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Sites and Best Alternatives to Skin Betting


If you want to know what CSGO skin gambling is, you’re in the right place. This controversial subject has caused ructions in the world of esports betting, and it is not an activity that we recommend you try. We’ll outline our reasons for that later in this article, but first we’ll tell you a little more about what skin gambling actually is.

What is CSGO Skin Gambling?

So what is skin gambling? It is a type of CSGO betting where players can use items that they have collected in their own video gaming activity to bet on esports like CSGO. Many people surmise that the growth of skin gambling actually helped to propel CSGO to its current status as one of the world’s most popular esports. That is a debate for another time, though. Skin gambling soon became controversial.

Regulating skin gambling became almost impossible as the phenomenon grew, and this pushed it increasingly into the underground economy. Safe payments were almost impossible for players to rely on, and it was very difficult to prevent underage players taking part. There were also some suggestions that the activity could be used for even more nefarious activities like money laundering.

This led to Valve, the developer of the game, facing lawsuits from betting regulators from across the world, including the Isle of Man, Washington DC and the Netherlands. As an example of how much the activity is now frowned upon, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission does not include skin gambling in its licensing process.

What is skin gambling

Famous CSGO Skin Gambling Sites

If you search the internet, you will see dozens of options available for trying CSGO skin gambling. We would urge you not to play at these sites. The controversy associated with skin gambling is simply not worth the effort, in our view. Nevertheless, you may well come across sites like CSGO Roll, CSGOEmpire, CSGOFast, Roobet and Cbet as you research this controversial topic.

Should you Try CSGO Skin Gambling?

CSGO skin gambling is something that we would urge you not to try. This is because of the controversy that has been associated with this type of betting in the recent past. The unregulated nature of this type of betting and its association with some of the murkier sections of the gambling community means that bettors can never really feel entirely safe when doing this type of betting.  If you’re looking for alternatives to skin gambling, then we’ll give you a few in the next section of this guide.

What are the Best Alternatives to Skin Gambling

While we can see the appeal of CSGO skin gambling, it is not something that we recommend you try. There has been such controversy around this type of betting, along with legal issues, that it is something we would urge all esports bettors to steer clear of. So what are the best alternatives to CSGO skin gambling?

The best way to enjoy the thrill of betting on CSGO is try conventional esports betting for real money at a licensed online sportsbook. Thankfully, the number of mainstream esports bookmakers that offer online bettors the chance to bet using real money on CSGO events is growing all the time. Operators like Bet365 and Betway are providing some really extensive betting options, including live, in-play betting for esports fans. You can also try your luck at esports specialist bookies like GG.bet and Unikrn, which are aimed much more specifically at the type of bettors who relish esports. You can also watch live streams of CSGO events at these sites via the streaming platform Twitch.

If you are a fan of esports betting in the USA, where the legal status of esports betting is still questionable in many states, then fantasy esports betting is a good option to consider. This works in the same way as conventional fantasy sports betting and it can be a great way to enjoy esports-related entertainment and hopefully pick up a few prizes along the way.


As you can see, CSGO skin gambling remains something of a touchy subject in the world of esports betting. While it drove the popularity of CSGO in many ways in the early days of the game’s existence, controversies associated with it meant that its popularity has taken a significant nose dive in recent times. There are still myriad options out there if you want to try it, with many operators offering the chance to do so. We would also recommend that you adopt at the very least a highly cautious approach if you are thinking about trying it, though. Safety issues, controversies and its links to the murkier, underground sections of the online betting marketplace.

Thankfully, if you want to enjoy some esports gambling there are plenty of alternatives to using CSGO skin betting sites. More and more online sportsbooks are giving you the chance to enjoy conventional cash betting on CSGO, and there are also fantasy esports options if you are based in the USA. Always remember that betting on esports is supposed to be about fun and entertainment, not murky controversy!

CSGO Skin Gambling

CSGO Skin Gambling FAQs

Is skin gambling legal?

This depends on where you are in the world. Many regulators now do not licence skin gambling, and it is frowned upon in many parts of the world where it might still be technically legal. It is not a good idea to use CSGO skins gambling sites.

Can you still bet with CSGO skins?

It is still possible to bet with CSGO skins at many betting sites. The licensing situation with these sites can be questionable, however, and such has been the controversy around skin gambling that we do not recommend that you try it.

Are there still legal skin gambling sites?

If you see an operator that holds a licence from the Isle of Man authorities, skin gambling will be legal. We would still urge caution, though, as this type of gambling is not something that we recommend you try.

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