RLCS Season X Betting – The Grid and Europe Regional Events

The Rocket League season X Grid and Europe regional events are grinding towards their close, with some of the most exciting action seen in the game. The Grid is nearly wrapping up, so we’ll soon see which players have the odds to make it over to the major from these rankings. That’s with the RLCS X Europe event coming up in only a few days’ time. These are huge events for RLCS Season X betting, and there’s some clear favorites already.

If you’re looking at Rocket League betting, then these events are going to be fun. The Europe region is just about finishing off with its grid event. The odds here are reflective of how the entire tournament has gone to date. However, keep an eye on the performance of players if you’re looking ahead to who will win at the regional majors event, kicking off in just a few days.

The Grid So Far and RLCS Season X Betting for Playoffs

The Rocket League Season X Grid is just pulling into its final stage over the next few days. This event has been pretty lengthy, going on for a few weeks now. 16 teams have been battling it out for points to qualify for the upcoming major. While this tournament is just a prelude to what’s coming next, it had some exciting action by itself.

The event has now reached its playoff stage. If you’re looking at RLCS Season X betting, then this is a much bigger stage than the last few. Teams are currently competing in two brackets, both single elimination. All teams in the playoffs are eligible for the Grid Wildcard. However, each win in the playoffs puts them a step closer to the $90,000 prize pool.

Going into the playoffs, Team BDS and German Amigos are the clear standouts. Both teams have gone straight to the semi’s, giving them an easier schedule for the playoffs. Sitting in the two brackets below, Dignitas and Solary stand out. Even in the first round of the playoffs, they’re the clear favorites to make it further up. They’re currently sat at 1.41 and 1.62 odds on Buff.bet for these matches.

Rocket League Regional Event 3

The Grid for Rocket League Season X Spring in Europe is going to culminate after today’s events in the next regional event. This is the third one for Spring. Teams are competing for a $100,000 prize pool. However, there are also points at stake that determine if these teams are going to be qualifying for the World Championship. While something unexpected could happen, the current regional rankings align pretty well with the odds for RLCS Season X betting.

Sitting atop the current regional rankings are Team BDS. They performed impressively in each Fall regional, the Fall major, and the Winter and Spring majors. Essentially, they’ve been running things this season. If you’re looking at RLCS Season X betting, then Team BDS are the favorites in Europe for this third regional event and for the major. Team Vitality are similarly sitting towards the top of the rankings.

One team that has been fast though is Team Queso. They had a decent start to the season in the first Fall Regional. However, they underperformed following that. Recently though, they’ve shot right back up the rankings. They’re now sitting pretty high. However, their dipped performance in the mid-season definitely took a toll, so their higher odds might be a more adventurous bet.

RLCS Season X Betting

If you’re looking at Rocket League Season X Spring betting, then these two events are going to make the next few days pretty packed. The odds for the teams are reflecting recent performance, but you can still find some good deals. Especially if you’re looking at the best esports betting sites, with better esports odds. While Team BDS are the favorites, their place in the next stage is set at this point, so we might see a repeat of the last regional event with a bit of an upset. Remember to check for the best odds for Rocket league is you’re making a braver bet, to maximise returns in case there is an unexpected result!

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