are no real inherent risks connecting to using this system. You are simply taking advantage of casino promotional offers and boosting your bankroll. The only thing that is at risk is your initial deposit but that’s the price of participation. On the other hand, those who hate the idea of putting their own money on the line can check out our online casino comparison section and find places that offer some nice no deposit bonuses – removing the risk component completely.

Are wins guaranteed?

While this strategy cannot guarantee a win, it will certainly give you much more room and let you play quite a few extra games. Combined with other strategies and tips & tricks from this site, it should boost your odds significantly. In the world of online gambling, anything that gives you more money to use at the tables or, in this case, in bingo games, is usually an odds booster.


Is Bingo Bonus Hunting Strategy Worth It?

There is absolutely no doubt that locating good bonuses for online bingo will help you increase your chances of winning. Some tricks presented in this article should give you good clues as to what to be on the lookout for and how to recognize good offers. Even when the offer is not so great in terms of playthrough requirements or restrictions, it can still be a good idea as it will provide you with more games, which equates to more fun. Since bingo players are primarily involved with the game because of the fun element, almost all free money offers are a positive-expectation propositions; some are just better than the others.