Meet the winner of European Masters 2022: Karmine Corp

French teams marked the European Masters 2022 Spring season. After the fiercely contested matches for esports betting, the winner of the tournament was announced. Karmine Corp, which has Rekkles in its squad, managed to lift the trophy for the third time in a row. Let’s take a look at the summary of the tournament.

What is European Masters

EU Masters is a semi-professional organization from Europe. European Regional League teams located in different parts of Europe are eligible to participate in the EU Masters to represent their country after the matches played in their own regions. Teams from different regions meet each other here and try to attract the attention of teams in major leagues such as LEC, LCS. This platform is the perfect arena for young players to reveal themselves and showcase their talents.

Meet the winner of European Masters 2022: Karmine Corp

European Masters 2022

European Masters 2022 was the 9th edition of this organization. The tournament started on April 4, with the Play-In stage featuring 16 teams from different regions. The teams here competed against each other to qualify for the main stage groups. Even if they couldn’t be champions in their own regions, organizations could find the chance to compete with teams from other regions here.

After 3 days of Play-In, 4 teams, including Karmine Corp, managed to qualify for the main groups. On April 14th, the Main Event, which everyone was eagerly waiting for, started. In the phase where a total of 16 teams took part, the teams were divided into groups of four according to their seeding and started to fight for LoL betting.

Each group was set to contain one team from each pool and no more than one respective regional team was found within a group. All matches were played in a best-of-one within a Double Round-Robin format. A total of 8 teams that finished their group in the first 2 places qualified for the playoffs.

Karmine Corp won European Masters for three times

Karmine Corp had settled into a relatively easy group. Competing in Group B, the team finished in the 1st place among X7 Esports, GamerLegion and Team Phantasma. It is known by everyone that the French League is stronger than other regional leagues and Karmine Corp has proven this once again.

Meet the winner of European Masters 2022: Karmine Corp

The first opponent of the French representative in the playoffs was Unicorns of Love from the German Local League PRM. Rekkles and his friends took the next step by beating their opponents 3-1 in the series where they seem to be the favorites. The team in the next round was Vitality.Bee, whom they knew well and was in the LFL.

Vitality.Bee had been here with a solid performance since the Play-In stage and they gave Karmine Corp a hard time. However, the champion team won the series 3-2, albeit with difficulty, and faced LDLC in the final.

LDLC was the champion of the LFL league, which included Karmine Corp. The team that had a great season was the favorite of the grand finale. Unfortunately, the expected didn’t occur. Karmine Corp had the series with a great start by surprising everyone. Later, it managed to spoil all the plans of its opponent. LDLC, who was not ready for these defeats morally and mentally, lost control of the series. And in the end Karmine won the series 3-1 to get a well-deserved victory.

However, Karmine Corp won €40,000 of the €150,000 prize pool.

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