LEC Summer 2022 Normal Season Has Ended

Another breathtaking LEC league has come to an end for esports betting. After a total of 8 weeks of play, the LEC Summer 2022 regular season came to an end after the tiebreaker matches. Each team played 18 games and 6 teams qualified for the playoffs. Although there were many different surprises throughout the year, Team Vitality’s loss of a huge advantage and consecutive losses to lose the right to advance to the next round was the most surprising event.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports was one of the teams that saw the highs and lows of the season. After a great start to the league, the European giant went into a major slump due to their problems and made sad the LoL betting fans. So much so that they almost missed out on a playoff spot due to the losses they suffered. Fortunately, the fear was not realized and all the players managed to recover. They went on a 5-game winning streak towards the end and finished the regular season in first place after seemingly being in dire straits.

MAD Lions

After back-to-back championships in 2021, MAD Lions couldn’t start the new season as they wanted. Despite losing 2 important players, they were able to replace them, but they couldn’t get the performance they wanted from the fresh blood and were out of the playoffs in the first season of the year. After that, they entered LEC Summer 2022 with a new mid lane. The change served them well and they managed to finish second in the league.


For the first time in seasons, we don’t see Rogue as the regular season winners. Despite having the same roster, the team has struggled at times this season. In particular, they lost crucial matches, which set them back. Despite their turbulent performance, they still won enough games and secured a playoff spot with 11 wins.

Misfits Gaming

Misfits Gaming’s performance over the past two seasons has been truly admirable. On paper, they may not be one of the best teams in the league, but the players have done a great job with the tasks they were given. In addition, they have also improved individually. As a result, they have made it to the playoffs for the last two seasons. Especially this season, despite a bad start, they had a very important winning streak and got themselves out of a difficult situation.


LEC Summer 2022 Normal Season Has Ended

Fnatic is one of the teams we are used to seeing at the top of the league. However, throughout the season, they struggled to reach the top tier. They finished second in the Spring with a newly formed roster, but narrowly made it to the next round in the Summer. Towards the middle of the season, they lost focus and it almost cost them more. Fortunately, wins in the final weeks saved them.


Excel was the only team that took LEC Summer 2022 by storm. While no one expected such a performance from them, Excel players sat at the top of the league for quite a long time with wins in the first weeks. However, as the league progressed and other teams found their form, they started to suffer defeats. Especially after the two-week break in the league, they had a hard time finding their tempo. Fortunately, they won the tiebreaker match against Vitality for sixth place and secured their spot in the playoffs.

LEC Summer 2022 will continue with playoffs starting on August 26th.

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