MSI 2022 Rumble Stage Has Ended

League of Legends’ first international event in 2022, MSI 2022, is coming to an end. After the Group Stage matches, the Rumble Stage was followed by the LoL betting fans with great interest. The stage in which the best 6 teams of the tournament competed has come to an end and the 4 teams that have made it to the playoffs have been determined.

With the Group Stage finished, China’s Royal Never Give Up, South Korea’s T1, Europe’s G2 Esports, North America’s Evil Geniuses, Hong Kong’s PSG Talon and lastly Vietnam’s Saigon Buffalo managed to qualify for the Rumble Stage. These 6 teams competed with each other at the last stage where the Double Round-Robin format was valid.

Rumble Stage has witnessed multiple events. While all the teams met with losses, the performances were also unstable. G2 Esports started this stage brilliantly, then was about to be eliminated with 5 consecutive losses, but managed to move on to the next stage thanks to other results in the group. On the other hand, T1, which is the favorite of the tournament, lost more matches than expected, causing the fans to doubt.

The PSG Talon did well and once again earned esports betting followers respect. The Hong Kong team had played strong in international tournaments before. Here, they continued their tradition from time to time, but this was not enough.

Royal Never Give Up

RNG, which is seen as the biggest favorite after the South Korean team T1, is secretly walking towards the trophy. While all competitors stumble, the Chinese representative continues to take victories with sure steps. After ending the Group Stage without a loss, the team was defeated only once by T1 and G2 Esports in the Rumble Stage, receiving a total of two losses.

MSI 2022 Rumble Stage Has Ended


Faker and his friends once again managed to make their mark in the playoffs. After passing the group stage unscathed, the team stumbled a bit on the Rumble Stage. They took losses against G2 Esports, RNG and Evil Geniuses and it was a bad performance for them. But they still managed to tidy up and moved on to the next stage.

Evil Geniuses

MSI 2022 Rumble Stage Has Ended

The North American team, which came here with a young roster, continued to increase its performance as the tournament went on. The players that participated in their first global tournament gained more self-confidence, which helped them improve their game. Although EG played a better game than the group stage, they are not strong enough to beat RNG.

G2 Esports

It remains unclear what G2 Esports will do. One day they play like the best team in the world, the next day like the worst. Although they started the Rumble Stage with 5 wins in a row, they were almost eliminated following 5 losses. It is unpredictable what mode the G2 will be in. However, they will definitely give a good fight against T1.

MSI 2022 Playoffs will start on May 27.

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