Mega Fortune Slot Review:

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  • Software NetEnt
  • Rolls 2
  • Paylines 25
  • Game Free Games No
  • Jackpot Game No
  • min. Stake 0.25 € per pay line
  • max. Stake 25 € per pay line
  • Coin Area 0 – 0

Mega Fortune Slot Review

Join The High Society

The main theme of the Mega Fortune slot is the luxurious lifestyle of millionaires and tycoons. Have you always been impressed by the limos, the fancy jewellery and expensive drinks the millionaires drink at the pool parties? Always dreamed of lucking into this world of obscene wealth? Mega Fortune offers you both the chance to dream some more and actually win some enormous jackpots that could propel you there.

The basic gameplay of Mega Fortune is simple enough as it is a 5 reel, 25 pay line slot with Bonus and Scatter symbols. While the bonus features are what you will be aiming for, the regular wins in this game are not so bad either as you can win some nice money just from regular pay lines to keep you afloat while waiting for the major wins.

The Bonus symbol in this game can activate the Wheel of Fortune bonus feature which is the one to award the progressive jackpots, while the Scatter symbols are used to activate the Mega Fortune Free Spins with big multipliers. All this combined provides for an exciting playing environment and if you take into account the potential to win one of the three progressive jackpots, the game becomes extremely exciting.

  • Coins: € 0 – 0
  • Max. Coins: 0
  • Max Odds: 0
  • Jackpot 1: 0 Coins
  • Jackpot 2: 0 Coins
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Scatter symbol: Yes
  • Gamble: No
  • Multiplier: Yes
  • Prog. Jackpot: No
  • Bonus Features: Multiplier, free spins, scatter symbols

Play the Wheel of Fortune
















Join the high society with Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune Paytable
















Mega Fortune Paytable

Mega Fortune Wild sybols

Wild symbols substitute the 8 regular symbols

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After extensive research and a review of the user votes for the best casinos, we have finally compiled our personal list of the best five Mega Fortune casinos. If you want to play Mega Fortune online, simply pick any casino from the list to get started.

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Rules of Mega Fortune Slot

Symbols and Betting

Mega Fortune is a 25 pay line slot with 5 reels. You will not have the option of turning any pay lines off and your minimum bet will have to be£0.01 per pay line, meaning a total bet of £0.25. Of course for the more courageous players out there, greater bets are possible, with the maximum possible coin value of £0.50 and 4 levels of play, leading to a maximum possible overall bet of £50 per spin, reserved for the high rollers.


Mega Fortune The J

The four least valuable symbols in Mega Fortune are represented by rings with letters J, Q, K and A, taken from regular playing cards. The least paying symbol is J, which pays 3 coins for three Js, 10 coins for four Js and 75 coins for 5. The J symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

  • Jack (three same symbols)

3x = 3 coins

  • Jack (four same symbols)

4x = 10 coins

  • Jack (five same symbols)

5x = 75 coins

Mega Fortune Q


Following the red J ring is the blue Q ring. Three Qs pay 4 coins, four pay 15 coins and five Qs pay 100 coins in total. The Q symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins

  • Queen (three same symbols)

3x = 4 coins

  • Queen (four same symbols)

4x = 15 coins

  • Queen (five same symbols)

5x = 100 coins

Mega Fortune the K


The yellow K ring is next, paying 5 coins for a combination of three, 20 coins for four and 125 coins for 5 Ks on an active payline.

  • King (three same symbols)

3x = 5 coins

  • King (four same symbols)

4x = 20 coins

  • King (five same symbols)

5x = 125 coins

Mega Fortune the Ace


Ace is the strongest playing card and the green A ring is the strongest of the Mega Fortune rings. Three As will pay 5 coins, four will pay 30 and five will pay 150 coins in total. The A symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

  • Ace (three same symbols)

3x = 5 coins

  • Ace (four same symbols)

4x = 30 coins

  • Ace (five same symbols)

5x = 150 coins

Mega Fortune the whiskey

Glass of whiskey

The first of the super luxurious symbols in the game is a glass of whiskey with a cigar, a well-recognized symbol of wealth, fortune and success. Many successful businessmen like to unwind with a fine cigar and a glass of whiskey and success at Mega Fortune may allow you to do the same. Three Glasses of Whiskey will pay 10 coins, four will pay 40 and five will pay 200 coins. The Glass of Whiskey symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

  • a glass of whiskey (three same symbols)

3x = 10 coins

  • a glass of whiskey (four same symbols)

4x = 40 coins

  • a glass of whiskey (five same symbols)

5x = 200 coins

Mega Fortune The Golden Watch

Golden watch

Nothing represents success more than a super expensive watch worn on the wrist. The golden watch is the next symbol on the Mega Fortune paytable. Three Watches pay 15, four pay 50 and five Golden Watches pay 300 coins. The Golden Watch symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

  • golden watch (three same symbols)

3x = 15 coins

  • golden watch (four same symbols)

4x = 50 coins

  • golden watch (five same symbols)

5x = 300 coins

Mega Fortune Money Clip


Next up is something every rich person out there carries around, an expensive money clip with dollar bills rolled up inside. If you want to win one of these playing Mega Fortune, you will need to get three on a pay line for 25 coins, four for 100 coins or five for 500 coins. The Money Clip symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

  • Money (three same symbols)

3x = 25 coins

  • Money (four same symbols)

4x = 100 coins

  • Money (five same symbols)

5x = 500 coins

Mega Fortune the limo


How would people know you are wealthy if you didn’t drive around in a limo? For many rich people, a limo is a symbol of status and success. The Limo symbol pays 2 coins even when just two are found on an active payline. If you get three, you will get 30 coins, for four make that 200 and if you can collect five on a pay line you will get 1.000 coins at once. The Limo symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

  • limo (three same symbols)

3x = 30 coins

  • limo (four same symbols)

4x = 200 coins

  • limo (five same symbols)

5x = 1000 coins

Mega Fortune Wild


The Wild symbol in Mega Fortune is represented by a luxurious yacht, the ultimate symbol of wealth owned by only a few. The Wild symbol works very simply in the Mega Fortune, substituting the eight regular symbols without any multipliers. Two Wild symbols will pay 2 coins, three will pay 100, four will pay 1.000 and five Wilds on a pay line pay an astounding 10.000 coins for a huge win. The Wild symbol does not trigger any Bonuses of Free Spins.

  • Wild (two same symbols)

2x = 2 coins

  • Wild (three same symbols)

3x = 100 coins

  • Wild (four same symbols)

4x = 1000 coins

  • Wild (five same symbols)

5x = 10000 coins

Mega Fortune Bonus symbol


In spite of the Wild being so lucrative, the Bonus is where it is all at in Mega Fortune. Get three or more consecutive Bonus symbols on a pay line and you will start the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Game, which is where the big bucks are won. The wheel contains three circles. The outer circle is where you start and this is where you can either win a relatively small win, a smaller jackpot or move into the inner circles. As you move inward you get the chance at bigger wins, bigger jackpots or to move toward the final central circle where you can win the mega progressive jackpot, worth millions of dollars.

Mega Fortune Wine Symbol


If you can’t quite get that progressive jackpot to come your way, you can still win pretty big with the Free Spins feature. Get three or more Scatters on the board and you get to click one of them, uncovering your number of Free Spins and Multiplier. All the wins in Free Spins are multiplied by the Multiplier, and given how frequent paying lines are in Mega Fortune and the fact you can get a 5X multiplier, this feature can easily award some major bucks.

Every time you get at least two Scatters in the Free Spins, you will again get to click on one of them, uncovering extra Free Spins. Barring the progressive jackpots, this feature is your biggest money earner in Mega Fortune. Scatter symbols also pay money when they are on the board. Two Scatters anywhere will pay 2 times the total bet. Three Scatters pay 3 times the total bet, four pay 10 times the total bet and if you can get five Scatters at once you will be awarded 100 times your total bet.

  • Scatter (two same symbols)

2x = 2x bet

  • Scatter (three same symbols)

3x = 3x bet

  • Scatter (four same symbols)

4x = 10x bet

  • Scatter (five same symbols)

5x = 100x bet

The Betting

The betting in Mega Fortune is simple enough. You will be betting anywhere between £0.01 to £0.50 per pay line and will have to play 25 pay lines at a time. If you so choose, you can further increase your bet by increasing the level up to 4, doubling the total bet each time. This makes the maximum possible bet per spin 0.50 x 25 (pay lines) x 4 (levels)= £50.

Min. bet0.10 £ min. bet / payline
Max. bet0.50 £ max. bet / payline

Mega Fortune all the paylines
















Play all the pay lines for maximum win potential

Mega Fortune-pays

More than one line can pay in a single spin

Mega Fortune Collect

Collect two or more scatters to double your total bet or better

The Paytable and Mega Fortune Slot Free Spins

Unlike many other video slots, Mega Fortune has a relatively low number of symbols with only 8 regular symbols, a Wild, a Bonus and a Scatter symbol. There are a few major things to keep in mind when playing Mega Fortune:

  • Eight Regular Symbols means more wins
  • Wild Symbol substitutes the regular symbols
  • Three bonus symbols activate Wheel of Fortune
  • Three Scatters activate Free Spins

If you can get three Scatter symbols anywhere on the board, you will activate Free Spins. Click on one of the scatters to uncover the number of spins and the multiplier. These rules go for Free Spins:

  • A random number of games and multiplier
  • Two or more scatters award additional Free Spins
  • All wins are multiplied by the multiplier
  • The bonus round can be activated during Free Spins

Game Video

Still, need more Mega Fortune instructions? No problem! We have gone ahead and made a Mega Fortune review video for you to take a look at and learn how to play Mega Fortune online. We hope this video gives you all the Mega Fortune instructions you need.

  • If you are looking to play Mega Fortune online for free, simply do the following on any Mega
  • Fortune casino:
  • Pick the NetEnt Casino
  • Create a free account with the Mega Fortune casino
  • Locate Mega Fortune progressive jackpot slot
  • Play in practice mode until you are ready

Animation And Graphics

The graphics of Mega Fortune were motivated by the luxurious lifestyle of Las Vegas gamblers and international business tycoons. The symbols representing bottles of expensive champagne and cognac, expensive watches, jewellery, limos and yachts or money rolled up in a golden money clip all suggest the lifestyle you may be joining should you be the lucky winner of the progressive jackpot.

The animations and audio segment of the game were also well done by NetEnt, a company we are used to seeing fantastic slots games from. The graphics and animation of the Wheel of Fortune in particular are fairly exciting and well-made as this is the game’s crowning jewel.

Mega Fortune pay something















Most spins pay something in Mega Fortune

Play the Wheel of Fortune
















Play the Wheel of Fortune feature game for a chance at three jackpots

Mega Fortune Animation
















Animation and graphics brought by NetEnt

The Payout Rate

When it comes to the payout rate, Mega Fortune does not lack behind many games, with a respectable 96.6% payout rate independently confirmed. This progressive slot game offers a variety of ways to win, from simple pay lines to Free Spins, Bonus Round to three Progressive Jackpots. This makes it a very lucrative as well as exciting game to play.

The payout rate of 96.6% is surely one of the things that makes this game so popular, as it is probably one of the most played slots in the world at the moment. The allure of huge jackpots is likely at the top of the reasons to play it as well, but either way, you look at it, you stand to win some major cash playing Mega Fortune.

  • All information about Mega Fortune is summarized:
  • An exciting Video Slot
  • A respectable Payout Rate of 96.6%
  • With free spins give you can increase your chance of winning

96% Payout rate

Mobile Availability

This super hyped up game is of course also available on the mobile platform as NetEnt always make sure all of their most exciting and rewarding games are available to mobile players as well. This makes Mega Fortune playable on the road or from anywhere in the world which is always a nice addition.

With more and more of our online time being spent on our mobile phones and other mobile gadgets, it is always good to have the favourite entertainment available on the go as well, and Mega Fortune is available from the mobiles at a number of Mega Fortune Casinos.

Mega Fortune Mockup


Win Monster Jackpots and Feel Like a High Roller

Whether you are looking for a slot with fair payouts, a fun game to unwind with or a chance to win millions of dollars on a spin of a slot machine, you will find it all in Mega Fortune. There is a very good reason this slot has made such a huge name for itself and the reason is that it is a very complete package.

From the exciting and exhilarating graphics and audio to the huge potential wins and consistent smaller wins that keep players playing for hours at a time, Mega Fortune is a player favourite with very good reasons. Whether you are a major high stakes gambler or a housewife looking to unwind, Mega Fortune has it all.