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We, humans, are the creatures of habit. While there may be some who don’t belong to this category, people, for the most part, feel most comfortable with things and activities they are used to. When it comes to the online slot, the situation is no different. Players will often find one favourite game and stick to it for better or for worse. This may seem harmless enough, as there shouldn’t be that much difference to what slot you decide to play on any given session. However, differences exist and oftentimes they are quite significant. This doesn’t get attached strategy article should help you understand why it might be a bad idea to stick to just one or two slots and also offer some tips and tricks on how to introduce more variation in your game selection.

Don’t Get Attached Takeaways

  • Getting attached to a particular slot that doesn’t pay well can be dangerous for your bankroll.
  • You cannot “beat” the machine, so your best bet is to walk away and find a more favourable game.
  • Reasons to walk away: bad return to player rate, game not paying you for a long time despite a decent nominal payout, etc.
  • One downside of this strategy is that it may force you to give up on one or two of your favourite slots.

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Don’t Get Attached Strategy Basics

Why is Getting Attached Bad?

First thing first, why is it bad to get overly attached to a single video slot, for example, and keep playing it even if your results are pretty bad? If all slots are governed by a Random Number Generator and are completely fair, how can it be that playing the same game over and over again can be any different than trying ten different games a day?

You would be right to think that overall mathematical odds don’t really change significantly no matter what you do, but the thing with slots is that one or two per cent can make a huge difference for your bankroll and the overall experience.

Perhaps you are stuck with a game that just has a bad payout rate or is very volatile. Maybe you are currently running on the bad side of the variance on that particular slot and things will even up in the long run. However, frustration could cause you to lose your cool and potentially start disregarding your slots bankroll management strategy, which is never a good thing.


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Don’t Get Attached by Example

When to Run Away

Let’s take a look at a very realistic example of where this doesn’t get attached system can be a real lifesaver. The highly popular Novomatic slot Book of Ra is played by many players and it seems to be the favourite game of quite a few. What many of these players don’t know is that Book of Ra has the return to the player just barely above 94%.

I named this example because it hits close to home. I have been known to play this particular slot quite a bit myself. But the fact is that I shouldn’t, and neither should you. With so many games paying back upward of 97%, why stick to the game which is significantly under that mark?

A bad payback percentage is one of the best signals you should implement a don’t get attached strategy. By spending too much time with this game, you are guaranteed to lose your money much faster and you will most definitely not enjoy playing nearly as much.

If you simply spend some time looking for a better game, you are bound to find at least one that pays better and also appeals to you in other relevant areas like sound and graphics. Since there are no magical tricks you can pull to make your favourite machine pay you more, you need to move on to the next one if you care about your bankroll.

This is just one of many examples when this system should be your first choice before considering any other slots strategies. There is absolutely nothing wrong with quitting on a slot that you don’t feel treats you right.


  • If you notice you are running bad for a long time, figure out the slot’s payback rate.
  • If it is under 95%, this is usually a signal to run away.
  • Find a game with a better return to the player and the one that also appeals to you in other areas and takes it for a few spins.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Don’t Get Attached System

Weighing Your Options

If your number one concern when playing slots online is winning, then the advantages of this strategy are quite clear. You will stay away from games that pay bad and frustrate you instead of stubbornly trying to beat them. There is no such a thing as beating slot machines and this is especially true when you run into one with a bad payback percentage.

But even when you are playing a machine that should pay well in theory, if you happen to run bad for a while, you should just quit it. You may or may not have better luck with another game, but sticking to the same one and constantly losing is almost bound to mess with your head and lead you to some bad decisions.

On the flips side, there are some games that certain players just enjoy. They are often used to them and feel comfortable with familiar symbols, lines, and paytables. Should you sacrifice all that for an extra 1.5%? There is no one-fit-all answer here.

If you primarily care about winning, then it is a resounding yes; if slots are just your hobby and something you do to pass the time, then perhaps it can be too much of a hassle to search for a new game that will make you as happy as your old favourite. After all, it may be hard to find a suitable substitute for some of the good, old classic slots that many players enjoy despite the volatility of these games.

Some players enjoy the rush they get when they finally “beat” the machine and they are not willing to give up on that even if they know this uphill battle will cost them some money. If this is what you are after, then don’t get attached system will not work for you as your primary reason for playing is not making money but rather the thrill you get from defying the odds.


  • You avoid playing on slots with a bad return to player rates.
  • The amount of stress and frustration is reduced by doing this.
  • You are able to make better decisions regarding your betting patterns and bankroll management.


  • You may need to give up on some of your favourite slots.
  • It may take you a while before you find a new game to your liking.
  • For some players, this would mean giving up on the rush they get from beating the machine.

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Chances and Risks

What Can This System Do for You

For whom is that strategy suitable?

Applying the don’t get attached strategy will save you from “beating a dead horse” so to say. It is true that there are no easily recognizable rules when it comes to slots and every next spin can potentially be the winning one, sometimes things are just not working with a particular game. You could spend dozens of hours and hundreds of pounds trying to figure out what is wrong with it, or you could simply walk away. The latter option is usually a much better one.

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How high is the risk?

The risk, if any, resides with the fact that every slot does pay big from time to time, regardless of its particular return to player rate. By “giving up” on a slot, you may be walking away from a shot at a big payday that was just around the corner. Of course, all this is just theory and speculation, as there is no way to tell either way, but this idea is often what keeps people attached to a certain slot even though things have been going downhill for a while.

Are wins guaranteed?

While these tips on walking away from a bad proposition will not guarantee you win on the next one, they will certainly help you preserve some of your bankrolls. This is especially true for beginners who may have a hard time controlling their emotions and become overly attached to that one slot and stubbornly increase the bets, figuring it has got to pay at some point.

If you are really intent on chasing the long odds and playing slots that you know you shouldn’t then at least make sure to pad your bankroll with as big a bonus as you can. That way you will at least limit your exposure while taking your stand against the machine. Use our casino bonus comparison guide to find the best offers available to you and refer to our online casino comparison section to figure out what online places offer your preferred slots.

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Is Don’t Get Attached Strategy Slots Worth It?

Summarizing everything that’s been said in this article, this particular system is certainly worth it for players who want to make money. You are already going against the odds by playing slots as it and there is absolutely no need to make things even more difficult for yourself. Move away from the games that devour your money and seek better opportunities.

That said, if beating the game is what makes you tick then taking on the long odds doesn’t have to necessarily be a bad thing. For many players, slots are just a fun activity and they don’t particularly care about how much they win or lose. If you belong to this latter group, you don’t have to worry about tips and tricks from this article and you can carry on doing what you’ve been doing thus far.


  • Becoming attached to a slot that refuses to pay can be a risky proposition.
  • You should get rid of the feeling that you need to “beat” the machine.


  • Walk away from slots that don’t pay and find an alternative that seems suitable.
  • Try it out and see what happens: if it is more of the same, move on to the next one.
  • Never get too stubborn with slots, as they are not very forgiving.