TimTheTatman signs with Complexity after leaving Twitch

Popular content creator has done quite a bit of jumping around – after jumping from Twitch to YouTube just a few years ago, he now made a new deal with Complexity Gaming. This was a bit of a surprise as he originally cited work-life balance and time with his family as the reason for leaving Twitch – this new deal suggests he still has plenty of time to work as a content creator, though!

He’s currently planning to stream at a reduced schedule, coupled with additional scripted and curated content on his YouTube channel. This new deal with Complexity, a subsidiary of GameSquare Esports will cover things like collabs with other content creators, a new merch line and more.

The merch, featuring t-shirts and other clothing items will be available both on Complexity’s website and at a welcoming ceremony at Complexity’s headquarters down the line. Whether TimTheTatman will also sell them elsewhere remains to be seen!

The partnership

TimTheTatman signs with Complexity after leaving Twitch

“Joining the Complexity team has been an amazing journey,” read a press release by TimTheTatman. “I’ve followed Complexity’s success and I am impressed with their commitment to winning in top-tier esports and the loyalty of their fans. The connection with the Dallas Cowboys and the support of Jerry Jones is outstanding. I’m a lifelong Cowboys fan so this is a special opportunity within esports.”

TimTheTatman has already announced some big events – personal appearances, community campaigns, his collab with the Dallas Cowboys and more. Fans can look forward to various meet-and-greets as well as the occasional appearance of TimTheTatman with athletes and celebs from in and around the Dallas Cowboys NFL team. He’s also visited Complexity’s heart – their headquarters in Frisco, and apparently had a great time!

“My tour of the Complexity headquarters at the Star in Frisco was world-class; no esports facility comes close. When Complexity and GameSquare invited me to join the team, it was an easy yes. Jason Lake has built an amazing team at Complexity and Justin Kenna is building something special at GameSquare. I am excited to get started.”

The finer details of TimTheTatmans deal with Complexity aren’t known – for example, how long his deal is for, and what exactly how much input Complexity will have on his content. What we do know is that the shirts of his new merch line look pretty cool – they’ve already been revealed in some teaser images, but aren’t up for sale just yet.

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