Rekkles departs G2, team holds tryouts for replacement

G2 League of Legends star and AD carry Rekkles won’t be returning to G2 next season. Sources close to him disclosed that he won’t be coming back – and G2 is in the middle of selling Rekkles’ contract. It ends in November 2023, and G2 has already been preparing their staff and players for his leave, slowly informing the League squad and everyone else involved in the process.

While the exact reason for his leave is unknown, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise – the relationship between G2 and Rekkles was strained to say the least after their most recent season. Not only did the team fail to even qualify for the World Championship (a first since their initial qualification) but they also pulled Rekkles participation in the WC event at the last minute. Originally invited as a special guest to the group draw show in September, he was pulled out by G2 because of some failed negotiations. Instead of him, jungler Jankos, another huge League talent took his place in the event.

The qualification especially was a tough blow – ever since G2 first participated in the World Championship, they have qualified for a spot, and usually done quite well too – 2021 was a pretty huge shock for fans, as they failed to qualify this time around.

Rekkles departs G2

Rekkles’ future


While it hasn’t been confirmed as such, it seems fairly obvious that G2 and him are parting on bad terms, and his future in pro-League is a little uncertain. According to covert sources, Team Vitality expressed interest in the ADC star, but nothing has been confirmed. G2 is now open to discussions about transferring Rekkles. This could even mean him moving to the Chinese pro League. A source hinted at the fact that there is interest in this on both sides.

As for G2, they are holding extensive tryouts featuring several well-known names from Europe to replace their soon-to-be lost player. No replacement has been chosen, however rumors of a major restructure in the League team are going strong. Rekkles only transferred over from Fnatic in November last year, so his imminent departure is likely to shake up existing plans.

Rekkles departs G2

G2’s future

Top laner Wunder, support Mikyx and head coach Grabbz are also rumored to be leaving – so then G2 will have to rebuild around a skeleton crew of only mid-laner Caps and jungler Jankos. No doubt they’ll have plenty of available talent to choose from – and they’ll need it. Their 2021 performance didn’t so much as give them an LEC split win in either of the two events… so if the German team wants to keep their position as a top League team in Europe, they’ll have to work hard to avoid another season like this one.

Meanwhile Rekkles may or may not also do better with another team – his stellar record and history with other top teams was what earned him his spot in G2 in the first place. No doubt he too will be able to find another top team spot to play in – assuming he doesn’t choose to retire. As of right now, he has not discounted any potential option, including retirement.

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