China LPL Predictions Sunday/Monday Matches

Moving into the third week of the LPL, we have seen an array of teams failing to make any progress despite roster overhauls, surprise us with unexpected upturns in performance and slow starts for some top / promising teams.


Rogue warriors vs. Victory Five

Rogue Warriors’ complete roster overhaul with the exception of Haro has failed to bring any success, the team currently down 1-3. Victory Five on the other hand have managed to retain some of their 2020 lineup, allowing for existing synergy to propel them amongst the upper end of the leader boards, up 2-1. Given Rogue Warrior have a slightly weaker individual lineup and were newly stringed together, Victory Five have a significant advantage.

Prediction: Rogue Warriors 34% l Victory Five 66%

LNG Esports vs. World Elite

LNG Esports are performing significantly better compared to their run in 2020 where they finished in the bottom echelons. The team is currently undefeated, standing 2-0. This is largely accredited to the team managing to sign star jungler Tarzan. World Elite had subpar performance throughout 2020, hovering around as a mid-tier team. However, they finished the year strong, placing second in the Demecia Cup, only behind Top Esports. World Elite have carried their strength through, currently 4-0, even defeating Invictus Gaming. While both teams may be on an upturn, Invictus Gaming looks especially stronger given the roster’s proven success and win against top team, IG.

Predictions: LNG Esports 32% l World Elite 68%


Edward Gaming vs. ThunderTalk Gaming

Many had considered Edward Gaming to have lost their former glory having failed to compete against top teams in the LPL throughout 2019 and 2020. However in a surprising twist of events, their decision to sign two Korean imports many also consider past their prime, Gori and Viper, has paid off. Edward Gaming are now trailing the leader board with an undefeated record of 4-0. ThunderTalk Gaming, formerly Dominus Esports, rebranded in September of 2020. However, following a last flash finish the in Demacia Cup, the team replaced more than half their roster. Unfortunately, this sudden change has failed to turn their performance around, the team currently down 0-3.

Prediction: Edward Gaming 92% l ThunderTalk Gaming 8%

JD Gaming vs. Rare Atom

Despite JD Gaming being one of the top two teams in the LPL in 2020 and retaining their former lineup, JD Gaming has begun 2021 with a rocky start. While the team may have won the 2020 Spring playoffs and finished second in the Summer playoffs, they are currently 1-2 due to losses against Invictus Gaming and Edward Gaming. Vici Gaming rebranded to Rare Atom earlier in the month. Similarly, the lineup may have won the NEST 2020 and placed top 4 in the 2020 Demacia Cup, but are still down 1-2 on the scoreboard. Both teams have a good chance heading into the match, however, JD Gaming look slightly stronger and were mainly set back early not due to them being weak, but their opponents being too strong.

Prediction: JD Gaming 54% l Rare Atom 46%

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