LCS 2022 Summer Week 4 Results

After a two-week break that was given in Western leagues, LCS Summer 2022 is back for esports betting fans. With a total of 10 games played, the theme of the week was surprise results. Teams at the bottom of the league picked up unexpected wins and heated up the playoff race. Here are the matches and recaps of the week:

100 Thieves vs FlyQuest

The fourth week of LCS Summer 2022 started with a surprise result. Having only 3 victories, FlyQuest managed to win against 100 Thieves with the MVP performance of their jungler Josedeodo.

Dignitas vs Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses, at the top of the league with only one loss, started the week with a great result. Dignitas, who are at the bottom of the league with two wins, couldn’t stand up to their strong opponent and lost the win.

LCS 2022 Summer Week 4 Results

TSM vs Cloud9

The North American derby took the stage once again. However, this season’s matchup was more one-sided than in the past. TSM’s bad run continued in this match and Cloud9 were able to take down their archrival.

Immortals vs CLG

In a match where CLG were the heavy favorite on paper, Immortals put up a great fight. They obviously used the two-week break well. In a very close 33-minute long match, Immortals dominated the kill count, but CLG won the match.

Team Liquid vs Golden Guardians

Team Liquid continued their pursuit of the summit with a victory over Golden Guardians. The team controlled the match from start to finish, with mid laner Bjergsen being the most prominent player and helping his team.

FlyQuest vs TSM

Both teams faced an important battle to solidify their playoff hopes. A struggling TSM squad managed to take down FlyQuest against all odds of LoL betting and pick up their 3rd win in the league. They won the match with an unexpected dominance and Instinct was the standout player with a score of 8/0/6.

CLG vs 100 Thieves

100 Thieves had to make up for their loss on the first day of Week 4. As a matter of fact, they played the necessary game and managed to win against CLG. The duo of Abbedagge and FBI, the carriers of the team, played outstandingly and led their team to victory.

Evil Geniuses vs Team Liquid

LCS 2022 Summer Week 4 Results

Last season’s champions, Evil Geniuses, showed once again what a strong roster they have against Team Liquid. In a match that was crucial for the battle for first place, Danny put in a spectacular performance and gave EG the win.

Cloud9 vs Immortals

The teams at the bottom of the league had some surprising results this week. One of these results belonged to Immortals. The team, who had only 1 win until this match, got their second victory against Cloud9. In an up and down match, PowerOfEvil dominated the end of the match and got the win for his team.

Golden Guardians vs Dignitas

Golden Guardians and Dignitas faced off in the closing match of the week. GG, who are in the playoff race, struggled against their weak opponent but managed to win the match. Stixxay, the team’s marksman, led his teammates to their 4th win as a team.


LCS Summer 2022 will continue next week with week 5 matches.

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