G2 Esports won LEC 2022 Spring Season

The three-month-long highest level League of Legends action is over. Europe’s biggest LoL league, LEC, has found its champion. The European powerhouse G2 Esports added another trophy to their storage with a flawless LEC 2022 Spring playoff run. Let’s dive into the details of this enormous achievement.

LEC 2022 Spring Regular Season

As we witnessed in previous years, G2 Esports didn’t start the season in their best version and disappointed esports betting fans. And its biggest reason was that the organization rebuilt its League of Legends roster. Keeping Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and Rasmus Borregaard “caPs” Winther, the line up brought rookies Victor “Flakked” Lirola and Raphaël “Targamas” Crabbé from EU Masters alongside LCS Champion Sergen “BrokenBlade” Çelik.

Joining G2 Esports always comes with huge expectations. It was the same for the new roster. Thanks to their young ages, the pressure was lower than it used to be, but still fans were expecting great achievements from them.

After the first four weeks, G2 was hanging in the middle of the standings with 5 victories and 4 losses. Considering they were a fresh squad, their record was acceptable at that time. Besides that, they were putting in convincing performances from time to time which was promising for the future.

G2 Esports won LEC 2022 Spring Season

As the season approached the end, G2’s performance remained shaky. However, they managed to take five triumphs in the last nine matches and qualified for the LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs. Before the playoff started, nobody expected G2 to win the event.

LEC 2022 Playoffs

The playoff run began as expected for G2, getting defeated against Fnatic with a 3-1. This result sent them to the lower-bracket. Their second matchup was against Team Vitality, who created a superteam in the off-season. Despite playing against a so-called super team, G2 Esports crushed their opponent with a 3-0 and advanced to the Round 3, surprising LoL betting followers.

After losing to Rogue, Misfits Gaming became the opponent of G2. People thought this was going to be a close series since Misfits gave hard times to their rival during the regular season. But, they were wrong. With three quick games, the European powerhouse defeated Misfits with another 3-0.

Following that, it was time for revenge for G2. The team faced Fnatic once more, but this time they were the better team. Unlike the first round of playoffs, G2 Esports destroyed their opponent in the semifinals and made it through the grand final.

G2 Esports won LEC 2022 Spring Season

In the grand final, group stage’s leader Rogue were waiting. But for G2, the opponent wouldn’t matter. BrokenBlade and his friends were determined to win the trophy and they did it. They upset Rogue in the final with outstanding shows and superb individuals, winning the LEC 2022 Spring Season.

With that result, G2 Esports earned a spot in MSI 2022 to represent the League of Legends European Championship along with an  €80,000 reward.

On the other hand, MSI 2022 is going to start on May 10. Featuring eleven champion teams across different regions, the tournament will end with the grand final that is set to begin on May 29.

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