OpTic Gaming Become the Champion of VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavík

VALORANT’s first LAN international tournament in 2022 has come to an end. After the action-packed competition throughout the event, VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 Masters Reykjavík found its champion. At the end, North American representative OpTic Gaming lifted the trophy, made esports betting followers happy and brought the prize home.

The clash of 12 champions from different regions of the world has come to an end. The organization, which was held between 10-24 April, started with two groups consisting of 4 teams each. A total of 4 teams, DRX, ZETA DIVISION, Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming, from the groups adjusted according to the seeds of the regions, managed to make it to the playoffs.

OpTic Gaming Become the Champion of VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavík

In the playoffs, the champions of four regions, EMEA, North America, APAC and Brazil, faced the teams that managed to get out of the group stage. In addition, the double-elimination system was implemented in the knockout stage. Thus, the teams that lost 1 were able continue their adventure from the lower-bracket. Besides that, this system offered more games for VALORANT betting.

From Bad Start to Great Ending in Masters Reykjavík

OpTic, who made a bad start to the tournament, became a completely different team in the playoff phase. First, they beat another North American organization, The Guard, 2-1 in the first round. Later, with the same score, they sent the Korean team DRX to the lower-bracket. In the upper-bracket final, they took their first blow, losing 2-1 to LOUD and relegated to the lower stage.

The defeat they received was a blow that recovered OpTic. In the lower stage, they convincingly defeated the Japanese  ZETA DIVISION 3-0 and faced LOUD again in the grand final. The favorite team in the Grand Final was the Brazilian representative. Many thought they could win the championship this year. But it didn’t happen.

From the beginning of the series, OpTic Gaming showed that they prepared very well for this challenge. They made a great start to all the games and they managed to spread the momentum they got from there to the whole game.

OpTic Gaming Become the Champion of VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavík

OpTic, which outperforms their rivals both tactically and personally, managed to take the stage in clutch moments as well. When all these factors combined, victory was inevitable. Although all the games were very close and two of them went to overtime, the North American based team survived the most critical moments. And they became the champion of VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavík by winning the series 3-0.

On the other hand, the event’s prize pool was $675,000 and OpTic earned $200,000 from it. LOUD $120,000, ZETA DIVISION $85,000, and Paper Rex took fourth place with $65,000. Other participating teams received a certain amount from the prize pool.

In addition to the prize money, the teams also earned Circuit Points. These points will be vital for their participation in the VALORANT Champions 2022 tournament, which will be held at the end of the year. OpTic got the highest score with 750, while Fnatic and KRU Esports, who bid early farewell to Masters Reykjavík early, were content with 125 points.

After the end of VALORANT’s first international event in 2022, the teams will take a short break and will start Stage 2 matches right after.

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