Trend Betting Strategy Roulette:

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  • Game: Roulette
  • Level: Normal
  • Strategy: Trend Betting
  • Our Rating: Good 8/10

The concept of trend betting as a legitimate strategy in Roulette betting is very popular and there are two basic sides to the trend betting strategy coin. On the one hand, we have the conventional way in which most players view trend betting strategy and that is to take advantage of a trend in Roulette numbers or colours and then bet on them with the aim of making a profit before the trend is over. The other method is a more reactive trend betting strategy that waits for something (a number, series or colour) that has not happened for a while and bets that it will come up next. Both types of trend betting systems have their good points and their bad points which should be considered before using either one.

Most important strategy facts about Roulette trend betting strategy

  • Trend betting in Roulette can follow two different paths
  • It is important to be able to spot a trend before it disappears to take advantage of it
  • Players can also predict when a trend might happen and place bets on that
  • Trend betting can be applied to outside bets, red or black, column bets and dozens
  • Trend betting can also accommodate a positive progression betting method within it

Trend betting strategy


The basic idea with trend betting is to either spot a trend as it is happening and, if you are quick enough, capitalize on it or make a profit. The other side of the coin in trend betting is to predict when a trend is about to happen and then bet accordingly. This is quite similar to some card counting tricks used in Blackjack where one tries to predict valuable cards in the deck.

The former requires experience and confidence that it is indeed a trend and then to act quickly before the trend passes, the latter requires a great deal of faith that a trend is about to happen and then begin to bet on it.

The idea that something that has not happened for a while will happen is not farfetched and is in fact a mathematical probability, we are dealing with numbers after all. The main problem with predictive trend betting is that we have no idea just how long it will be before the mathematical imbalance will correct itself.

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Roulette trend betting

Explained in examples

So we now understand that trend betting strategy relies on either being able to spot a trend as it is happening and seizing the moment, or predicting when a trend or ‘imbalance’ will correct itself and then betting accordingly. We also know that this potentially could happen quickly, in which case we stand to make a fast profit, or it could take days or weeks, in which case we could potentially lose everything!

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For our example we will focus on even odds betting and to make it easier, we will use the popular red or black even money bet. The idea behind trend betting is that one side will hit more often than the other side and that, sooner or later, this will have to even out. This is the essence of predictive trend betting.

To begin one has to track the results of at least 18 spins to see how the results of each spin are coming through. If either colour dips below 40% during the spins we can predict that it will be due to come up again. If for example red only comes up 6 times out of the 18 spins when 9 would have been even, we can then expect that red will even out further along in the cycle. We can then either start to bet on red and wait it out or we can wait for the first red to strike and then begin betting on red, hoping that it is a trend.

While this video isn’t specifically about trend betting, it is fun to watch someone make a bet on a single colour in Roulette:


  • Analyze the next group of 18 spins and concentrate on even money bets
  • Determine which colour, red or black, comes up more in percentage
  • If one colour comes up more and the other less, we can predict a shift or rebalance in the trend
  • We can either decide to start betting on the colour with the lower percentage of hits
  • Or we can wait until the lower percentage colour hits and then start betting on it

Advantages and disadvantages

of Roulette trend betting

Trend betting has a few advantages as well as some disadvantages. On the plus side, the system is easy to learn and to adapt to a real money roulette game, similar to a basic positive progression system like the Martingale betting strategy. The trend betting strategy works with even money bets or outside bets so there is less risk of making huge bets at a time unless you are chasing a trend that is taking very long to turn.

This is where one of the major disadvantages comes in as there is no sure way to know when an imbalance in either red or black, depending on which one is the one in an imbalance, decides to correct itself. Chasing a trend in the hopes that it kicks in sooner rather than later is very risky and could cost you your entire bankroll. The other disadvantage is that being able to spot a trend early enough takes experience and being able to go with it as a trend bet takes confidence, neither of which is characteristic of novice players.

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Trend betting roulette analysis and tactics


  • Easy to learn and easy to implement in a real game
  • Uses even money or outside bets including red/black/dozens/columns
  • Predicting or spotting a trend could potentially make a big profit


  • Being able to spot a trend and bet on it in time to make a decent profit takes experience
  • Maybe too advanced for beginners to use with confidence
  • Chasing a possible trend is risky and can end up costing a lot in bankroll

Chances and risks

with Roulette trend betting strategy

The Roulette trend betting strategy can be potentially very profitable but it also comes with a number of drawbacks and risks. This makes the system not suitable for all players and we can go into greater detail regarding the chances and risks related to the Roulette trend betting strategy by answering three simple questions.

Who is Roulette’s trend betting strategy suitable for?

On the surface the Roulette trend betting strategy appears to be well-suited to all levels of Roulette player and even novice Roulette players can learn and implement the betting system with ease. One of the main reasons for this is that the Roulette trend betting strategy uses outside bets of either black or red or columns and dozens, all of which are recommended to beginners to start with when betting in Roulette. Certain aspects of Roulette trend betting strategy however make it not suitable for novice players as it takes experience and confidence to be able to predict a trend and bet on it.

How high is the risk?

Roulette trend betting strategy is fairly risky on one level and less risky on another. This is because, on the one hand, the Roulette trend betting strategy is applied to outside bets. Outside bets in Roulette pay what is known as even money or 1:1 which is far less risky than inside Roulette bets would be. The risk, however, does start to increase even within the relative safety of outside betting, when players begin to chase trends that haven’t happened yet without knowing when the trend will eventually hit. Some trends have been known to hit quite quickly while others can take a very long time. This could seriously damage your bankroll or even put you out of the game altogether.

Are winnings guaranteed?

Winnings are not guaranteed for the most part as it can be quite tricky to predict when a trend may strike or while a trend is happening, be able to jump on it and make a significant profit off of it. Winnings can be had if one manages to successfully catch a trend at the beginning stages or is lucky enough to predict a trend that pays off in sooner rather than later. Miss the trend or chase a trend for too long and any winnings will be far from guaranteed.


Is the Roulette trend betting system worth it?

It is difficult to say for certain whether the Roulette trend betting strategy is worth it. On one hand, it can be worth it if you know how to spot the trend or are lucky enough to catch one as it hits. It is also worth having a go if you are already betting extensively on the outside of the Roulette table. The trend betting system can be quite unpredictable though and can also be potentially ruinous to your bankroll. Check out our great tips and tricks when net you decide to give the Roulette trend betting strategy a go.


  • If you’re in a trend you can generate huge profits
  • You have to act quickly before a trend stops
  • Not all aspects of this strategy are suitable for beginners


  • Stick to even money bets
  • Play either red and black or odds and evens
  • You can also play columns and dozens if you like
  • Find great online Roulette games that offer free practice rounds with an online casino comparison search
  • Incorporate trend betting with other positive progression strategy principles used in Roulette as well as Blackjack for enhanced results
  • Do an online casino bonus comparison for the best welcome bonus for playing online Roulette