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As a rule, online bingo is not a game designed for players seeking a big win. It is a casual game designed for players to pass some time, enjoy the thrill, and socialize along the way. Unlike most other casino games, bingo is more about the experience than about winning. However, there is an exception to every rule. Quite a few casinos out there offer bingo games where there is a progressive jackpot on the line. Not unlike progressive slots, this jackpot is accumulated over time and it keeps getting bigger until someone finally gets lucky enough to claim it. Jackpot hunting strategy is a legitimate way to enjoy bingo games, although it increases the variance quite a bit and can be quite frustrating. Nonetheless, some players will undoubtedly enjoy this approach.

Jackpot Hunting Strategy Step by Step

  • Bingo jackpots have been created for players looking to score a big win on a normally low-paying game.
  • The key to the system is finding a good online casino offering a big jackpot.
  • Make sure to carefully read all the rules prior to starting your bingo jackpot adventure.
  • Don’t let the possibility of a big win cloud your judgment: always stay focused and in control.

Strategy Basics of the Bingo Jackpot Hunting Strategy

Jackpot Hunting Strategy: How to Score Big Playing Bingo

Most bingo games offer relatively modest win possibilities. The game was simply not designed with some high rollers in mind, walking in and buying £500 bingo cards. That spirit mostly transferred online, but with some tweaks to the original idea. The introduction of bingo jackpots went in line with similar offers found in other games. Casinos are aware that, to attract an as wide audience as possible, they need to make the game interesting and appealing in many different aspects. Traditional bingo, no doubt, has its loyal customer base, but to expand beyond these limits, operators need to offer more. Some casino players only get excited about the possibility of a big win and that automatically meant they would never stumble in the online bingo arena. Solution: jackpot bingo games!

Jackpot Hunting Strategy Basics: How to Start

The very first step required to start applying the jackpot hunting system is locating an operator that offers jackpot games. You can always check out our online casino comparison section to see if there are any particularly interesting casinos with such offers. After a bit of searching, any player dedicated to finding these types of games will find what they are looking for. Bingo jackpots are usually not nearly as high as in other casino games, but they can still be anywhere between £2.000 and £20.000. The particular amount that tickles one’s imagination will vary from player to player. Some will be happy with the possibility of winning a few grand, while others will only want to go for the biggest payouts out there. Once you’ve located the casino or a bingo site that offers a type of jackpot you like, it is time to sign up and create your account. Make sure to fill in all the fields correctly because if you do happen to win big, you can be certain that your account will need to be fully verified prior to withdrawal. You should also carefully read all terms and conditions. If you are going after a jackpot, you want to know the exact rules pertaining to such games: can free bonuses to be used, are you allowed to use deposit bonus funds, are there any special limitations or restrictions to be aware of, etc. Once you get these details out of the way, you are ready to put the jackpot hunting strategy to the test.


Bingo Online With 6 Cards

Hunting Bingo Jackpots Online is Exciting!

Jackpot Hunting Strategy

Explained by Example

After you’ve picked your online venue, registered the account, and informed yourself about all the important rules, you can start hunting those jackpots down. Particular details of any jackpot can vary, but for the purposes of this example, we will try to make it simple. There is a 90 ball bingo game, offering a £10.000 jackpot if you make bingo before the twenty-first ball is announced. Since every card contains fifteen numbers, this means you will only be allowed a few misses before the chance is gone for that particular game. The choice is yours: you can decide to utilize the play as many cards strategy to increase your odds of winning, but there is no way to guarantee that one of your cards will actually become the jackpot winner, regardless of how many you buy. However, if you do get lucky and manage to hit 15 numbers out of the first 20 balls, you will win the jackpot amount. Your heart could potentially sink a bit if you discover there is another winner who filled up his card at the same time, as you will have to split the prize with him. That said, £5.000 win is nothing to sneeze at, either. Remember to manage your bankroll when playing jackpot games as it’s easy to get carried away.


  • Locate a casino offering a generous progressive bingo jackpot.
  • Carefully read all the rules to make sure there is no reason that could get your winnings voided.
  • Join the game armed with patience: it can take quite a while.
  • If you manage to hit bingo in the required number of balls, you will pick up the jackpot.

Jackpot Hunting Strategy Advantages & Disadvantages

There aren’t that many tips we can share with you regarding the jackpot hunting system. You simply need to be patient and get lucky. While it may not seem so, this is the biggest advantage of this system. The possibility of winning big always has a special allure as it increases the enjoyment levels even if a player fails to ever make that big payday. There is nothing wrong with having fun and going for a big score: the two are not mutually exclusive. Players who enjoy bingo already and are familiar with some other bingo strategies will be happy to take part in these games at least occasionally. The allure and excitement are simply too big to pass on. Of course, this strategy does have some downsides as well. First of all, it can be quite frustrating and cost you quite a bit of money, at least in terms of online bingo. Furthermore, participation in these types of games is never really free of charge. Apart the amount you pay for the bingo card is removed from the prize pool and added to the progressive pool. Hence, you will be sacrificing some immediate potential prizes in exchange for the possibility of a big win.


  • Exciting and thrilling strategy, is certain to get your blood pumping.
  • Possibility of a big win in a game that usually plays for small money.
  • Fun, different approach to online bingo.


  • Jackpot Hunting can be a frustrating endeavour.
  • Chasing big win can cost you a lot of money without a significant return.
  • A part of the price you pay for a card is held for the progressive jackpot.


Chances and Risks

Jackpot Hunting Strategy Tested

For whom is that strategy suitable?

The jackpot hunting strategy is clearly geared towards more experienced players looking for bigger thrill than the one provided by usual bingo games. Novices can easily get lost in the world of big numbers and huge promises, going way too deep in their pockets to buy as many cards as possible in hopes of getting lucky. While even seasoned players are not immune to this, they will still have a much better control over their decisions and will be aware of how much they are willing to spend on a single round.


How high is the risk?

This system is a bit riskier than other suggestions and ideas found in the strategy and tips & tricks sections. It can take a while before a player finds that big jackpot and it is definitely more than possible for it to never happen. That will often cause excessive spending, frustration, and other connected things. This is why, once again, this strategy should only be used by players with a firm grip on reality who don’t get carried away easily.

Are wins guaranteed?

Of course, not even the best strategies, save for the blackjack card counting strategy, can make you a certain winner. The jackpot hunting system is even more specific as it is only concerned with long-shot, truly big wins. For those who do get lucky, it will work like a charm, but for others, it will be exactly the opposite of winning. This is definitely among the more volatile strategies which primarily rely on luck and a good run. Since there isn’t much a player can do to improve their odds of winning, save for buying more and more bingo cards, there are hardly any useful tips & tricks that can be shared for players chasing this dream. Just try to stay in control at all times or look for rooms with fewer players in or hunt the best bonuses.


Is Jackpot Hunting Strategy Bingo Worth It?

This particular system is clearly geared more towards players who simply don’t find the regular bingo thrilling enough. These players want to put their gambling hats on and go after the big win instead of trying different tricks to grind out a small profit. Since this system can be a bit expensive, players considering it should take a look at our casino bonus comparison. Here, you will find some great offers that can boost your bankroll and make your jackpot hunt much more enjoyable. Just make sure to read all special rules and requirements because the last thing you want is to have your jackpot win voided.


  • The jackpot hunting system is a great choice for players looking to add some thrill to old-fashioned bingo.
  • You can choose out of different Jackpots


  • When applied in conjunction with other strategies, this system can significantly boost your odds of winning
  • Since online bingo is primarily about fun, nearly all free money offers to add some kind of value
  • Locate casinos that offer jackpots big enough to get excited about.
  • Try to utilize different bingo strategies to increase your chances of winning.
  • Try to always stay in control and don’t go too deep into your pocket.