Piggy Riches Slot Review:

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  • Software NetEnt
  • Rolls 5
  • Paylines 15
  • Game Free
  • Jackpot Game Yes
  • min. Stake 0.1 € per payline
  • max. Stake 75 € per payline
  • Coin Area 0 – 0

Piggy Riches Review

One of the silliest and most fun slots around Piggy Riches

Piggy Riches Slot Review

Exciting and Fast Paced Slot by NetEnt

If you are the kind of slot player who prefers slots that pay straight up, without any hidden progressive jackpots that hit once in a blue moon and prefer to just win steadily, spin by spin or you are looking to clear a deposit bonus, then Piggy Riches may be the slot you are looking for. The theme of the slot is a bit silly come to think of it, but this will make it even more fun and laughs to win while playing this game.

Piggy Riches slot is made up of five reels with three symbols each. The slot allows you to play a total of 15 pay lines with a minimum bet of £0.01 per pay line and a maximum bet of £0.50 per pay line. This can be further increased by increasing the level of the game, as there are ten different levels. If you play on level ten and max out your coin value and pay lines, your total bet will be £75 per spin, which is the maximum allowed on Piggy Riches.

The game revolves around the Free Spins feature which is quite common as are general payouts, due to the fact Piggy Riches is quite a good-paying slot. In fact, you can expect to hear the sound of a winning spin on a very consistent basis and will trigger Free Spins more often than you would in most other slots. Once triggered you will get up to 28 Free Spins with up to 6x Multiplier, which means pay lines with a Wild symbol during Free Spins may pay up to 18x the normal payouts, making even low-value combinations extremely valuable.

  • Coins: € 0 – 0
  • Max. Coins: 0
  • Max Odds: 0
  • Jackpot 1: 6000 Coins
  • Jackpot 2: 0 Coins
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Scatter symbol: Yes
  • Gamble: No
  • Multiplier: No
  • Prog. Jackpot: No
  • Bonus Features: Free spins, scatter symbol, wild symbol

Best Piggy Riches Slot Casinos Online

When reviewing Piggy Riches, we wanted to make sure we know which casinos offer the game, so we scoured the internet looking for Piggy Riches casinos. We found quite a few, and the list below contains the five best Casinos that offer players a chance to play this lucrative slot.

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Rules Of Piggy Riches Slot

Symbols and Bets

Piggy Riches gives players a chance to play up to 15 pay lines a total, or fewer if they so choose. The slot allows you to bet anywhere between £0.01 on a single pay line and £75 spread out across 15 pay lines. Whether you are just looking to blow off some steam and have some fun or want to gamble for the big bucks, Piggy Riches is a great place to look.


Piggy Riches The Ten Symbol


A very commonplace with Video Slots, Ten is the weakest and least valuable symbol. Three Tens on an active pay line will pay 5 coins, four will pay 10 coins and five Tens will pay 50 coins. The Ten symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

Ten (three same symbols)

3x = 5 coins

Ten (four same symbols)

4x = 10 coins

Ten (five same symbols)

5x = 50 coins

Piggy Riches The J Symbol


The next symbol motivated by the playing cards is the J symbol, which pays 5 coins for a combination of three, 15 coins for four and 60 coins for five Js on a single pay line. The Jack symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

Jack (three same symbols)

3x = 5 coins

Jack (four same symbols)

4x = 15 coins

Jack (five same symbols)

5x = 60 coins

Piggy Riches The Q symbol


Next, up is the Queen, represented by the letter Q. Like J, three Qs will pay 5 coins, but four will pay 15 and five will pay 75 coins. The Q symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

Queen (three same symbols)

3x = 5 coins

Queen (four same symbols)

4x = 15 coins

Queen (five same symbols)

5x = 75 coins

Piggy Riches The K symbol


King symbol in Piggy Riches is represented by a brown letter K. Three Ks pay 10 coins, four pay 25 and five pay a respectable 100 coins in total. The K symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

King (three same symbols)

3x = 10 coins

King (four same symbols)

4x = 25 coins

King (five same symbols)

5x = 100 coins

Piggy Riches The Ace Symbol


Ace is the final and most valuable letter symbol in Piggy Riches. Three As will pay you 15 coins, the full amount of a single bet on all pay lines. Get four and win 50 coins, while five As will pay 125 coins. The A symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

Ace (three same symbols)

3x = 15 coins

Ace (four same symbols)

4x = 50 coins

Ace (five same symbols)

5x = 125 coins

Piggy Riches The Piggy symbol


The picture symbols in this game begin with a little Piggy Bank, one of the motives of Piggy Riches. Three Piggy Banks pay 15 coins, four pay 75 and five Piggy Banks will pay you 200 coins. The Piggy Bank symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

Piggy (three same symbols)

3x = 15 coins

Piggy (four same symbols)

4x = 75 coins

Piggy (five same symbols)

5x = 200 coins

Piggy Riches The Purse symbol


Next up is a Purse full of green dollar bills. Get enough of these and you will have your own purse filled with these valuable papers. Three Purses pay 20 coins, four pay 75 and five pay 400 coins. The purse symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

Purse (three same symbols)

3x = 20 coins

Purse (four same symbols)

4x = 75 coins

Purse (five same symbols)

5x = 400 coins

Piggy Riches The Key symbol


A Key, presumably to some kind of a Piggy safe deposit box is next up, promising to pay some really hefty amounts of cash. Three keys will pay you 20 coins, four will pay 125 coins while five will pay out 750 coins, a big leap from the previous symbol. The Key symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

Key (three same symbols)

3x = 20 coins

Key (four same symbols)

4x = 125 coins

Key (five same symbols)

5x = 750 coins

Piggy Riches The Golden Piggy Card Symbol

Golden Piggy

A Golden Piggy Card is the next symbol in value, with a steady progression from the previous symbol. Three Cards pay 25 coins, four pay 150 and five Cards pay a nice round of 1.000 coins. The Card symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

Golden Piggy (three same symbols)

3x = 25 coins

Golden Piggy (four same symbols)

4x = 150 coins

Golden Piggy (five same symbols)

5x = 1000 coins

Piggy Riches The The Pile of Riches Symbol

Pile of Riches

The most valuable regular symbol in Piggy Riches is a Pile of Riches, representing the valuable jackpot you can hit by getting this line, especially if it happens during Free Spins and with a Wild symbol replacing one of the Piles. Two Piles will pay 2 coins, a consolation prize. Three Piles pay 25 coins, four pay 300 and five Piles pay 2.000 coins, making that 6.000 is one of the symbols is replaced with a Wild. If you can get it to happen during Free Spins with a 6x multiplier, make that a 36.000 coins payline!

Pile of Riches (two same symbols)

2x = 2 coins

Pile of Riches (three same symbols)

3x = 25 coins

Pile of Riches (four same symbols)

4x = 300 coins

Pile of Riches (five same symbols)

5x = 2000 coins

The Pile of Riches wild symbol


The Wild symbol in Piggy Riches is represented by a mister pig himself carrying some Dollar bills. This fairly obscure symbol TRIPLES all the winning lines it is a part of and substitutes for all symbols except the Scatters. This symbol is what will make you the big bucks during free spins as the multipliers stack up, allowing for a possibility of 18x value pay lines.

Piggy Riches The Scatter symbol


The final symbol in the game is the Scatter symbol. During normal spins, Scatter, represented by lady pig with some presents, both pays and activates Free Spins. In order to get a payday from Scatters, you just need two or more to appear anywhere on the board. Two Scatters will pay double the total bet, three will pay 4 times the total bet, four will pay 15 times the total bet and five will pay 100 times the total bet, quite a win.

Even more significantly, three or more Scatters on the board will activate the Free Spins feature. You will have an option of choosing among three possible sets of Free Spins and Multipliers and will get to choose if you want more games or a bigger multiplier. The maximum possible Free Spins is 28 Free Spins with a 6x multiplier. Every Scatter that appears on the board during Free Spins adds one more Free Spin and the Scatters do not pay during Free Spins.

Scatter (two same symbols)

2x = 2x bet

Scatter (three same symbols)

3x = 4x bet

Scatter (four same symbols)

4x = 15x bet

Scatter (five same symbols)

5x = 100x bet

The Betting

Like it usually is in slots, betting in Piggy Riches is very simple and straight up. You will be asked to pick a number of pay lines to play and choose a coin value as well as the number of coins you wish to bet per line. The minimum possible bet is £0.01 on a single pay line, while the maximum is £75 across all the pay lines.

Min. bet0.010 £ min. bet / payline
Max. bet75 £ max. bet / payline

Piggy Riches Earn multiple wins on one spin

Earn multiple wins on one spin

The Paytable and Piggy Riches Free Spins

The Piggy Riches paytable will allow you to see the potential payouts at all times, presenting all the symbols in a nice progressive fashion. A few things you should remember when you play Piggy Riches:

  • The Wild symbol substitutes all others
  • Paylines with a Wild pay triple
  • Three or more scatters activate Free Spins
  • The biggest possible win is 360.000 coins per spin

When you get lucky enough, and it happens quite often in this game, you will activate the Free Spins feature. These are the rules of the Free Spins:

  • Up to 28 Free Spins with up to 6x Multiplier
  • Lines with Wild can pay up to 18x
  • Every Scatter during Free Spins adds a Free Spin
  • You get to pick the number of Spins and Multiplier

Game Video

Are you still unclear as to the details of Piggy Riches and need more Piggy Riches instructions? That is exactly why we made up our Piggy riches instructions video, to help make things perfectly clear. Watch this video and learn exactly how to play Piggy Riches online in a matter of minutes.

  • If you are itching to play Piggy Riches, you can do so for free:
  • Pick a Piggy Riches casino
  • Visit the site and create an account
  • Startup Piggy Riches
  • Pick Practice Mode and enjoy the game

Animation And Graphics

Piggy Riches was designed by NetEnt, one of the world’s leaders in designing online casino games and certainly the best in business when it comes to the graphical part of things. For this exact reason, Piggy Riches is a very well designed and graphically enjoyable slot to play. The background, the symbols and the paytable are all beautifully designed by NetEnt’s graphical experts.

When it comes to animation, the game does not lack either as the same team that did the graphics also did an amazing job with the animations. The game runs smoother than pretty much any other slot out there, and you can literally play dozens of spins per minute if you so choose, in a very seamless fashion. The quick, smooth and fun animations are one of the selling points of this game.

Awesome animations by NetEnt

Mrs Piggy and Mr Piggy can make you rich

Bet Max, get huge wins and enjoy the silly graphics

The Payout Rate

NetEnt’s Piggy Riches features a 96.4% payout rate at a fairly low variance. Because there are no huge bonuses to speak of and the Free Spins are activated fairly regularly, you will be able to keep your bankroll afloat for quite a while and possibly win big during Free Spins every once in a while.

The game is ideal for playing through bonuses as they require a large number of spins to be played, and this game will not eat out your balance anytime soon as payouts are quite common and reasonable in size. If you asked us what game to play when clearing a bonus we would say that certainly, if you want to have some fun while doing it, you should go for Piggy Riches.

  • Piggy Riches information summarized:
  • A cool designed Video Slot
  • A solid Payout Rate of 96.4%
  • Free spins give you the chance of winning an extra money

96% Payout rate

Mobile Availability

NetEnt is one of the most modern casino platforms on the internet and they offer the majority of their casino games on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. If you are looking to play Piggy Riches on the go, you will have no issue doing so, whether you use an Apple or an Android device. The Piggy Riches game is equally as fast and seamless on mobiles and one of the most enjoyable mobile casino games to date.

Piggy Riches Mockup


Funny, Exciting and Well Paying Low Variance Game

We are aware that we gave this slot quite a few compliments in this subtitle, but we actually mean it. The game plays out at a very reasonable rate, higher than most slots you will find in your brick and mortar casino. The payout rate is accompanied by low variance, with decent pay coming the player’s way very frequently.

If you generally enjoy the graphical and animation segment of NetEnt games, Piggy Riches will not disappoint you either as the slot is fast and smooth, with quite cool images and animations and sound that will keep you alert and enjoying the game as you play.

We highly recommend you play Piggy Riches at least once in your lifetime and see how you like it. If you decide to play Piggy Riches online, there are quite a few casinos that will offer you this chance. Simply pick one of them, create a free account and the fun can begin.