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When it comes to online slots, jackpot slots certainly belong to a special category. The possibility of a big win only a spin away sets the imagination on fire with the idea of that huge hit always within one’s grasp. However, chasing a jackpot can on a particular slot can be a rather expensive and frustrating hobby.

Big jackpots don’t come around very often (hence they are called jackpots). You need to get very lucky and have to be prepared to take some risks. This article will try to explain some finer details about these types of games as well as introduce some strategies that can help you in your jackpot chase.

Jackpot Slot Pros & Cons:

  • Jackpot slots are not the same thing as progressive slots.
  • A good casino bonus is a must when chasing a jackpot, as it will give you more playing time
  • Always play the maximum bet when chasing a jackpot
  • Some of the best jackpot slots out there include Gonzo’s Quest, Desert Treasure, and Piggy Riches
  • These games are exciting to play because of the possibility of big one.
  • At the same time, jackpot slots can be very volatile and will require a significant bankroll.
  • You will need to be prepared mentally to handle the swings

Play Jackpot Slots All information and payout rate

There are multiple jackpot slots online. And every one of them has a different kind of quality. We listed all the important information to let you know what a jackpot slot is and what is important to know.

1. The Best Jackpot Slots To Play
2. Play Jackpot Slot Useful advice for players
3. Defining a jackpot
4. Payout rates and odds
5. How to play jackpots slots strategy tips
6. How much can you expect to win

1. The Best Jackpot Slots to Play

When picking your preferred jackpot slot game, there are really numerous to choose from. Some of them are extremely expensive to play but also offer a huge potential payout. Others are more moderate in both bankroll requirements and possible wins.

The ultimate choice is always up to you as a player. The advice in this article should help you figure out what kind of games should be right for you. In the meantime, we bring you our selection of the top six jackpot slots that we feel tick the most boxes and every player should be happy with at least a couple of them.

1. Place

Gonzo’s Quest

9 / 10

Gonzo’s Quest

2. Place

Jack and the Beanstalk

9 / 10

Jack and the Beanstalk

3. Place

Zeus Slot

9 / 10

Zeus Slot

4. Place

LeoVegas-Twin Spin Video Slot

9 / 10

Twin Spin Video Slot

5. Place


9 / 10

Thunderstruck II


2. Play Jackpot Slots

Useful Advice for Players

First thing first, a great majority of jackpot slots are video slots, so as far as the technicalities of playing go, nothing really changes. You still hit a spin button to start the play and the RNG produces a certain number sequence to determine if and how much you should win.

The only real difference is the possibility of the RNG stopping at that magical number that pays serious money. Although this doesn’t happen very often, when it does, it can really get your blood pumping and make you feel like you are on top of the world. That’s probably the biggest allure of these games, because these jackpots, although often very decent, never belong to what one could call “life-changing money.”

3. Defining a Jackpot

People often tend to confuse the jackpot and progressive slots. The truth is these are two very different things. Progressives are one or more slots with a jackpot win that constantly increases until someone finally finds the win. When you play jackpot slots, the maximum you can win is limited by the maximum bet available. Jackpot, in this sense, is hitting the best possible combination on all available pay lines.

To qualify for the maximum jackpot, you would need to play the maximum bet at the moment when all the reels stop in the best possible position. Although there are no hard and fast rules as to what qualifies as a proper jackpot, usually any win (that meets the above requirements) over $1,200 counts. Of course, this number is adjusted when playing on some special, high roller slots, but for us mere mortals, a $1,200 is usually an above average payday.

Thunderstruck II Jackpot Slot

Thunderstruck II is jackpot slot

4. Payout Rates and Odds

Although jackpot slots online may look and feel the same as any other slots you’ve played, there are some important differences that you need to be aware of. If a slot can pay you 5000x your bet, then the game has to offset this possibility somewhere. You cannot expect these slots to pay you frequently.

If you’ve decided to play jackpot slots, you need to brace yourself for a rather bumpy ride with a lot of losing, very few medium wins, and (eventually) that one, big jackpot. That, of course, if you don’t happen to run out of funds before winning.

Before you embark on the jackpot chase, you should probably check our slots strategy section and pick up some useful bankroll management tips & tricks. Jackpot slots online can be quite demanding and rather frustrating as there are no rules as to when you could finally expect your big win to come in. Those less fortunate might have to spin a lot of spins before they finally see that magic combination falls.

96% Payout rate Jackpot Slot

Aliens Money

Jackpot Slots can earn you a lot of money

5. How to Play Jackpot Slots

Strategy Tips

If you’ve decided to chase a jackpot win on a particular slot then you should do some careful planning before starting. I’d even suggest trying the free slots version of the game primarily, just to get the feel about how volatile the machine is and to figure out how big of bankroll you might need.

When considering the bankroll requirements, you should always count on the fact that you will be playing the maximum bet at all times. There is really not much point in playing jackpot slots online without going for the biggest win possible. If you decide that your bankroll currently cannot handle the expected swings, you should consider finding another jackpot game with a lower maximum bet. It will usually give you better odds than playing on a bigger slot, but with a decreased total bet.

Chasing a jackpot can also be a somewhat emotionally draining experience. If you go on a long streak without hitting, it may start to feel as if gambling gods are out to get you. This is a natural feeling, but one you must fight off at all costs. If you let it overcome you, it could be a costly mistake.

One final tip before you start chasing the jackpot is to find yourself the best bonus you can. Shop around, check our casino bonus comparison guide, and find the most favourable offers out there. Considering the variance and volatility connected to playing slots with big jackpot payouts, you will need as much money as possible behind you to feel confident and don’t go into a panic mode too early.

Slot Game Features

  • Autoplay
  • Free spins
  • Multiplier
  • Bonus rounds
  • Progressiv
  • Mobile

6. How Much Can You Expect to Win?

While most regular jackpots do not constitute life-changing money, especially since you already have to have a big enough bankroll to support your play, the potential amounts can still be very attractive. There are games that pay as high as 10.000x your bet when playing the maximum bet, so it is definitely worth the time and effort if you can hit eventually.

  • Desert Treasure

This slot has a maximum payout of 10.000 coins for hitting five wilds. With 20 lines available and a maximum bet of £50 per line, you could win £500,000, which is most definitely nothing to sneeze at. However, to stand a chance to win this amount at this Playtech slot, you will have to pay a head-spinning £1,000 per spin.

  • Piggy Riches

This 15 lines slot by NetEnt can pay as high as 2.000 coins and it is much more bankroll friendly. With the maximum bet of £5 per line, you could win £10,000 on one lucky spin. If it so happens that line also contains the Wild symbol, your win will be tripled, making it a nice total of £30,000. However, even this slot will cost you £75 per spin to play on the maximum bet.

  • Gonzo’s Quest

Another one of NetEnt’s slots, Gonzo’s Quest is a great choice for those looking to play jackpot slots online. Featuring a total of 20 lines and a maximum bet of £10 per line, this slot offers a maximum win of 2.500 times the bet. That’s £25,000 for one lucky spin, but this number can be multiplied by 2, 3, 5, or even more – up to 15 times, if you get really lucky.

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The Allure and the Risk of Jackpot Slots

There is no denying that jackpot slots are a lot of fun to play. The possibility of that one big one and the adrenaline that comes with the mere expectation of it make these games very appealing. However, the flip side of the coin is that chasing a jackpot can be quite expensive and very frustrating, as slots with big jackpots are usually quite volatile.

To find the best place for your jackpot chasing efforts, check out our online casino comparison page and see what rooms offer the biggest selection of slots and other best conditions for playing.