Setting Your Win Limits Strategy Slots:

Best Tips & Tricks for this System

Online slots can be a lot of fun to play. In fact, they can be so entertaining and overwhelming that it is all too easy to lose track of time and get carried away when you are on a winning streak. You may think that a good streak cannot possibly be a bad thing, but you’d be wrong. That’s why setting your win limits strategy is very important for any slots player striving to be successful. This article will offer you some practical and useful tips & tricks on what you need to do to implement this strategy properly. At the first glance, it may seem much simpler than it really is, but many players got into a deep hole after hitting a lucky streak and not knowing when to quit. It has to do many things, but most importantly it is a matter of our psyche and the way we experience these wins and losses.

Setting Your Win Limits Strategy Slots Summary

  • Going on a heater is always nice but can also be devastating for your bankroll.
  • Set the limit on the maximum amount you are allowed to win before quitting.
  • By doing this, you avoid the feeling of remorse and prevent yourself from throwing good money after bad.
  • This strategy will reduce your chances of winning big, so it is more suitable for fun players and beginners.

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Setting Your Win Limits Strategy Slots

Know When to Stop

If you’ve read through some other articles in our slots strategy section, you’ve probably noticed that most tips don’t have that much to do with slots themselves. That’s because what you can do to increase your odds on a machine is very limited. For that reason, the advice is mainly focused on handling your money properly and finding ways to grow your bankroll by searching for good promotions and handling your emotions properly.

When talking about setting your win limits system, it is a fair assumption that most people don’t see it as a real thing. After all, why should you need any advice when you are winning? If you happen to go on the rush while playing video slots, you could win a hefty amount in just a few minutes. Let’s say you’ve started with £100 and managed to run it up to £500. Now what?

Understanding the System

The basic logic behind the setting your win limits strategy resides in the fact that no lucky streak can last forever. At some point, you will start losing money and oftentimes when this happens, you will lose back a bunch of money in a very short span of time. This may not seem fair or realistic, but it is really no different to winning a lot of money in a few minutes. Although slots are not specifically programmed to operate in cycles, it does seem that both good and bad runs occur somewhat cyclically.

Realizing that a good run will not continue in perpetuity, a player needs to be able to set the stopping point. Despite the illusion that the heater will never stop, the only thing one can be certain of is that it will and he needs to be able to get away before that happens.

If you are looking for a good place to test this strategy and see how good you are at setting your own limits, check out our online casino comparison guide and find the place that suits you the best in terms of game selection, bonuses, and other important factors.

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Setting Your Win Limits Strategy Slots by Example

How-to Guide

Like most strategies, the rules of this one are not set in stone. There isn’t really some magical number that should be observed at all times as a guarantee of success. Setting your win limits system is more about psychology than it is about exact math.

This means that you are pretty much free to choose your own number and don’t have to worry about it being wrong, as long as it is somewhat realistic. If you, for example, set your threshold on five or even ten times what you put in the slot, that’s perfectly acceptable, as long as you stick to your own strategy and get up as soon as you reach the limit.

The main thing is not to try and cheat yourself by constantly moving the limit during the play for another X bet. That’s a sure way to losing what you’ve won – and then some.


  • Determine the maximum you are allowed to win.
  • Once you hit that number, stop playing immediately.
  • Don’t cheat and add extra spins just this “one time.”

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Setting Your Win Limits System

Pros and Cons

Adhering to set your winning limits strategy you will treat yourself with many more winning sessions. By stopping at a certain preset point, you will ensure you never go too deep and will save yourself from going on a tilt when things start turning against you. The feeling of remorse for not quitting while ahead can be quite devastating, not to mention the money out of your own pocket spent in an attempt to recoup your winnings.

However, there are certain downsides to this approach as well. By always stopping after you’ve won a certain amount, you will be limiting yourself and possibly not giving yourself an opportunity to win really big. While it is true that no winning streak lasts forever, it is also the fact that no one can say when it will end. You are potentially giving up on money by quitting early.

This strategy also doesn’t apply to progressive slots players, as you have to be prepared to put some money on the line in order to give yourself the best chance to win big. If you are trying to limit either your wins or losses when playing progressives, you would be better of playing some form of online slots, be it video or classic slots.


  • You will have more winning sessions
  • You will avoid tilt induced by the loss of profit and protect your bankroll
  • Overall, you will feel more satisfied with your slot’s playing experience.


  • Your potential winnings will always be limited.
  • Sometimes you will be leaving behind the money you could have won.
  • This strategy cannot be used by progressive slots players

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Chances and Risks

How Effective is Setting Your Win Limits Strategy Slots?

For whom is that strategy suitable?

More broadly speaking, this can be a very advantageous strategy for slots beginners, as they are more prone to increasing the bets and going crazy when they feel like luck is on their side. By setting and sticking to your limits, you will save yourself a lot of disappointment.

However, this strategy will also deny you the chance of winning big for the most part. Sometimes you will go on a mega heater and still walk out with or get up with a substantial amount added to your bankroll, but for the most part, what you bring home will be moderate.

If you stick to this advice, you will never go on a crazy rampage, increasing your bets and really going for it as that would be against the fundamental idea of the strategy. Therefore, you will rarely deposit £50 and turn it into £2.000 in one crazy session.

  • 92% Beginner
  • 80% Advanced
  • 76% Pros

How high is the risk?

One great thing about this strategy is that it is, broadly speaking, completely risk-free. You will never be out any money from your pocket by setting limits to your winnings. This is a great strategy for more risk-averse players who simply enjoy the game and are not overly concerned with the amount won.

Are wins guaranteed?

Of course, even if you stick to all tips & tricks provided here and in our other articles, there is still no guarantee of winning. It is impossible to remove the inherent house edge that the casino has over slots players. That’s why we always insist on you checking our online bonus comparison guide and finding the best offers for you. The added money can help you in reducing the edge at least somewhat.

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Is Setting Your Win Limits Strategy Slots Worth It?

Opinions about this particular system seem to differ among gamblers. Some are convinced that one should never stop while they are “hot” and that it is worth taking extra risks when you feel like the slot has “opened up.” These players often adhere to some other tricks, which often don’t have a real foundation in either math or logic.

The truth is, setting your winnings limit will help you stay in the game much longer and could provide you with much more fun. You are still not denying yourself a chance to hit a jackpot or win big, you are simply reducing it somewhat in exchange for lower volatility.

If you play online slots primarily for fun, then this strategy is absolutely worth it.


  • Setting your win limits may seem restrictive but it helps you preserve your bankroll.
  • While it can’t guarantee you will win, this strategy will make sure you have more winning than losing sessions.


  • You may deny yourself some shots at a big win at an expense of playing it safe and avoiding frustration caused by losing your winnings and then some.
  • This is a great choice for players who play primarily for fun.