Method Partners with Adamas Esports for Maximum Raids

It seems like just yesterday that the most recent expansion of WoW was released – the incredibly successful and popular Shadowlands raids surprised quite a few lapsed players by being particularly fun. Naturally, players raced for the illustrious ‘first’ accomplishments – that is to say, the RWF or Race to First competitions that are held unofficially whenever new raids go live.

It takes a lot to achieve that – teamwork, skill, a bit of luck, and of course peak performance across quite some time. Well, some teams have decided that working together is better than working against each other, which is how Method, one of the better-known WoW guilds, is partnering with Adamas esports for the next set of raids – Chains of Domination.

The partnership

Throughout the partnership, Adamas will provide consulting services to the guild, giving them advice on mental performance, sports psychology, and lifestyle optimization as well as leadership development training. What does all that have to do with playing WoW? Well…

“We are thrilled to partner with Adamas Esports to enhance the Guild’s performance and look after the wellbeing of our World of Warcraft raiding team,” said Joel Holmes-Darby, the General Manager of Method. “Wellbeing is one of Method’s core values and why it’s so important that our Guild maintains a healthy approach to hardcore raiding while striving for peak performance. With coaching from Adamas, our raiders will learn how to maximise their own performance levels and maintain their personal wellbeing, creating a supportive team environment where we can all achieve our progress raiding targets.”


Method is aiming for a top three finish (or ideally a win) in the RWF competition for Chains of Domination. Indeed, their odds are pretty solid – since their founding in 2005, the WoW guild has achieved quite a number of remarkable feats in WoW, and has long since progressed past being ‘just’ a guild, and into an inclusive ecosystem consisting of gamers from all sorts of backgrounds.

Adamas esports is actually the younger organization here – founded in 2018, they specialize in precisely the services they are now offering Method – performance coaching, sports psychology and exercise science. They aren’t limited to WoW either – they’ve assisted in an advisory capacity teams playing LoL, CoD, Overwatch and more.

Fans of the unofficial RWF matches reacted positively on social media.

WoW esports

All that’s left now is to wait for Chains of Domination to drop – which, sadly, won’t be for a little while still. Alongside this competition, which sadly still lacks the official support it deserves, are more official events – the MDI and AWC being the most important parts. WoW isn’t particularly known for its esports side, yet has plenty of competitive minds taking part in the esports events on offer.

Where there aren’t any, fans create their own, like with the RWF. Of course, sometimes Blizzard also throws its fans a bone – such is the case with the upcoming Great Push, a one-off competitive dungeon tournament, taking place in May this year. Official or unofficial, one thing is clear – WoW fans are going to be busy this year!

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