ESEA Season 35 Europe Predictions

ESEA Season 35 Europe recently started. We believe that there is good money to be made in this competition as there are a lot of gaps between some of the teams competing. Below, you can find our picks for the upcoming ESEA Season 35 Europe so do not miss out.

HellRaisers vs Galaxy Racer

We believe that this is a big mismatch. In their last 5, HellRaisers defeated CR4ZY, forZe and Nexus. On the other hand, Galaxy Racer looked really bad in their last match against North. It seems like they are on a decline.

Since this is the best of 1 match, there is a lot of room for HellRaisers to work with. HellRaisers will definitely get a comfortable pick for themselves. If this match ends up on Dust 2, Vertigo or Train, we do not see HellRaisers losing this one.

Right now, both teams are on even money. This means that you can double your money easily. Everything in this match is pointing towards HellRaisers to beat Galaxy Racer. In their last two bouts, HellRaisers came out on top both times.

Prediction: HellRaisers to win
Betting Site:

Endpoint vs Sprout

There is no denying that Sprout is one of the best teams competing in this league. Luckily for them, they are playing against a team that does not have that much individual skill nor firepower to match them.

Sprout won 4 out of their last 5 matches while Endpoint only won 2 out of 5. It is also important to mention that Endpoint was on a receiving end of things against Sprout not even a week ago. They were left without a fighting chance and with 11 rounds over the course of two maps.

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Map pool wise, Sprout can ban two maps that they do not play. This leaves them with a deep map pool and a comfortable pick. The worst thing about this bet is that betting sites acknowledged Sprout as a big favorite hence why the odds they offer are not really that high. But still, this will be an easy win for the German CS:GO franchise.

Prediction: Sprout to win
Betting Site:  Betway

Nordavind vs Nexus

On paper, this match points to one team, that being Nexus. However, we do not believe that everything is that easy, especially not in this match. Nordavind is definitely not a bad team. They have quite a few hard hitters that are capable of winning a best of 1 match themselves.

On the other hand, Nexus is looking really good right now but we do not believe that their current form is realistic. When it comes to map pool, we simply have to side with Nordavind. If they can bring this match to Vertigo, Overpass or Nuke, they will have a strong chance of going all the way and winning this match.

At the time of writing, odds on Nordavind to beat Nexus are through the roof. Most betting sites believe that Nordavind is a big underdog in this one and the odds on them to beat Nexus are 2.30

Prediction: Nordavind to win
Betting Site: bet365

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