Top Esports Tournaments

Did you know that more than 250 million people are projected to play esports games globally? Every contestant’s grueling hours of training are set to be actualized! There is no better place to demonstrate abilities than in front of teams from across the world. Even if you don’t get a huge win, you can still be happy after checking out your winnings on esports betting.

By looking at how many people tune in to watch the most popular esports events while they’re at their most popular, we’ll exclude Chinese platform broadcasts from our analysis of global attendance. Based on how popular and how many viewers Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Booyah, TikTok, and VK broadcasts are, we are evaluating the success of esports contests.

Let’s dive into the tournaments and see what each tournament offers.

1. Free Fire World Series 2019 Rio

Free Fire World Series 2019 Rio is one of the most popular video games on the market today. On the first day of the Free Fire World Series 2019 Rio, the first-ever global event devoted to Garena’s battle royale, more than 5.4 million fans from all around the world were there to witness history.

Predicting the next several months is difficult since many of the best esports events are being hosted in person again. As a result of this epidemic and the industry’s quick expansion due to new technology and trends, esports has become a far more important and popular sport than ever before.

We won’t be surprised if any of the competitions above are lost in 2021 and 2022.

2. Arena of Valor Worldwide Championship

A massive event is set to take place at Arena of Valor. There’ll be teams from all around the world participating at the same time in the top esports tournaments, Arena of Valor Worldwide Championship 2021, which began in November. The prize pool for the AIC 2021 will be the greatest in the game’s history, including heavy esports odds at the upcoming events.

Arena of Valor has been a godsend for mobile esports, and it’s only getting better. It has become one of the most active mobile competitive scenes ever. It’s a battle waged by even the most established sports franchises. That being said, each zone has been given its name and substance bizarrely. As a result of Arena of Valor’s plan to integrate all of its competitive arenas worldwide, everything will change.

3. Fortnite World Cup 2019

Fortnite World Cup 2019

Epic Games’ battle royale game, Fortnite, made its worldwide debut during the Fortnite World Cup 2019 in June 2019. An Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City hosted a $ 30 million prize pool tournament from June 26th to June 28th.

There will be weekend top esports tournaments for five weeks, culminating in a three-day tournament on September 21st in which winners from each region of the world will compete. That format was never utilized for an official Fortnite tournament before this one.

We don’t know how much money each event will bring in at this point. When it comes to the first Fortnite Champion Series, there will be a total prize pool of “many millions of dollars,” Epic explains. What’s stopping you from wagering your bets on your favorite esports betting sites?

4. Free Fire Continental Series 2020

Garena came up with The Free Fire Continental Series, a new method of determining the greatest teams in the world after canceling the Free Fire World Series 2020.

Over 4.5 million individuals tuned in to witness competitions for the Americas, Europe, and Asia, with approximately 2.6 million people from the Asian continent alone.

Team Liquid, Sbornaya ChR, and EXP Esports were crowned the top esports tournament of 2020 due to three competitions held at the end of 2020. There were three events with $900,000 prize pools.

5. MBLL M2 World Championship

The Mobile Legends: Duel of Legends (MBLL) M2 World Championship was the pinnacle of the esports calendar. After being postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic, it was held in Singapore from January 18th to 24th, 2021.

As of January 2021, the event was hosted in Singapore. After the group stage, the playoffs will occur from January 22-24. The Singapore Tourism Board and Cybersports Singapore organize an international tournament to draw in players and teams worldwide to compete.

6. Honor of Kings World Champion Cup

At least 100 million people are playing Honor of Kings at any given moment. That mobile Esports can compete with high-end gear is a significant accomplishment.

Dota2 and League of Legends-style games like Honor of Kings are available. As the name implies, it was developed specifically for the Chinese app store.

When it first appeared on the market in 2015, it was meant to fill a void in the mobile gaming industry (only occupied by competitor Vainglory). This game is so popular because it is designed for those who play games on their mobile devices. Every mobile gamer’s dream is to reach the Olympus known as the Champion Cup.

7. EVO Championship Series

EVO Championship Series

Do you know how many years they’ve been in existence? Evolution Championship Series or, as people prefer, EVO.

In 1996, Sunnyvale, California, was the location. You may have heard that B3: Battle By The Bay, a tiny video game fighting event, will be taking place shortly. When it comes to events like these, you don’t give much thought to them. You had no idea you’d missed the start of something monumental.

8. Intel Extreme Masters

The Intel Extreme Masters, a professional gaming league, has been around for a long time. The competition is held in a new location each year. Katowice, Poland, hosted the most recent competition.

The competition will feature Dota 2, Starcraft II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Fortnite.

There will be a chance for 11,500 fans to experience some of the world’s most famous sporting events on stage during the event. Attendees may expect to see some of the world’s best martial arts practitioners compete for glory at this event.

9. E-sports Fifa

In this year’s FIFA eChampions League, each player played from their home city. It is one of three important events on the EA SPORTS FIFA Online 4 Series’ “road map,” and it is important.

One day, the people took part in a lot of fights in a tournament that was very long. A qualifying round was held, then Lower Quarter Finals, Lower SemiFinals, Upper SemiFinals, and Grand Finals were held, and finally, the Grand Finals were held. The winner of the FIFA eChampions League will be named after the last match.

10. Call of Duty World League

Call of Duty World League

As one of the finest esports events, Activation is in charge of the organization of this event. Every year since 2013, 32 teams from throughout the country have participated. In 2019, the League Championship was played on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and PlayStation. Played on a PlayStation, it was valued at $2 million.

In 2020, Call of Duty: Mobile, a Sony Mobile-developed game, was released under the Call of Duty name. An online tournament with a $1 million prize pool was hosted and played on the site. You must submit an online application to be considered worldwide.

11. ELeague

To be broadcast on American television, Turner Broadcasting Systems created it. This is an entirely new esports league: ELeague. It was created to air on American television (TBS). To put it simply, the event was designed to bridge the gap between esports and the general public.

There have been 18 separate events in which ELeague has awarded prize money totaling $8.6 million since its inception. ELeague has only been operating briefly in the history of esports.

12. Player Unknown Battlegrounds Global Championship

Many people enjoy PUBG since it can be played on various devices and has the battle royal, which many enjoy.

PUBG has used live events since it launched for contest promotion, making it a pioneer in the genre. More than $200,000 in prize money was raised and matched by the game in 2017. Not to feel left out, get to place your bet on lol, and enjoy your winnings after the tournament is over. To begin the PUBG Global Championship, an invite-only tournament was held. With over $4 million in prize money distributed across six events, it has subsequently become the most significant official PUBG esports competition in the world.

13. The King of Fighters XIV

The latest King of Fighters game from SNK isn’t the most visually appealing, but it’s one of the best esports tournaments available.

It has a wide variety of special strikes and supers, a 58-strong participant capacity, various offensive and defensive mobility options, and a spectator mode that’s just as thrilling to watch as the big-name combatants. KOFXIV is a must-have for fans of fighting games. Even while KOF XIV might be a bit of a challenge to get the hang of, it’s worth it in the long run.

Although KOF XIV isn’t a primary Evo game, the SNK World Championship will still be a major factor in its popularity.

14. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League

The most popular esports games have always been PC and console platform games. On the other hand, mobile games have recently grown increasingly popular throughout Southeast Asia.

Due to its resemblance to the PC game League of Legends, Mobile Legends is the most well-known mobile game. Earlier this year, Riot Games was fined $2.9 million for plagiarizing. At the 2019 EXXON Indonesia Gaming Awards in Indonesia, it received the title of “The Top esports Tournament of the Year.”

MPL ID Season 5 Tournament has the highest views of any esports event in 2019, even though the prize money is lower in Mobile Legends events. PUBG, League of Legends, and CS: GO combined for roughly 1.2 million viewers; this was a record high. No other game had ever staged two separate tournaments with over a million attendees.

15. Halo World Championship

Call of Duty World League

In 2002, the Association of Gaming Professionals organized a Halo event, which sparked a movement. Microsoft and 343 Productions collaborated with the Electronic Sports League to launch the Halo Championship Series in 2014. In 2013, the first season of the Halo Championship Series began.

The most recent version of the game, Halo 5, was shown off a year later Halo World Championships. It was a record at the time, with a prize pool of $2.5 million in 2016.

Throughout 26 competitions, the Halo World Championship has awarded more than $5 million in cash and in-game currency. This contains all of last year’s earnings. The 2017 and 2018 tournaments had $1 million in prize money, which is the same amount.

16. League of Legends World Championship

Riot, the game’s publisher, founded the game in 2011 and has been pivotal in the esport world of League of Legends. More than $27 million in prize money is distributed across 13 best esports events for those who compete in this game, also referred to as LoL Worlds, as part of an esports league.

A player must participate in a regional competition, such as the LoL World Championship, to qualify for the World Championship in League of Legends.

The game’s Pro League can only be found in Europe and North America or the Championship Series (from China). A tough and thrilling experience awaits you if you’re a fan of League of Legends. Anxiety and excitement are common reactions to high-stakes situations.

The Summoner’s Cup and a lot of prize money are yours if your team wins every year.

17. Dota 2 The International

Dota 2 competition is hosted by Valve, the business that creates and owns the game. Esports players can win big money in this competition, which features 18 teams from across the world. The International paid $140 million in prize money for 10 separate competitions this year. There was a record-breaking prize pool of over $34 million in 2019, the winner pocketing close to $15 million in cash.

“Battle Pass’ ‘ is an in-game money-making mechanism that allows players to generate money while playing. More than half comes from prize money, which results in massive payments. As is the case for many other esports tournaments, a live event is held after the International.

In the realm of exclusive, invitation-only for the best esports events, the International is up there with the most illustrious. Competitors must earn their place on the Dota Pro Circuit or in their respective regional tournaments.

18. Major League Gaming Pro Circuit

Major League Gaming (MLG) is based in Manhattan; it caters largely to customers in North America. The MLG Pro Circuit has given away over $9.5 million in cash and prizes in the preceding 17 years.

The MLG Pro Circuit has a diverse selection of games. In addition to first-person shooters and combat games, they began offering multiplayer fights and real-time strategy games in 2011. The following MLG events are currently taking place; StarCraft, Overwatch, and Call of Duty.

This is how the year 2016 played out. Activision Blizzard paid $46 million for MLG and its assets in 2016. is one of Activision’s properties that they believe will blossom into a massive esports media firm. Despite Activision Blizzard acquiring MLG, there are still tournaments for non-Attack of the Titans titles.

19. Dota Major Championships

Call of Duty World League

The “Dota Major Championships,” which occur simultaneously and in the same location each year, are collectively referred to as “Dota Majors.” The International, the pinnacle of the Dota Majors, is almost around the corner. These events take place in the months leading up to The International, in the fall, winter, and spring, respectively.

Organizing and competing in the Dota 2 esports sector worldwide is why the Dota Major Championships were created. A new tournament structure was introduced in 2017 called the Dota Pro Circuit, which impacted tournaments before The International. This resulted in a larger number of Valve-sponsored events.

During the Dota Major Championships series, there have been 21 tournaments,  with $31.5 million up for grabs. A minimum prize pool of $500,000 is required for each Dota Major sponsored by a third party. Additionally, minor tournaments known as “Dota Minor” events have a prize fund of at least $150,000.

Each player that qualifies for both the Majors and the Minors will receive this treatment from Valve.

20. Overwatch League

Blizzard Entertainment, the makers of Overwatch, created a professional league for the game.

However, the Overwatch League’s supporters are extremely engaged, and the league’s prizes are some of the most lucrative in MLG. Also, there are a lot of restrictions and a unique participation paradigm here.

The Overwatch League operates in a manner that differs significantly from that of most professional esports leagues. In contrast to many esports organizations, the Overwatch League does not follow the promotion and relegation concept. Because of this, the regular season, playoffs, and championship rounds all include teams from well-established cities. The e-league concept is comparable to this, but it’s still a first in esports. As a result, the Overwatch League splits and subdivides clubs into conferences and divisions, an uncommon practice in North American sports.


In recent years, the popularity of esports has skyrocketed. On the other hand, certain games have taken the globe by storm and are far away from the most widely accepted games.

These esports games might imply many different things to various individuals when we talk about them. While certain games are more popular worldwide than others, some games are more popular in a specific region of the country or continent. While some events attract many participants, others offer large cash awards.

To come up with this list, we looked at the popularity of each game and its acceptance by the audience. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can get on any of these and have a blast and get to have a feel of the top esports tournaments available.

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