The Dark Knight Slot Review 2022: Free Spins & Real Money Casinos



  • Software Microgaming
  • Rolls 5
  • Paylines 243
  • Game Free Games No
  • Jackpot Game No
  • min. Stake 0.3 € per payline
  • max. Stake 6 € per payline
  • Coin Area 0 – 0

Our Rating
Outstanding 9/10

The Dark Knight Slot Info

Enter The Exciting World Of Batman

Batman is certainly one of the most popular heroes of all those who have grown up during the last few decades, with numerous comic books and movies that propelled The Dark Knight slot to an almost iconic status of a superhero who combats evil and fights demons of his own past as well. This is why Microgaming decided to use one of the latest Batman related movie releases as the theme for one of their most popular slots, The Dark Knight! The Dark Knight is a 243 Ways To Win progressive jackpot game that gives players a chance to win millions of pounds on a spin of the reels in an exciting game full of bonus mini games and cinematic intermissions. This The Dark Knight review is meant to help you learn the game and get all The Dark Knight instructions you could possibly need. The game lets players play for anywhere between £0.30 to £6.00, progressively increasing the payouts and the size of the jackpot that can be won. At a minimum, the Mega progressive jackpot winner will take home $1.000.000 while with time the jackpot grows and can become much bigger than that. Additionally, there are three other jackpots to be won, which are smaller but give the players a chance to at least once in their life experience the thrill and excitement of hitting a Jackpot!

  • Coins: € 0 – 0
  • Max. Coins: 0
  • Max Odds: 0
  • Jackpot 1: 0 Coins
  • Jackpot 2: 0 Coins
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Scatter symbol: Yes
  • Gamble: No
  • Multiplier: No
  • Prog. Jackpot: Yes
  • Bonus Features: Free spins, scatter symbol and wild symbol


Enter The Dark Knight’s Domain

243 Ways To Win In The Dark Knight Slot
243 Ways To Win In The Dark Knight Slot
Up to 4.000.000 Coins Available For The Win
Up to 4.000.000 Coins Available For The Win

Best The Dark Knight Slot Casinos

To make sure we know what we are talking about, we tested The Dark Knight on several different casino platforms. If you are looking to jump straight into the action as well, check out our Online Casino Comparison to find the best The Dark Knight Casino. You can play The Dark Knight at any of the following casinos:

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Rules Of The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight unlike many other slots, does not have fixed paylines. Instead, any combination of symbols aligned left to right will pay as per the paytable. You can make your “bet per line” £0.01 or £0.02 and the minimum number of coins bet is 30, making the minimum bet £0.30. The maximum you can take it up to is £6 when you pick it up to level ten, betting £0.02 on 30 fictive paylines x 10 for the level. This is how the different symbols in The Dark Knight pay:




The first five symbols in The Dark Knight are the letter symbols from T to A, from the playing cards. All symbols are made in the style of The Dark Knight movies. The least paying symbol is the T symbol with a little skull attached to it. A combination of three Ts pays the player 10 coins, four Ts pay 75 coins, while five Ts pay 300 coins

Ten (three same symbols)

The-Ten-symbolThe-Ten-symbolThe-Ten-symbol 3x = 10 coins

Ten (four same symbols)

The-Ten-symbolThe-Ten-symbolThe-Ten-symbolThe-Ten-symbol 4x = 75 coins

Ten (five same symbols)

The-Ten-symbolThe-Ten-symbolThe-Ten-symbolThe-Ten-symbolThe-Ten-symbol 5x = 300 coins



As per natural playing cards progression, J comes after the T and in this slot it comes with a little pistol next to it. A combination of three Js pays 10 coins, a combination of four pays 75 and a combination of five pays 300 coins, same as the T.

Jack (three same symbols)

The-J-symbolThe-J-symbolThe-J-symbol 3x = 10 coins

Jack (four same symbols)

The-J-symbolThe-J-symbolThe-J-symbolThe-J-symbol 4x = 75 coins

Jack (five same symbols)

The-J-symbolThe-J-symbolThe-J-symbolThe-J-symbolThe-J-symbol 5x = 300 coins



The Q is the next symbol as seen in the picture. Three Qs pay 25 coins, four pay 100 and five consecutive Qs from left to right pay 375 coins.

Queen (three same symbols)

The-Q-symbolThe-Q-symbolThe-Q-symbol 3x = 25 coins

Queen (four same symbols)

The-Q-symbolThe-Q-symbolThe-Q-symbolThe-Q-symbol 4x = 100 coins

Queen (five same symbols)

The-Q-symbolThe-Q-symbolThe-Q-symbolThe-Q-symbolThe-Q-symbol 5x = 375 coins



The penultimate letter symbol is the K. The K symbol pays in the same way as the Q symbol, with a combination of three Ks paying 25, a combination of four paying 100 and a combination of five Ks paying 375 coins to the winner.

King (three same symbols)

The-King-symbolThe-King-symbolThe-King-symbol 3x = 25 coins

King (four same symbols)

The-King-symbolThe-King-symbolThe-King-symbolThe-King-symbol 4x = 100 coins

King (five same symbols)

The-King-symbolThe-King-symbolThe-King-symbolThe-King-symbolThe-King-symbol 5x = 375 coins



The final letter symbol is the A with a little Bat Symbol on it. The Ace is always the most valuable playing card and in this game a combination of three As pays 35 coins, a combination of four pays 125 coins and a combination of five pays 450 coins.

Ace (three same symbols)

The-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbol 3x = 35 coins

Ace (four same symbols)

The-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbol 4x = 125 coins

Ace (five same symbols)

The-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbol 5x = 450 coins



The first of the many The Dark Knight characters to appear in the game is Lau, The image of this infamous criminal is the next symbol in order of value, paying 50 coins for a combination of three, 175 coins for a combination of four and 600 coins for five consecutive symbols.

Lau (three same symbols)

LauLauLau 3x = 50 coins

Lau (four same symbols)

LauLauLauLau 4x = 175 coins

Lau (five same symbols)

LauLauLauLauLau 5x = 600 coins



The next character in order of appearance is Guy. The Guy symbol pays 60 coins for a combination of three, 200 coins for a combination of four and 625 coins for five in a row.

Guy (three same symbols)

GuyGuyGuy 3x = 60 coins

Guy (four same symbols)

GuyGuyGuyGuy 4x = 200 coins

Guy (five same symbols)

GuyGuyGuyGuyGuy 5x = 625 coins



Mayor is the next The Dark Knight character to appear in the slot. The Mayor character pays 75 coins for three, 225 coins for four and 750 coins for a combination of five, with payouts starting to get serious.

Mayor (three same symbols)

MayorMayorMayor 3x = 75 coins

Mayor (four same symbols)

MayorMayorMayorMayor 4x = 225 coins

Mayor (five same symbols)

MayorMayorMayorMayorMayor 5x = 750 coins

Rachel Dawes


Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend Rachel Dawes, who first appeared in the Batman franchise in the 2005 movie The Batman Begins and has been around ever since. The Rachel symbol is next in the line on the paytable, with three paying 100, four paying 250 and five Rachel symbols paying 875 coins to the winner.

Rachel Dawes (three same symbols)

rachel-dawesrachel-dawesrachel-dawes3x = 100 coins

Rachel Dawes (four same symbols)

rachel-dawesrachel-dawesrachel-dawesrachel-dawes4x = 250 coins

Rachel Dawes (five same symbols)

rachel-dawesrachel-dawesrachel-dawesrachel-dawesrachel-dawes5x = 875 coins

Lt. James Gordon

Lt. James Gordon

Next up we have the image of Gordon. Lt. James Gordon who is a relatively minor character in the franchise, yet a fairly valuable symbol in the game. Three Gordons pay 125 coins, four pay 250, while five Gordons in a line will pay you 1.000 coins even.

Lt. James Gordon (three same symbols)

LtLtLt 3x = 125 coins

Lt. James Gordon (four same symbols)

LtLtLtLt 4x = 250 coins

Lt. James Gordon (five same symbols)

LtLtLtLtLt 5x = 1000 coins



The former DA of Gotham later turning into the villain Two-Face is the next symbol in the game and a valuable one at that. The Harvey Dent symbol is worth 150 coins for just three, 300 coins for four and 1.250 coins for five in a row

Gotham (three same symbols)

The-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-Gotham 3x = 150 coins

Gotham (four same symbols)

The-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-Gotham 4x = 300 coins

Gotham (five same symbols)

The-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-Gotham 5x = 1250 coins



Next up, we have the Batman’s arch nemesis, Joker! The Joker is the main villain in the Batman franchise, and in this game, the Joker symbol is quite valuable. A combination of three Jokers pays 175 coins, a combination of four pays 300 while a combination of five Jokers pays 1.500 coins, for a major win!

Joker (three same symbols)

JokerJokerJoker 3x = 175 coins

Joker (four same symbols)

JokerJokerJokerJoker 4x = 300 coins

Joker (five same symbols)

JokerJokerJokerJokerJoker 5x = 1500 coins

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne

The face of Bruce Wayne without the costume on is the next symbolin line on The Dark Knight slot paytable. The Bruce Wayne symbol pays 175 coins for a combination of three, 350 coins for a combination of four and 1.750 coins when all five reels contain one Bruce Wayne.

Bruce Wayne (three same symbols)

Bruce-WayneBruce-WayneBruce-Wayne 3x = 175 coins

Bruce Wayne (four same symbols)

Bruce-WayneBruce-WayneBruce-WayneBruce-Wayne 4x = 350 coins

Bruce Wayne (five same symbols)

Bruce-WayneBruce-WayneBruce-WayneBruce-WayneBruce-Wayne 5x = 1750 coins

Dark Knight

Dark Knight

Finally, the most valuable single symbol in the game of The Dark Knight is the symbol represented by the face of Batman himself. The Dark Knight is valued at 200 coins for three, 400 coins for four and 2.000 coins for five, which is the largest single line win you can get in the game.

Dark Knight (three same symbols)

Dark-Knight-symbolDark-Knight-symbolDark-Knight-symbol 3x = 200 coins

Dark Knight (four same symbols)

Dark-Knight-symbolDark-Knight-symbolDark-Knight-symbolDark-Knight-symbol 4x = 400 coins

Dark Knight (five same symbols)

Dark-Knight-symbolDark-Knight-symbolDark-Knight-symbolDark-Knight-symbolDark-Knight-symbol 5x = 2000 coins



The Wild symbol in The Dark Knight slot is very valuable as it pays the same as the Batman symbol but also substitutes all other symbols. What’s even more, Wild, which is represented by the Bat Signal can be stacked up to three times on a single reel, which can lead to massive payments when multiple reels with three Wilds appear. Three Wilds pay 200 coins, four pay 400 coins and five wilds pay 2.000 coins. The Wild Symbol also substitutes all other symbols except the Scatter.

bat (three same symbols)

The-bat-symbolThe-bat-symbolThe-bat-symbol 3x = 200 coins

bat (four same symbols)

The-bat-symbolThe-bat-symbolThe-bat-symbolThe-bat-symbol 4x = 400 coins

bat (five same symbols)

The-bat-symbolThe-bat-symbolThe-bat-symbolThe-bat-symbolThe-bat-symbol 5x = 2000 coins

The Betting

As we already mentioned, the betting when you play The Dark Knight slot is not the most common out there. Instead of paying a number of coins per line, your chosen coin size is simply multiplied with 30 and then multiplied by the level you are playing at. There are ten levels of play and your maximum coin is £0.02, meaning you can never bet more than £6 per single spin.

Min. bet0.03 £ min. bet / payline

Max. bet6 £ max. bet / payline

Use Wild Symbols To Connect The Lines
Use Wild Symbols To Connect The Lines
Randomly Start The Jackpot Game
Randomly Start The Jackpot Game
Three Scatters Start The Free Spins Feature
Three Scatters Start The Free Spins Feature

The Paytable

There isn’t too much to say for the paytable in The Dark Knight as it is fairly self-explanatory, with different symbols paying out a different amount of coins based on how commonly they appear. Here are a few things to remember about payouts in The Dark Knight:

  • Wild symbols can come in stacks of three
  • There are four progressive jackpots to be won
  • Batman and Joker random cashouts available
  • Three Scatters activate the Free Spins

If you are lucky enough to hit three scatters anywhere on the screen during a round of The Dark Knight, you will activate 15 Free Spins with a 2x starting multiplier. Here is what’s important about The Dark Knight Free Spins:

  • Joker can give additional spins randomly
  • The 2x multiplier can randomly increase
  • Batman and Joker can give random payouts
  • Fun cinematics accompany big wins

Game Video

Theory is all nice, but let’s see The Dark Knight in action! We made this thrilling video of The Dark Knight just for you to enjoy, so sit back, learn how The Dark Knight works and get pumped up to play the game:

  • Slot In Action:  You could be literally minutes away from playing The Dark Knight. Here is what to do:
  • Pick a Microgaming Casino
  • Create Your Player Account
  • Load Up The Dark Knight
  • Pick Practice or Real Money Mode

Animation And Graphics

Microgaming did a fantastic job of making The Dark Knight one of the most spectacular, thrilling and immersing video slots out there. Everything from the background, the symbols and the accompanying effects will take you right back to the popular movie franchise and give you a feeling that you are an important part of a major saga, like a fully-fledged Batman video game would. The animations in the games are equally fantastic, with cinematic cut scenes from the movies being played upon big wins, free spins and Jackpot wins. Batman and Joker will be jumping up and down your screen throughout the play, throwing random wilds and payouts your way in their own characteristic styles. Overall speaking, The Dark Knight is a truly spectacular slot that absolutely gives you a reason to play even if just for pure enjoyment.

Connect Multiple Wilds For Huge Wins
Connect Multiple Wilds For Huge Wins
Massive wins possible with the Stacked Wild Feature
Massive wins possible with the Stacked Wild Feature

The Payout Rate

This is the only slight downside of The Dark Knight. If you take out the four massive jackpots, the actual payout rate of The Dark Knight stands at 88.12% which is way lower than many of the other popular slots out there. If you are one to keep track of this kind of statistics, The Dark Knight may not be the best for you, but feel players who believe in luck will not be deterred by it. What we can tell you is that there are some slots that pay out over 98% of all money inserted into them and in terms of payouts alone, The Dark Knight is on the lower end of the spectrum.

  • The Dark Knight information summarized:
  • A spectacular Video Slot
  • A very low Payout Rate of 88.12%
  • Free spins give you the chance of winning an extra money

88% Pay out rate

Ten, Jack

The-Ten-symbolThe-Ten-symbolThe-Ten-symbol 10 Coins

The-J-symbolThe-J-symbolThe-J-symbolThe-J-symbol 75 Coins

The-Ten-symbolThe-Ten-symbolThe-Ten-symbolThe-Ten-symbolThe-Ten-symbol 300 Coins

Queen, King

The-Q-symbolThe-Q-symbolThe-Q-symbol 25 Coins

The-King-symbolThe-King-symbolThe-King-symbolThe-King-symbol 100 Coins

The-Q-symbolThe-Q-symbolThe-Q-symbolThe-Q-symbolThe-Q-symbol 375 Coins


The-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbol 35 Coins

The-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbol 125 Coins

The-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbolThe-Ace-symbol 450 Coins


LauLauLau 50 Coins

LauLauLauLau 175 Coins

LauLauLauLauLau 600 Coins


GuyGuyGuy 60 Coins

GuyGuyGuyGuy 200 Coins

GuyGuyGuyGuyGuy 625 Coins


MayorMayorMayor 75 Coins

MayorMayorMayorMayor 225 Coins

MayorMayorMayorMayorMayor 750 Coins

Lt. James Gordon

LtLtLt 125 Coins

LtLtLtLt 250 Coins

LtLtLtLtLt 1000 Coins


The-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-Gotham 150 Coins

The-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-Gotham 300 Coins

The-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-GothamThe-former-DA-of-Gotham 1250 Coins


JokerJokerJoker 175 Coins

JokerJokerJokerJoker 300 Coins

JokerJokerJokerJokerJoker 1500 Coins

Bruce Wayne

Bruce-WayneBruce-WayneBruce-Wayne 150 Coins

Bruce-WayneBruce-WayneBruce-WayneBruce-Wayne 350 Coins

Bruce-WayneBruce-WayneBruce-WayneBruce-WayneBruce-Wayne 1750 Coins

Dark Knight, Bat

Dark-Knight-symbolDark-Knight-symbolDark-Knight-symbol 200 Coins

The-bat-symbolThe-bat-symbolThe-bat-symbolThe-bat-symbol 400 Coins

Dark-Knight-symbolDark-Knight-symbolDark-Knight-symbolDark-Knight-symbolDark-Knight-symbol 2000 Coins

Mobile Availability

Being one of the major Microgaming slots, The Dark Knight is available on most Microgaming Casinos, many of which offer it in their mobile platforms as well. This means you can absolutely enjoy the excitement of playing The Dark Knight and the anticipation of winning one of the four progressive jackpots from just about anywhere as long as you have an active internet connection.

The Dark Knight on all Devices


Beat Joker At His Own Game

Microgaming really did a fantastic job making The Dark Knight one of the most graphically spectacular and player immersing slots experiences out there. The Dark Knight gives players a chance to win one of four progressive Jackpots, the biggest one being worth millions of pounds and sure to change the life of the lucky winner. Overall speaking, The Dark Knight is not among the best paying slots out there, despite the high number of potential ways of paying the players and the exciting bonus features and free spins. All that said, if you are a player who simply wants to get lucky and win big, while having great fun in the process, than there are few slots that will give you what you want more than The Dark Knight. We hope that this The Dark Knight review gave you all The Dark Knight instructions you need to start and play The Dark Knight online and potentially win one of the massive jackpots on offer.